How To Hire A Mobile App Developer: 2023 In-depth Guide

You've come up with a brilliant idea for a new app. But to bring that idea to life, you need someone to help you build it into what it needs to be—and be done in time for the launch date. If that's the case, then your best option will probably be to hire a mobile app developer.

A competent mobile app developer can help your business grow and expand its reach efficiently. But how do you know who's good enough? And how can you tell if they can meet your standards and deliver?

This is what today's post aims to do. We'll go through the responsibilities of a mobile app developer in greater depth, as well as what skills to look for when hiring one. After reading this guide, you’ll have a solid understanding of the various hiring models and the steps that go into the hiring process.

3 Major Responsibilities Of A Mobile App Developer

Three key responsibilities of a mobile app developer are outlined below to help you understand what to expect from them.

1. Plan, Develop, And Launch The App

App development planning

As mobile app developers, they’ll be responsible for planning, developing, and launching the app. The most important thing a mobile app developer needs to do is understand the idea behind the product. This means that they must know what the end goal is:

  • How will users interact with the product?
  • What kind of data do they need to provide in order for it to work?
  • How can they access certain features or functions within the application itself?

Once these questions are answered, they need to carefully plan and develop it, then test and launch it in an effort to get user feedback.

2. Testing And Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality assurance is one of the major responsibilities of a mobile app developer since it ensures that the app meets the customer’s expectations and the project requirements. The mobile developer must have the ability to manually or automatically test your application at all levels (i.e., functional and non-functional).

3. Providing Maintenance And Support

App developers are also responsible for maintaining and supporting the mobile application after its development. This includes bug fixes, updates, and adding a new feature list.

To ensure that all users continuously receive a stable experience with your product, the developers must regularly update the app with bug fixes and add new features and security patches in order to maintain user security. These must be done regularly rather than waiting until there's an issue.

Now let’s take a look at the skills that you must look for when hiring a mobile app developer.

5 Skills A Mobile App Developer Must Possess

If you are in the market to contract mobile app developers, then do not neglect to hire someone who possesses these five essential skills.

I. UX/UI Design Expertise

UI-UX Design

For creating a top-notch user interface that offers a great user experience, a mobile app developer must be familiar with UX/UI design standards and mechanisms. They need to be able to translate the designs well enough so that other people can understand them and use them effectively.

An in-depth understanding of the UX/UI design elements will establish a strong foundation for the development, increase customer satisfaction and boost customer engagement.

II. Knowledge Of Programming Languages

If you're looking to hire a developer to build apps for Android or iOS mobile phones, then you should make sure that the candidate must have an understanding of the basics of both Android and iOS in order to develop native apps for these platforms.

The first and foremost thing that strikes the mind when it comes to native app development is Java as well as Kotlin for Android and Swift and Objective-C for iOS. Native programmers can write code for their devices in a language specific to those operating systems, so they can understand the ins and outs of how each device operates and what makes it tick.

Being able to handle errors, debug, and optimize your program also depends on this knowledge of native languages.

III. Proper Documentation Of Code

A mobile app coder must be able to properly document the code since documentation is a crucial part of any project. It's important for the app development team, it's important for the developer himself, and it's even more important for you as a client.

This allows mobile developers to reference the code later in order to understand what it does and how it works. Additionally, documentation will help when doing code reviews with other developers or clients who may not be as familiar with development programming languages as they are.

IV. A Strong Understanding Of APIs Integrations

APIs are the backbone of any mobile app. They're used to integrate data from third-party sources, as well as your own systems and other apps. The app developer that you intend to add to your in-house team must have a thorough understanding of different API integrations.

With the use of this expertise, they will be able to create apps that are more cost-effective while also being more efficient and functional.

V. Clear Communication Skills

Communication is what keeps things running smoothly throughout the development process so that everyone goes home happy at the end of their day. And it is true for any mobile app developer as well. Mobile developers must have strong communication skills as they are crucial for working with teams, clients and partners.

They should know how to communicate professionally at all times and use different communication tools in order for any project to be successful. This skill also helps ensure that everyone understands exactly what is expected of them so there aren't any surprises later down the road.

Now that we are aware of the qualities we should seek in a mobile app developer, let's examine the various methods for finding and hiring talented developers.

3 Different Models To Hire Mobile App Developers

Here are 3 hiring methods that can make it easier for you to find the ideal app developer.

A. Hire In-House App Developers

If you’re looking for a mobile application developer who can keep your company on the cutting edge of technology, then hiring in-house is the best option. In-house developers offer several advantages over other methods that include:

  • Better flexibility
  • Easy communication
  • On-time project delivery
  • Better team management
  • Lesser security vulnerabilities
  • Full control over the processes
  • Immediate support in case of any code glitches

B. Hire A Mobile App Development Agency

Hiring a mobile app development company is the best option if you want to work with an expert while keeping the development costs lower. A good agency will have years of experience, so they'll know how to build your app the right way.


If you're looking for ways to reduce the costs of app development while still getting quality results out of your project, hiring Aloa might just be what you're looking for. We have a dedicated team of developers who have the relevant experience and expertise to undertake the most complex projects.

These app programmers undergo a rigorous vetting process that assesses them for a combination of skills including cross-platform app development skills, analytical skills, and soft skills. Our one-of-a-kind communication process will always keep you updated with the most recent progress on your project.

Owing to our global business presence, our developers are experienced in working in any setting, may it be working as remote employees or being a part of some in-house structure.

C. Hire A Freelance Mobile App Developer

If you're looking for someone who can work remotely and save money, hiring freelance app developers through an online platform is a great option. Freelance developers work when it's most convenient for them, and they'll often deliver their services at a lower price than hiring someone full-time.

Finding a skilled and trustworthy developer, however, is challenging despite the fact that freelance platforms are swamped with thousands of developers. Freelancers are frequently associated with poor quality and delayed deliverables. Therefore, it is always advisable to read the reviews posted by the candidate's clients as well as go through the successful projects that they have previously done.

A few other factors that need to be considered when hiring a mobile app development freelancer include time zone differences, possible language barriers, and cultural differences.

9 Essentials For Hiring A Mobile App Developer - The Ultimate Checklist

Here are some recommendations for finding mobile app programmers who will work best for your project.

1. Determine Your Timeline

As with any project, it's important that you have a timeline for app development. This will help you determine how long it will take to complete your project and what steps need to be taken in order to meet that deadline.

By layering out all the things and having clarity on the timeline, you’ll know what sort of hiring model works best for your case. If you are on a tight schedule and want to launch the app sooner, then hiring a remote team from a mobile development company or having an in-house team is a better option. Additionally, it will clarify at what stage in the process of developing your app you should hire a developer.

2. Gather App Requirements

Before you start your project, it’s important to define the app development requirements.

  • What type of app do you want to build?
  • Is it about selling services or products?
  • What do you want the app to accomplish?

The answer will help determine the kind of developer that is needed to code relevant features and functionality. Additionally, it will determine whether or not the applicants you are evaluating are capable of fulfilling all of your needs. You can also figure out the features that need more time spent on them than others so that no unnecessary delays occur during development (like having the wrong codebase).

3. Budget Wisely

Mobile app budgeting

Always budget wisely so that there are no surprises later down the line. You don't want to spend more than necessary on something that doesn't meet its goal. Consider how much money is available in your budget for development as well as how much you would spend on the developer's salary and other benefits.

The cost of app development depends on what you need from the app and how much work is involved. For instance, if you're creating an app for simple tasks like playing music or checking the weather, then hiring a mobile developer who has experience with these app types will likely be less expensive than the advanced app developer who specializes in developing enterprise-level apps like a Fintech or eCommerce app.

With an average hourly rate of $48 for app development, the average cost of app development can rise significantly, so do your research and carefully weigh all factors before making a decision. Find a developer that fits your app development budget, with experience in the industry you are working in.

4. Don't Rush The Hiring Process

It's important to find the right application developer, but it can be tempting to jump right into a contract with software development companies that offer "the lowest price”. However, you should take your time and ensure that they understand your project needs before signing anything.

5. Test The Developer's Technical Expertise

Once you've chosen a developer, it's time to test their technical expertise. You want someone who has development experience in your industry and knows how to work with the technology that you intend to use.

Test their knowledge of your industry by asking them questions about any specific aspects of your business or customers' behaviors that could be affected by changes in your app's design. Make sure that they are up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and developments in the coding world. You can even give them a take-home coding challenge to demonstrate their skills.

6. Review Their Portfolio And Testimonials

You can tell a lot about a developer by looking at their portfolio. It’s important to check the quality of their work, as well as their experience and skill set. If their portfolio is filled with samples of high-quality apps then this is positive information because it shows that they have created many successful apps in the past.

Similarly, if they have worked on a wide range of projects, from small-scale projects to large-scale ones, it indicates that they can handle different kinds of projects with ease.

7. Review Their GitHub Profiles

To get an idea of the developer's experience, look at their GitHub profiles. GitHub is a social coding site where developers can collaborate on projects and share code. The best thing about GitHub profiles is that they're public by default, so you don't need approval from anyone else before looking through them.

Going through the profiles of potential employees gives you a greater insight into the previous projects they’ve worked on as well as their coding practices. It will not ensure that you hire the most competent developer for your mobile app development project but will also reduce the time to hire.

8. Background Checks And Employment History Verification

Background check

Before you hire app developers, it's important to look at their background and employment history. You should check their LinkedIn profile, verify their previous experiences, and any education they've received.

You can also ask for references or hire an agency that can verify all the details provided by the candidates on their resumes. It could cost a little higher, but it might end up saving you money in the long term.

9. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) protects the confidentiality of information shared between the two parties. Make sure the mobile app developer is ready to sign it when you talk about hiring them.

If you're outsourcing your project to a mobile app development company, ensure that their staff has signed an NDA before starting work on your project. This will safeguard sensitive information from errant parties and give legal protection to your creative app idea.

Now that we are familiar with the must-haves of hiring mobile app developers, let’s take a look at their expected salaries.

Salaries Of A Mobile App Developer

App developer salary

Mobile app developers are one of the most sought-after professionals in the world. The market value, location, skills, and experience that the programmer possesses are just a few of the many factors that influence an app developer's ideal salary.

The average annual salary of a mobile app developer in North America is $81,290. This includes base pay of $74,874 per annum while $6,416 accounts for additional pay annually. This could involve things like commissions, profit-sharing, bonuses, and more.


Hiring a mobile app developer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur. You need to find the best people and hire them at the right price. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing an app developer.

We hope that this guide has given you a good idea of what to look for in an excellent app developer. The best way to find the right candidate is by doing research. There are a lot of things that go into developing a successful mobile app and they all require different skills. The key is to understand what each responsibility entails and then hire accordingly.

At Aloa, we can help you with this task and save you from the inconveniences of the hiring process. We have handpicked a team of highly experienced developers who are able to deliver world-class app development services on a limited budget. With our regular training sessions and audits, you can rest assured that your project is safe in the hands of some of the most competent developers in the world.

To make sure that your app is as successful as possible, you can visit our website or email us at

The views expressed in this post are the writer's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Aloa or AloaLabs, LLC.
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