How To Hire A Brilliant C++ Developer In 2022 + 9 Sources

A HackerRank study stated C++ developers as the 5th most sought-after programmers in the IT industry, and for a good reason. As a general-purpose and free form programming language, it can be used by a software engineer to develop browsers, develop games, and even operate systems.

Finding a good C++ developer can become challenging if you don’t follow a good hiring process.

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In this post, you’ll learn of an effective and proven process of finding and hiring the most brilliant C++ developers for your app development projects. We’ll look into a quick background of C++ and what it can be used for. We’ll then cover what you need to look for when hiring a C++ developer, employment types, how much it’ll cost, how to write job ads, and of course, where you can find them.

If you’re ready to find out, let’s dive right into it.

What Is A C++ Developer And What Can They Create?

A C++ developer is a crackerjack of the C language, the most powerful language of choice to use for the .NET framework. With their expertise, they are capable of handling the lifecycle of software creation be it mobile or desktop applications that demand large scale and performance.

Other than automation, desktop and mobile applications for Android and iOS, C++ developers can also create parts of operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX. It’s a quick and strong programming language to use so many people like using it.

C++ developers also create:

  • Web browsers
  • High-level and backend libraries
  • Cloud or distributed systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Graphics
  • Games
  • Compilers
  • Machine learning apps

Moreover, C++ developers are also tapped to create banking systems because of the language’s high concurrency and low latency support, helpful for processing millions of daily transactions.

Now that you know what a C++ developer can do for you, how do you make sure you hire the perfect person for the job?

What To Look For When Hiring C++ Developers

Like all types of roles, there are certain skill sets you need to be on the lookout for to ensure you find the best candidate for the C++ application development project you have. In this part, let’s talk about what those skills are and some ideal developer experience.

C++ Developer Standard Skills To Require

While C++ developers have different skill levels, each candidate you consider hiring should at least have these basic skills:

  • Mastery of the C++ algorithms, libraries, and containers
  • Good knowledge of dynamic polymorphism, memory management, as well as other C++ templates
  • Good knowledge of C++ quality and performance metrics
  • Excellent understanding of real-time environments, C++ standards, library functions, and low-level primitives

C++ Developer Standard Experience To Require

Skills need to be put into practice to scale expertise. When it comes to hiring C++ developers, here is what you’re candidates should have experience on:

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Operating systems
  • Database, programming environments, data structure, and compilers
  • Commercial, enterprise, and open-source software projects
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • What composes undefined behavior
  • C tools
  • The Boost and Qt libraries
  • Debugging tools like Valgrind and undefined behavior analyzer
  • Static code analysis tools

The reality is that each project has its complexity. Basic and straightforward projects can be done by Junior C++ developers while elaborate software projects need the expertise of Senior C++ developers. After identifying how sophisticated the project is, you can now decide whether to go for a junior or a senior C++ developer. Here’s what you can list down as prerequisites for these developers.

Junior C++ Developer Skills Requirements

  • 0-3 years of experience
  • Good knowledge of writing C, C++, and Unix
  • Good understanding of the SQL Server and Oracle (RDBMS databases)
  • Good understanding of database administration
  • Comprehends modern software development and design methodologies
  • Comprehends modern software configuration management

Senior C++ Developer Skill Requirements

  • 4-6 years of experience
  • Has all the skills of a junior C++ developer
  • Can define security and quality standards
  • Well-versed in agile development
  • Can work with C++ programming tools and keeps up to date with new C++ application tools
  • Experience with Eclipse, Visual Studio, or other integrated application development environments
  • Exceptional RDBMS expertise
  • Exceptional knowledge of database administration
  • Exceptional C, C++, and Unix code writing skills
  • Improved knowledge of modern SCM, methodologies, and testing tools
  • Advanced and efficient debugging skills

After considering the skills, let’s now move over to your choices when it comes to the employment choices of the C++ developers you’re going to hire.

C++ Developers Hiring Options And Employment Types

Knowing your options when in these areas will also help you get a good idea of how much you need to spend and how you can maximize the value of your money. Some projects need to be worked from scratch while others need further development. Some software projects would require close physical monitoring, while others can be done remotely given that constant progress reports are provided. So now, let’s look at your choices.

C++ Developer Hiring Options

A. Local Talents

Source: LinkedIn

Without an elaborate introduction, this hiring option is quite self-explanatory. With this hiring model, you tap into the local tech talent pools. You use local job boards to find qualified candidates located in the same place as you are.

In addition, you can also explore headhunting companies or ask for assistance from your HR department to find local tech talents. For this hiring model, you can also consider checking out hackathons or local tech conferences. This is the best if you want to hire a C++ developer to work on-premise.

B. Nearshore And Offshore C++ Programmers

If you feel that scouting for local talents is limiting your chances of finding the best fit C++ developer candidates to choose from, you can also find talents nearshore and offshore. Nearshore hiring is when you look for potential C++ developers to work within a farther area but on the same continent or in a similar time zone.

Nearshore C++ developers are best when you want to limit geographical barriers. By working with someone on the same continent, they’ll likely have the same language and culture. Additionally, finding C++ talents in a similar time zone will allow for easier and faster turnaround of information and project updates.

Another option you have are offshore C++ developers. This allows you to take advantage of the expertise of C++ developers in other continents, especially if they’re well-known to be experts in certain areas of C++ software development.

Now let’s move over to employment types.

C++ Developer Employment Types

For employment types, you have 4 options to choose from in-house development, freelancing, staff augmentation, and outsourcing.

1. In-house Development

In-house development is an employment model similar to every 9-5 job. With this employment type, you create a permanent employment contract for your hired C++ developer, in most cases, working as a full-time employee for your company.

If the C++ developer you’re going to hire will be part of your core development team and you need them to work in the office, this is the best solution to go for. This can be on the expensive end, though. You’ll have to pay a monthly developer salary and provide statutory benefits as well as office space and equipment they’ll need to get the job done on-premise.

However, if the software development will be an ongoing project, this won’t be a significant concern, especially since you can monitor the developer and the project closer.

2. Freelancing

Hiring a C++ developer in a freelancing term is best if the job is on a per-project basis, in other words, short-term or temporary. This is a good option if the role of the hired C++ developer will be to handle minor features, fix bugs, or work on some application or web development upgrades.

The main benefit of this type of employment type is that you’ll only pay the C++ developer when the project or task is finished, making it more cost-effective. The downside is that it’s not the safest employment model. It’s prone to delays and project cancellations that will mean additional cost for you if it happens. Hence, it’s best for quick projects or minor problem-solving jobs.

3. Staff Augmentation

Like the previous employment model, staff augmentation is best for short-term or temporary software development projects. In most cases, you won’t have to find the right developers yourself. You’ll just have to tap a development company like us at Aloa and we’ll present you with top-tier vetted developers to do the job while still giving you the free reign to make the final decision of who to hire after meeting with each recommended candidate for interviews.

This employment model is best if you just want an extra pair of hands for a specific period of working on a quick project.

4. Outsourcing

Almost similar to staff augmentation, outsourcing involves tapping development services like us at Aloa. However, with this, you hire a dedicated team and outsource the whole development project to this set of hired C++ developers.

In most cases with this employment type, you’ll be hiring designers, front-end and back-end developers, as well as QA engineers, and an outsourcing manager. This employment type is best if you want the heavy load of software development off your shoulders especially if it’s not in line with your expertise.

By hiring a whole development team outsourcing, you won’t have to worry about project management and progress. At Aloa, we even provide you with a custom project management tool so you’ll get updates along with other stakeholders on how the project is going.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A C++ Developer?

Rates of C++ developers vary because of many factors like location, experience, expertise, and market condition. On average, a C++ developer in the United States will earn $107,515/year.

Hire an experienced C++ developer and the project will run and get done efficiently but at a more costly rate. For ballpark rates based on expertise, here’s how much you can pay each C++ developer:

  • Beginner- $3/hour
  • Intermediate- $15/hour
  • Advanced- $150/hour

Of course, if your project is simple, you can hire a beginner. But for many complex software projects, you’ll have to choose between Intermediate or Advanced C++ developers.

Additionally, here are ballpark rates of how much you can pay C++ developers in different locations:

  • North America: $7,400/month or $89,000/year
  • Latin America: $1,500/month or $19,000/year
  • Germany: $5,000/month or $60,000/year
  • United Kingdom: $4,800/month or $58,000/year
  • Bulgaria: $2,000/month or $24,000/year
  • Ukraine: $2,400/month or $29,000/year
  • India: $833/month or $10,000/year

Creating A C++ Developer Job Post

A job post will make it easier for potential C++ developers to gauge if they’re the right fit or not. Only those who feel qualified will try to apply and thus minimizing your time filtering out candidates who don’t fit the criteria.

In a job post you will include:

  1. Job post title: describe the role of the C++ developer
  2. Brief job description: include the scope of work, project length, background, and budget
  3. Brief company background (to explain what they will be about)
  4. Job responsibilities: include what the main task is and what the day-to-day dynamics will be for the C++ developer
  5. Requirements and qualifications: include required hard and soft skills and experiences
  6. Hiring and employment model preferred

After getting a shortlist of qualified applicants, you can then schedule a call with them to discuss their background and skills better.

Since you already know what to look for in a C++ developer, let’s now consider where you can find these candidates.

9 Proven Sources To Hire Great C++ Developers

I. Aloa

We are an outsourcing platform dedicated to startups but also work with big brands. We have with us a network of thoroughly-vetted developer agencies. We’ll filter them better as you tell us about your project and your preferences. We then give you a shortlist of qualified C++ developers you can schedule an interview with so you can make a final call on who to hire.

To ensure efficiency in progress while always keeping quality and best practices in check, if you work with us you’ll be able to take advantage of our custom project management tool as well as technical audits to ensure developments are quickly realized.

II. Toptal

Toptal is also a sought-after developer hiring platform that also comes with a vetting princess for their developers. It’s also home to Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Node.JS, and other kinds of developers.

III. Stack Overflow

StackOverflow is primarily a Q&A coding site where millions of programming questions are asked and answered. Using relevant questions, you’ll be able to find highly-capable and knowledgeable candidates. Other than that, you can also take advantage of finding the right developers using their job board.

IV. GitHub

GitHub is a software development repository where you can find projects made by C++ developers. You can look for projects similar to what you want to get built and find the right candidates from there. They also have GitHub Jobs where you can post about a particular developer you’re looking for.

V. Upwork

Upwork is an open freelance marketplace for different niches, one of which is development and IT. While you can find C++ developers with years of experience in this platform, you’ll still have to do an added filtering because they don’t have a meticulous vetting process in place.

VI. Gigster

Gigster is a premium recruiting platform where you can find C++ developers for high-level software developers.

VII. Guru

Guru is another freelance marketplace for experts in different industries, including C++ development. They have thousands of profiles you can explore. You can also post a job if you need to be specific about your candidates.

VIII. Freelancer

Freelancer is another marketplace you can consider when looking for brilliant C++ developers. In the platform, you can either find freelancers by skill or post a job ad about a role you’re looking to fill.

IX. Dice

Dice is another platform you can turn to when looking for tech talent. This option is one of those on the pricier side but since your ad will be seen by millions of visitors, you’ll find C++ developer candidates on this site in no time.


Hiring a brilliant C++ developer will require you to determine the scope of the software development project and identify the skills, experience, and responsibilities they should possess to be considered.

With most sources on the list, you’ll be doing most of the heavy-lifting in hiring, an added burden if you know little about the industry. However, if you allow us at Aloa to do the vetting for you, you’ll quickly get in touch with the most brilliant C++ developer candidates and won’t have to worry if they’re qualified or not. Working with us, you’ll only need to tell us about the project and your preferences, and we do the rest. Even monitoring the project progress, we can handle it for you.

At the end of the day, being successful in finding the right C++ developer to hire will mean that you consider all the points discussed in this guide. However, if you  have any additional questions in mind. Feel free to ask us about it at We’d be happy to hear from you.

The views expressed in this post are the writer's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Aloa or AloaLabs, LLC.
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