8+ Fantastic Sites to Hire an iOS App Developer in 2024

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In 2024, the demand for an adept iOS app developer witnessed an unprecedented surge, emphasizing the importance of securing skilled professionals for seamless app development across various Apple platforms. The intricacies of iOS and the diverse array of devices emphasize the need to hire developers with comprehensive knowledge of the iOS ecosystem. The challenges in crafting successful apps emphasizing the significance of making decisions when engaging the services of an iOS app developer.

Aloa, an expert in software outsourcing, emerges as a beacon of assistance for startups and businesses. Their expertise extends to curating a selection of highly skilled iOS app developers who grasp the nuances of iOS and exhibit mastery over essential tools and programming languages. Aloa's developers ensure the creation of apps align seamlessly with the interface expectations of diverse Apple devices.

This blog delves into the dynamic universe of iOS app development, unveiling the key attributes imperative when considering an iOS app developer. We also lighten insightful interview questions, equipping you to make informed choices. Furthermore, we provide an exclusive preview of the nine most exceptional platforms for hiring iOS app developers in 2024. Stay tuned for an insightful exploration of this ever-evolving landscape.

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9 Fantastic Sites to Hire an iOS App Developer

In the fast-evolving landscape of app development, finding the right iOS app developer can be a game-changer. If you're seeking expertise from an Apple developer, look no further. Here are nine top-notch platforms where you can hire the perfect developer for your iOS project.

1. Aloa - Top Pick to Hire an iOS App Developer

Aloa -- Top Pick to hire ios app developer

Aloa stands out as the leading platform for hiring an iOS app developer. With its streamlined approach, Aloa connects you with expert Apple developers who craft seamless and captivating apps. Their platform hosts a vast pool of proficient developers ready to bring your app vision to life.

With a strong focus on quality and efficiency, this platform ensures you find the perfect Apple developer. Whether you're looking for an expert iOS app developer, Aloa's expansive network guarantees a match that will suit your requirements.

Notable Features

  • Full-managed Outsourcing: Alicia's team of skilled iOS app developers handles every aspect of your project, from conceptualization to deployment. Their hands-on approach ensures a streamlined development process, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the technicalities.
  • Collaborative Process: Aloa fosters close communication between our iOS app developers and clients, ensuring your vision is seamlessly integrated into the app's design, features, and functionality.
  • Diverse Pool of Talent: Aloa's iOS app developers bring diverse skills and experiences. This diversity fosters innovation and ensures that your app benefits from a well-rounded perspective, producing a product that appeals to a broad audience.
  • Swift Mastery: Developers at Aloa possess a strong command of Swift programming language, a cornerstone for efficient and elegant code.
  • End-to-End Service: Beyond coding, Aloa offers comprehensive assistance, including app analytics, beta software testing, and integration of accessibility features.

Aloa's Pricing Plan 

Aloa's pricing structure is tailored to cater to businesses of all sizes. Their commitment to transparency ensures that you get precisely what you pay for, with costs aligning with the scope and complexity of your project.

2. Appetiser - Recruiting Top 1% iOS App Developer

appetiser home page

Appetiser process ensures only the top 1% of developers are on board. Utilizing SWIFT, the native programming language by Apple, they provide clients with faster, more secure, and easily customizable iOS apps, aiming to match industry giants like Uber, Spotify, and Instagram.

Open communication is at the heart of their ethos. Appetiser emphasizes time-to-market value, employing a unique 'baseplate' framework that slashes iOS development time in half without compromising quality.

Notable Features

  • Quality Assurance: Recruiting only the top 1% of developers and utilizing Apple's SWIFT language, Appetiser ensures a superior quality app that's fast, secure, and cost-effective.
  • Rapid Launch: Their unique 'baseplate' framework enables a 50% reduction in iOS development time, allowing clients to launch quickly and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Data-Driven Design: Appetiser ensures that the apps function well and captivate users' attention in the crowded App Store.

Pricing Plan

With a strong focus on efficiency and quality, you can expect a tailored pricing plan that aligns with the unique needs and ambitions of your iOS app project.

3. Cleveroad - Native Swift App Development

cleveroad home page

Cleveroad specializes in building and delivering iOS apps based on native programming languages like Swift and Objective-C, ensuring superior performance and a delightful user experience. With a keen eye on the latest technologies and industry trends, they offer their clientele 100% satisfaction across all Apple devices.

Their extensive expertise, accumulated over a decade, covers areas such as healthcare, telemedicine, supply chain, finance, and more. 

Notable Features

  • Native Swift Apps: Using Swift, the iOS app developers at Cleveroad develop robust and fast applications, enhancing user experience and making iOS app development an ideal solution.
  • Innovative Technologies: Cleveroad incorporates cutting-edge technologies, such as Big Data, Media Expertise, and IoT, to provide superior iOS app functionalities and adapt to the evolving market.
  • Expertise in Various Industries: From HealthTech to Education, Cleveroad's iOS app developers have a decade of experience creating intricate web platforms and mobile applications aligned with the latest industry trends.

Pricing Plan 

Cleveroad believes in transparent pricing, allowing potential clients to interactively calculate the cost of their software project through their online platform. 

4. DOIT Software - Native App Development

doit software home page

DOIT Software is a go-to solution for businesses that aim to optimize processes, deeply engage customers, and elevate profit margins. Their team understands the nitty-gritty of mobile app development, offering full-cycle services from business analysis and UI/UX design to product deployment and ongoing support. 

DOIT Software ensures that while they take charge of your app's development, you can focus on scaling your business operations. 

Notable Features

  • Native App Development: DOIT Software boasts stable, fast performance with apps that are flexible, scalable, and developed with native tools ensuring fewer restrictions in architecture and functions.
  • Cross-platform App Development: With them, you benefit from faster time-to-market and cost-effective development solutions. They harness the potential of reusable code and simultaneous launch capabilities for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Progressive Web App Development: Experience cost-effective development tailored to modern needs. Their PWAs offer offline mode usage, improved performance, and independence from app stores while SEO-optimized.

Pricing Plan

DOIT Software is committed to offering a reasonable estimate within a week after you share your software requirements. 

5. ArcTouch - Comprehensive iOS Services

arctouch home page

ArcTouch has been creating iPhone apps since the App Store's inception. ArcTouch has successfully crafted hundreds of apps for companies, leading brands, and innovative startups. Their iOS app development teams possess the expertise and flexibility to tailor their services to specific needs.

ArcTouch has forged meaningful connections between companies and their customers, offering a wide array of services from native iOS app development to distressed iOS app project rescue. With a focus on creating "lovable" apps, websites, and digital experiences, they continually uphold their reputation as a trusted iOS app developer.

Notable Features

  • Versatile Programming Languages: ArcTouch's iOS app developers are skilled in Objective C, Swift, Xamarin, React, and Flutter for iOS, ensuring top-tier programming quality.
  • Comprehensive iOS Services: Offering everything from ARKit and SiriKit development to tvOS and watchOS development, they cover the entire iOS app needs.
  • Distressed iOS App Project Rescue: ArcTouch  iOS app developer offers specialized rescue services for distressed iOS app projects, reflecting their commitment to client success.

Pricing Plan

They assure customized services that align with the specific needs of various clients. For detailed information about pricing, prospective clients may contact ArcTouch directly.

6. Peerbits - Custom iOS App Development

peerbits home page

Peerbits offer a custom iOS app development that leverages cutting-edge technologies like Swift, Objective-C, and XCTest to build advanced and feature-rich iOS applications. Their iOS app developers have successfully delivered over 150 projects of all sizes, ensuring a futuristic approach tailored to their client's goals.

Peerbits's iOS app developers exhibit a wide range of expertise, from event planning to health care. Whether tracking assets through car tracking applications or redefining the insurance business, Peerbits ensures the use of the newest technologies to deliver result-driven solutions. They have reimagined solutions for industries like construction management, employee engagement, and grocery marketplaces, solidifying their reputation as a leading iOS app developer.

Notable Features

  • Custom iOS App Development: Peerbits's team creates award-winning custom iOS applications, using their extensive expertise in programming languages and essential tools to cater to both small and large businesses.
  • Cross-Platform Solutions: Their iOS app developers build engaging applications that resonate with the end-user's needs, using the latest iOS technologies and operating systems.
  • Support & Maintenance: They focus on aspects like real-time monitoring and increasing availability while reducing application downtime, ensuring an enriching user experience through thorough maintenance of apps.

Pricing Plan

Peerbits offers a tailored pricing plan to meet clients' needs and budget constraints. Interested parties can fill out the requirements on their website, and the Peerbits sales representatives will provide a customized quote within 24 hours.

7. MLSDev - Delivering Native Mobile Application

MLSDev home page

MLSDev has a strong focus on delivering native mobile applications. They have mastered creating memorable user experiences that leave a lasting impression. 

Whether you're a large enterprise, a growing startup, or a small business, their services cater to diverse needs, aiming to enhance your brand image and drive growth.

Notable Features

  • Expertise in Diverse Industries: MLSDev's portfolio showcases its expertise across various industries such as healthcare, social networking, on-demand economy, finance, e-commerce, and more. 
  • Real-Time Communication: MLSDev excels in implementing real-time communication features within mobile apps. Their mobile app development services encompass diverse communication technologies to enhance user engagement, from audio and video chats to images and text.
  • Pushing Boundaries with Animations: MLSDev leverages the Lottie library to efficiently incorporate dynamic animations into apps. 

Pricing Plan

MLSDev offers tailored pricing plans to match your project's scope and requirements. They provide a comprehensive consultation to align their services with your business goals and budget. 

8. MentorMate - Custom iOS and IoT Solution

mentormate home page

MentorMate continues to redefine user experiences through cutting-edge iOS and IoT solutions. Since crafting their maiden app in 2001, they have consistently assisted countless enterprises in engaging with global audiences seamlessly. 

Their adeptness spans diverse domains, from revolutionizing diabetes care to enhancing agricultural operations, utilizing native and hybrid apps ingeniously integrated with an array of smart devices and systems.

Notable Features

  • Strategic Integration: MentorMate excels in crafting mobile strategies aligned with business objectives. They harness audience insights and behavior patterns, aligning the mobile app development with intricate device ecosystems and user expectations. 
  • Experiential Design: Leveraging comprehensive mobile strategies, MentorMate designs intuitive app experiences. Their expertise in mobile platforms' design standards ensures frictionless interactions, enabling users to access desired content while effortlessly fostering swift connections with businesses.
  • Future-Proof Development: The company's prowess in mobile development extends to future-proofing apps. They expertly employ a spectrum of tools, from native to cross-platform solutions, guaranteeing optimal performance across evolving platforms and device functionalities.

Pricing Plan

MentorMate offers tailored pricing models that reflect their commitment to client-centricity. Their transparent approach ensures businesses receive optimum value for their iOS app development investment. 

9. Iflexion - Hybrid App Development

Inflexion home page

Iflexion is an iOS app developer focused on creating compelling user experiences, functional designs, and a robust codebase. They have carved a niche in delivering across various domains such as media, content delivery, enterprise productivity, location-based services, and more, solidifying their reputation as leaders in the industry.

Iflexion continues offering professional maintenance, support, and optimization services, ensuring the mobile solution stays caught up in the race. Whether embracing native iOS or hybrid app development, Iflexion's proficiency in multiple frameworks and technologies guarantees a versatile and dynamic approach to iOS app creation.

Notable Features

  • Comprehensive Conceptualization: At Iflexion, we assist in defining your iOS app strategy, branding, and use cases, enabling your vision to take shape.
  • Visually Compelling Design: Our experts transform concepts into captivating interfaces, employing high-resolution designs for unmatched user experiences.
  • Hybrid App Development: Besides native iOS development, they are also skilled in hybrid mobile app development frameworks, offering flexible solutions across different platforms.

Pricing Plan

Their pricing model aligns with the need to deliver premium services without compromising affordability, catering to a range of clients from startups to established brands.

Essential Skills to Look for in an iOS App Developer

Finding the right iOS app developer is crucial for crafting exceptional applications for iPhone and other Apple platforms. Delving into the technical and soft skills that set exceptional iOS app developers apart, we unveil the attributes you should seek in your search for the perfect fit.

essential skills to look for in an ios app developer

Technical Skills

When diving into the intricacies of iOS app development, a skilled Apple developer should exhibit the following technical proficiencies:

Swift Mastery

Adeptness in Swift, Apple's preferred programming language, is non-negotiable. It is essential to leverage its features for efficient code and app performance.

Interface Expertise

Navigating Apple's Human Interface Guidelines is a must. Look for developers who create visually pleasing, user-friendly interfaces consistent with Apple's design principles.

Platform Proficiency

A versatile iOS App developer can cater to various Apple platforms, including macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, ensuring consistent experiences across diverse devices.

Xcode Efficiency

Proficiency in Xcode, Apple's integrated development environment, is vital. An iOS App developer who can efficiently utilize its features and debugging tools is an asset.

Siri Integration

As voice interaction gains traction, developers with the expertise to integrate Siri seamlessly into apps are in high demand. This involves utilizing SiriKit and understanding voice UI/UX principles.

Soft Skills

Equally important are the soft skills that make an iOS App developer an effective team player and communicator:


The dynamic iOS landscape demands developers who can troubleshoot issues creatively and find innovative solutions.

Collaboration Aptitude

iOS app development is rarely a solo endeavor. A developer's ability to collaborate with designers, testers, and other team members ensures a smooth development cycle.


Given the rapid evolution of technology, an adaptable iOS App developer who can swiftly learn new tools, languages, and frameworks is invaluable.

Attention to Detail

Meticulous attention to detail is crucial for spotting and rectifying bugs, optimizing app performance, and delivering a polished final product.

Effective Communication

A developer's capacity to convey complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders ensures everyone is on the same page and contributes to a harmonious workflow.

Interview Questions for Hiring iOS App Developers

When hiring for top-tier iOS app developers to join your team, asking the right questions during interviews is crucial. Here's a list of insightful interview questions designed to assess candidates' competence and expertise in the ever-evolving app development world.

  • Can you discuss your experience developing apps for different Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV? This question gauges the candidate's familiarity with the diverse ecosystem of Apple devices and their adaptability to various platforms.
  • How do you ensure your app adheres to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines? Understanding the guidelines demonstrates the developer's commitment to creating user-friendly and consistent experiences across different apps.
  • What programming languages are you proficient in, particularly for iOS development? How does your knowledge of Swift and Objective-C differentiate your approach? Proficiency in Swift and Objective-C indicates a well-rounded iOS App developer who can navigate legacy codebases while embracing modern programming practices.
  • Can you share your process for optimizing an app's performance and download speed from the App Store? This question evaluates the candidate's awareness of performance bottlenecks and their ability to create efficient apps.
  • How do you leverage SwiftUI to streamline UI development and create a seamless user experience? Knowledge of SwiftUI showcases a developer's grasp of cutting-edge technologies for building interactive and dynamic interfaces.
  • Have you participated in the iOS Developer Program? How are you updated with the latest tools, technologies, and best practices? Membership in the Apple Developer Program and commitment to ongoing learning reflect the candidate's dedication to staying current with industry trends.
  • Can you provide examples of how you've incorporated accessibility features into your apps to ensure inclusivity for all users? This question reveals the developer's consideration for creating apps that cater to diverse audiences and adhere to accessibility standards.
  • Describe your experience with submitting apps to the App Store, including navigating the review process and addressing feedback. Handling app submissions and understanding the App Store's review process is crucial for successful app launches.
  • How do you handle compatibility across various devices and OS versions, especially when new updates are released? This question underscores the candidate's awareness of potential challenges and their strategies for maintaining app functionality.
  • What role do beta software and app analytics play in your development process? Awareness of beta testing and data-driven decision-making indicates an iOS app developer who seeks continuous improvement and user feedback.

Key Takeaway

Embracing the evolving hiring trends within the ever-dynamic realm of app development is essential to finding the right developer. The role of an iOS app developer cannot be overstated, serving as the cornerstone for businesses and startups striving to carve their niche in the digital landscape. With the rapid evolution of Apple platforms, the demand for skilled ios app developers is at an all-time high.

In a technology-driven era, the success of an app significantly relies on the expertise of iOS app developers who understand the nuances of Apple's platforms, programming languages, and the intricacies of user interface design. Collaborating with these experts ensures seamless integration with various Apple devices, adherence to guidelines, and optimal user experiences. 

For those seeking to harness the power of innovative app solutions, partnering with adept iOS app developers becomes a strategic imperative. To explore the opportunities within this realm, contact us at [email protected]. Our Aloa team, well-versed in software outsourcing and Apple development, is ready to assist you in navigating the complexities and reaping the rewards of this dynamic landscape. Your journey to impactful app development begins with the right iOS app developer by your side.

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