15+ Best Sites To Hire A Creative iOS Designer For 2024

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Developing intuitive, functional, and interactive iOS applications requires that each element and component works seamlessly with one another to create an unforgettable user experience (UX). However, before achieving that, you'll need to work with creative iOS designers who know how to integrate compelling design elements into your project.

Aloa has worked with numerous innovators, helping them turn their tech ideas into reality by linking the ideal developers with the right projects. Part of that is working with creative digital designers to ensure any project's UI/UX design is flawless.

This blog will review the best sites to hire a creative iOS designer for 2024. We've narrowed down the options, so you can pick the right one for your next project. Plus, we'll briefly talk about what to consider when hiring. Afterward, you'll come away with a solid list of the best sites to find creative iOS designers in 2024 and how to choose the best one.

So, without further ado, let's get started on our top 15+ sites for hiring creative iOS developers:

17 Best Sites to Source and Hire The Perfect iOS Designer

iOS designers must be able to comprehend the complex nature of UX design and combine it with creative elements to create visually appealing and user-friendly designs. To help you find the perfect designer for your iOS project, here's a list of 15+ great sites where you can hire creative iOS designers in 2024:

1. Aloa

Aloa.co Home Page
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Aloa offers startups and businesses a fully managed software development service for any technology-related project, including iOS design and development. Their Account Executives will work closely with you to understand your business and place you with a highly vetted team in the software development industry that fits your business and project goals.

From there, you’ll continue to receive client success and account management support throughout your project engagement along with your design and development team to ensure each aspect of your project runs smoothly.

Aloa is the leading software outsourcing consultancy for scaling and fast-growing startups looking to accelerate their ability to deliver top-quality digital products and services with quick go-to-market timelines.

2. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd Homepage
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DesignCrowd is a global hub for digital designers with over 1 million designers to choose from. Those looking to hire iOS designers for their app development project can choose a package that best meets project needs. Their options include categories to explore that make it easy to pinpoint the ideal designer to work with based on project type and designer location. 

To get started, you'll need to launch your design on the website and fill in a project brief so designers know what you are after. From there, you'll receive unique designs to browse through and choose. Once you've decided on a design, you can approve and download the files and pay for the service upon choosing. 

The easy step-by-step process from project brief to download makes it ideal for those with a base idea of what they want but are not 100% sure of the design direction. Being able to browse through provided ideas and find an ideal option leaves room for more creative input from various designers across the globe. 

3. Toptal

Toptal Homepage
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TopTal is a well-known hiring platform for all things digital, including iOS design. Their network of top-performing freelancers, in tandem with their expert consultants, make it an ideal choice for those who want to outsource the hiring process. To get started, you'll speak with an industry expert about your project goals and ideals. From there, you'll receive hand-picked talents to handle your project. After kick-off, you'll work with the iOS designer and industry expert to get your desired results. 

The ability to speak and work directly with an industry expert in hiring the right person or people for the job makes Toptal a great option for individuals, startups, and businesses who are not experts in hiring iOS designers. The experts will know how to select the right person for the job, ultimately moving the project forward efficiently while ensuring ideal results in the process. 

4. 99Designs

99Designs Homepage
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99Designs started as a forum for creative digital designers and quickly grew to become an online platform for startups and businesses looking to source the best talents for their iOS design projects. Their approach to taking you from brief to final design is simple. 

First, complete a simple project brief outlining your specifications and requirements. From there, you can hire a designer based on their portfolio or start a contest. Contests open your brief to the design community and allow them to submit their ideas to you. For content, you'll then choose which designer to work with. 

After finalizing who you'll work with through 99Designs. All your collaboration, revisions, and communications can take place on the platform for added security. Once you're satisfied with the results, you'll then gain complete access to your files. 

5. DICE TalentSearch

DICE TalentSearch homepage
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DICE TalentSearch is on a mission to connect recruiters with quality tech professionals, including iOS designers. Their system includes features like IntelliSearch, enabling you to simply paste a job description, sample resume, or job content into the system to generate a list of potential hires. You'll also gain access to social profiles and information on a candidate's likelihood of working with you. 

DICE TalentSearch also offers managed sourcing services, making it easy to connect you with the ideal talent to work with. The managed services take the guesswork out of hiring by connecting you with a recruiting team to handle sourcing and screening of potential candidates. 

Their quickness in generating a list of potential hires and the option to work with sourcing services makes DICE TalentSearch great for those still exploring their options. You can choose to take on the process on your own or jump to working with an on-platform expert. With that, you leave more room to pinpoint the ideal candidate to take on your application's design needs.

6. UpWork

Upwork Homepage
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Upwork is a freelance hiring platform well-known for its high levels of quality assurance and collaboration security. Their policies ensure that freelancers you hire deliver on their projects based on agreed-upon terms and conditions. 

Upwork is not limited to iOS designers or app development professionals, so you'll have to create a detailed brief on your requirements and post a job. From there, you'll be able to explore different freelancer profiles and invite them to interview or wait for individuals to submit a proposal for your posting. 

Upwork is very strict with how you work with hires, suggesting you keep all communications within the platform. Such precautions protect you from running into problems in meeting contract commitments and protect your funds from not rendering any results. 

While UpWork does have high levels of assurance, it is best for those looking for short-term, one-off engagement. Especially since the platform does deduct a hefty service fee from a freelancer's final payout.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr Home Page
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Similar to UpWork, Fiverr is an all-encompassing platform for freelancers. Here, you'll find professionals from all over the world with varying levels of expertise and specialties. As a hiring platform, Fiverr connects potential employers with freelancers right on the site, allowing them to create contracts, engage, and finalize projects all in one place.

With that, Fiverr also takes a service fee cut on the final payout to its freelancers and requires hiring employers to use the platform's systems to monitor, bill, and communicate with hires. Ideally, Fiverr is best for small to medium-sized projects with a relatively short timeline. Fiverr is not often used for full-time hiring or long-term projects lasting 8 months or more. Though it is still possible, the end result is lots of money lost from service fees. 

8. Dribble

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Dribble is a creative platform for professional designers working with web design, brand design, and iOS app design. The platform allows potential employers to browse the previous works of potential hires via their profiles, connect with them through the platform, and collaborate on project specifications and requirements. 

Dribble is a great hiring platform for those looking to hire a professional iOS designer for long-term projects. While it may not necessarily be suited for full-time employment, you can easily explore the various freelancers and their design styles and choose among those who reflect the goals and requirements of your iOS app design requirements.

9. Proxify

Proxify Homepage
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Proxify is a platform that allows employers to hire freelancers, such as iOS designers, to collaborate with them on their iOS app development initiatives. Here, you can outsource your hiring needs to an expert with whom you can communicate via the website. 

Their pre-vetted list of professionals makes it easy to choose the ideal iOS designer based on your project needs and ideal visual goals. Their "matches" take the time to understand exactly what you are after and provide a list of potential professionals to work with. 

Overall, the process of starting, vetting, and finalizing your project remains streamlined and efficient. Proxify is a great option for startups, small businesses, and even individuals with an iOS app development project in their pipeline who want to capitalize on value for money and quick time-to-market timelines.

10. Figura.digital

Figura.digital Homepage
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Figura.digital markets its hiring platform as "extraordinary design talent for the daring startups." Their souring process requires startups and those interested in working with professional iOS designers to apply for a subscription to the platform. Their subscription comes in two options: 

  • Quarterly Plan ($12,500/quarter): Ideal for those looking to take on a number of projects within a quarter. Takes on a "one task at a time" approach and includes design for dashboards, iOS apps, and design systems.
  • Straight Monthly ($5,500/month): Ideal for short-term project needs and includes design collaboration for dashboards, iOS apps, and design systems.

Based on your proposed timeline, you can choose between the two models above. You can also opt for the Quarterly Plan should you have multiple design projects in your pipeline pegged for completion within the quarter. Figura.digital's ability to quickly process and source your team or candidate makes the investment in their plans well worth it. 

11. Stack Overflow Talent

Stack Overflow Talent Homepage
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Stack Overflow is one of the largest communities of tech talents and innovators sharing their ideas, innovations, and portfolios in one place. Stack Overflow Talent is a service offered by the platform that links tech jobs to professionals looking for great opportunities. Their goal is to help businesses and startups build a retentive pipeline of personnel that helps accelerate their innovations to new heights. 

With that in mind, startups and businesses looking to build a, more or less, full-time team of developers, including iOS designers, benefit from using Stack Overflow Talent to jumpstart their hiring and team-building efforts. You'll be able to work with experts in hiring tech talents. Stack Overflow also offers services in building your brand's appeal to professionals via the blog and brand management services. 

12. UpStack

Upstack Homepage
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UpStack is another sourcing platform that focuses on helping startups and businesses build out their team of developers and iOS designers. Here, potential employers gain access to pre-vetted tech professionals and client success experts who guide and manage the sourcing process for you. 

Startups, businesses, and innovative teams benefit from choosing UpStack when their goals are to grow and scale their team quickly without wasting time handling the hiring process themselves. 

Client success experts will speak with you about your needs, create a fully-vetted list of professionals to choose from, and work with you to ensure your project or team is built the way you want. 

13. Radix

Radix homepage
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Radix is an offshore outsourcing partner for tech projects covering technical pre-vetted professionals for a variety of fields, including iOS design. Their services also include software development, strategizing, application development, and mobile development. 

To get started with hiring iOS designers on Radix, you will need to reach out to their team and discuss your goals and objectives. From there, they will match you with ideal professionals to collaborate with. 

Their approach to managed software development services includes models for hiring full-time, part-time, and hourly based professionals, making it easy to customize your timeline to candidate availability. 

14. TopCoder

TopCoder homepage
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TopCoder is a hiring platform with technical experts in fields like iOS app design, development, quality assurance, and data scientists. Those looking to work with top talent in the industry can opt for the Full Service option, which provides flexible solutions and options in souring the ideal talent for your iOS design project. 

The benefit of being able to choose your Full-Service model streamlines your ability to engage the right professionals. Each model targets common business needs and aims to grow and optimize your hires toward efficient and productive outcomes. Their models are: 

  • Challenge Model: Grants you access to their 1.7 million industry professionals across multiple disciplines and experience levels. 
  • On-Demand Talent Placement: Work with expert talents directly from their community for any duration.
  • Workforce Optimization: Part of their TopCrowd platform, Workforce Optimization focuses on strengthening your existing talent to maximize and upskill their capabilities. 

15. Arc

Arc Homepage
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Arc is a remote job search platform that allows companies to hire full-time or freelance designers, developers, and full-stack professionals for iOS, Android, and hybrid needs. Here, prospecting employers can choose between hiring full-time or freelance professionals based on company or project needs. Arc pre-vets and categorizes the thousands of applications they receive to ensure potential employers are handed the ideal candidate for their project. 

Startups and businesses looking for an efficient hiring process benefit from working with Arc's Talent Engine to gain access to a list of qualified professionals. The established process of linking candidates to clients upholds high-quality professionalism and ensures continued quality with their systematic, ongoing review. 

16. LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Linkedin Talent Solutions homepage
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LinkedIn Talent Solutions is a large hiring platform ideal for well-established businesses and startups looking to engage highly experienced technical professionals. Here, you can post job openings, promote them for better visibility within the industry, and directly reach out to potential candidates through InMail credit. 

While subscribing to LinkedIn Talent Solutions is a pricey option, the quality of leads to fill your position is well worth the investment. Ideally, using LinkedIn Talent Solutions is best reserved for projects with a large budget or for full-time hiring needs. 

17. Behance

Behance Homepage
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Behance is an Adobe platform where creatives from all over the world share their portfolios and creations. You can use the Hire option to filter and browse through thousands of profiles to find the exact match for your iOS design plans. What's great about Behance is that you can immediately see the style, creative direction, and past projects of a potential hire, even before you send them a message. 

If you already know exactly what you are after as an iOS designer, using Behance to source your ideal professional works wonders in ensuring you get a creative, unique design for your iOS application. 

What To Consider When Hiring an iOS Designer

More often than not, hiring an iOS app designer will require you to do your research and ensure you are selecting the best person for the job. Here are a few considerations you should keep in mind when it comes to hiring and vetting an iOS designer:

What to consider when hiring an ios designer

Technical Knowledge and Experience

Before selecting a candidate, ensure they have the technical skills and experience needed for the job. Ask about their previous work, their level of expertise in iOS design, and any other relevant information. iOS designers with backgrounds in development stacks such as Swift, Objective-C, and React are highly sought after in the industry.

Ability To Work With an iOS Developer

In line with your iOS designer's technical knowledge, make sure they can collaborate with an iOS developer. This is important as it helps ensure smooth communication and a more efficient workflow when developing your app. IOS developers and designers must understand each other's work to create a successful product.

Creative Vision

In addition to technical knowledge, potential hires must have an eye for aesthetics and design. Ask them about their creative process and the tools they use when designing apps so you can make sure they are up to date with the latest trends. 

While technical knowledge is important, design skills should also be considered. Ask potential candidates for their portfolio of work or examples of apps they have designed before to better understand their creative skills.

Design Aesthetic and Style

As an employer, you should always be looking to hire a designer whose aesthetic aligns with your company's brand or concept. Make sure to confirm the candidate's design aesthetic and style, as this could have a huge effect on your app's user experience.

Cost Efficiency and Timeline Availability

When it comes to cost efficiency and timeline availability, consider your budget and the designer's availability to finish the project within an agreed timeline. With that in mind, try to get quotes from different iOS app designers and compare their pricing and availability before selecting one that best fits both criteria.


Communication is key when it comes to hiring an iOS designer. The ability of the designer to understand and interpret your vision and quickly respond to queries or feedback can make all the difference in getting the project done on time and on budget. So be sure to assess this attribute before hiring an iOS designer.

Willingness To Address Modifications 

The willingness to address modifications and provide timely and professional feedback is essential. A designer willing to go above and beyond regarding making changes when necessary or responding promptly makes a huge difference in project success. This should be a key factor you consider when hiring an iOS designer.

Release Process

Releasing is more than just finally placing your application on the app store; it is also about making sure the app is up to date with all the latest trends and technologies. Hire a designer familiar with the entire release process, from prototyping to beta testing to finally submitting your application for review on the app store.

Tips For Creating Your Project Brief

Most, if not all, of the platforms listed above, will require you to provide or post a project brief. A brief is a document that outlines the project's scope, goals, timeline, and expected deliverables. Here are some tips to help you create an effective project brief:

  • Define Your Objectives: Be clear on what you want to achieve by working with an iOS designer. It should be specific enough for them to understand your requirements.
  • Establish Your Budget: Before posting your project, decide how much you can afford to spend and what type of deliverables you need.
  • Outline the Timeline: Make sure to include a timeline for project completion so that both parties know the expected delivery date.
  • Provide Sample Designs or Examples:  Include sample designs or apps that you want the iOS designer to use for inspiration. This will help them create something that specifically meets your requirements.
  • Set Milestones and Deadlines: Establishing milestones and deadlines throughout the project helps keep both parties on track with efficiently completing the project.
  • Agree on Payment Terms: Make sure to agree on payment terms prior to beginning any work, as this will prevent any danger down the line.
  • Agree on delivery formats:  Agree on the final deliverable format when submitting for review. This will help ensure the app's expectations, both from a design and technical standpoint.

Key Takeaway

Hiring an iOS designer takes a lot of thought and consideration, as their expertise and skillset can greatly affect the outcome of your project. When looking for an iOS designer, ask questions about their experience and design process and create an effective project brief outlining your objectives and timeline.

While sourcing the right candidate requires employers and hiring teams to invest time and resources, ensuring your project reaches its goals and objectives is worthwhile. An effective way to streamline the process of hiring an iOS designer is to work with a well-established software development outsourcing consultant. With that, you'll gain access to a pre-vetted list of highly qualified individuals and a client manager to facilitate communication and logistics.

If you're ready to hire your next great iOS designer, reach out to [email protected] to discover how easy it can be to find, collaborate, and work with iOS design industry experts.

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