Top 7+ Sites to Help You Develop Custom Real Estate Websites

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Choosing to hire custom real estate websites can significantly elevate your business. As real estate technology becomes more prevalent, developers specializing in custom real estate websites offer a wealth of technical skills, extensive experience, and expertise customized to your needs. 

Aloa, an expert in software outsourcing, recognizes the immense value that custom real estate website developers bring. We have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous partner networks on various web development projects to keep up with the latest PropTech trends. To make it smooth for you, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the best 7+ websites where you can hire developers to create custom real estate websites for your upcoming project.

In this blog post, we will explain what each platform offers, their prices, and which businesses can benefit the most from using them for their real estate web development projects. You’ll get insights about the essential skills to look for and sample interview questions when hiring developers as well.

By the end, you'll be all set to kickstart your search for custom real estate website developers that suit your budget and project requirements.

Let’s dive in!

7+ Outstanding Custom Real Estate Websites in 2023 

Hiring dedicated developers to create custom real estate websites tailored to your business needs has become incredibly convenient. There’s a range of options available for developing high-quality real estate platforms. 

Here are the top 7+ platforms where you can hire skilled developers to build custom real estate websites in 2023:

1. InCom Real Estate - Enhancing Online Presence of Real Estate Agents and Companies

InCom Real Estate - Enhancing Online Presence of Real Estate Agents and Companies

InCom Real Estate specializes in creating cutting-edge custom real estate websites. Their expertise is providing agents, brokers, and corporations with fully scalable web technology solutions tailored to the real estate industry. Focusing on user-friendly designs and advanced features, InCom ensures its clients have a competitive edge in the digital real estate market.

The platform equips users with a comprehensive CRM system, including collecting contact information for leads through intelligent lead capture forms, pre-designed testimonial pages, event calendars, and automatic real estate news updates. Additionally, InCom provides excellent customer support to assist clients with questions or concerns while using the platform’s sophisticated automation tools, making it a top producer in the industry.

Notable Features of Working with InCom Real Estate 

  • Fully Customizable Designs: Choose from various designs to create a unique website tailored to individual preferences.
  • SMS Real Estate Marketing: Reach prospects in real-time through SMS, facilitating instant follow-ups and improved client communication.
  • Widget Application Management: Enhance visitor interaction with easy-to-use widget applications, bringing websites to life.
  • Comprehensive Event Calendar: Keep track of meetings, events, and training sessions in one convenient place, ensuring efficient time management.

InCom Real Estate’s Pricing Plans

  • $44.95 per month (paid annually): This is an All-Inclusive Package where you can access the full suite of services without additional costs. 

The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive CRM system enable real estate professionals to manage leads, events, and client interactions seamlessly. InCom's services are designed to simplify the complexities of online marketing, ensuring clients can focus on building their real estate business.

2. InMotion Real Estate Media - Creating Custom-Designed, Pixel-perfect Websites

InMotion Real Estate Media - Creating Custom-Designed, Pixel-perfect Websites

InMotion Real Estate Media, founded in 2006, is a renowned commercial real estate marketing agency focusing on custom real estate website development. With a deep understanding of the real estate market, they offer tailored solutions to enhance the online presence of their clients, helping them stand out in a competitive landscape with their custom marketing materials.

In addition, InMotion excels in creating pixel-perfect, custom-designed commercial real estate websites optimized for all devices. Their services include responsive web development, WordPress CMS integration, and comprehensive technical support. InMotion's expertise ensures visually appealing, user-friendly websites, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and maximizing the online visibility of their clients' businesses.

Notable Features of Working with InMotion Real Estate Media

  • Custom Website Design: Tailored, unique website designs crafted for each client.
  • Responsive Web Development: Websites optimized for all platforms and devices, ensuring seamless user experience.
  • Comprehensive Technical Support: Ongoing support, including hosting, daily backups, security upgrades, and expert assistance.
  • Focus on Commercial Real Estate: Specialized team dedicated to building custom real estate websites, offering industry-specific expertise.

InMotion Real Estate Media’s Pricing Plans

InMotion Real Estate Media offers flexible pricing plans tailored to individual project requirements. The overall investment depends on the complexity and size of the website. You can fill out the form on their website to contact them and discuss their project requirements. 

Clients can be assured of a seamless experience, from project initiation to website launch and beyond, with inMotion's dedicated and experienced team handling all technical aspects.

3. ColorWhistle - Offer Comprehensive Web Design and Development Services

ColorWhistle - Offer Comprehensive Web Design and Development Services

ColorWhistle is a leading real estate website development company with expertise in creating custom solutions for real estate businesses. Their team of experienced developers specializes in crafting visually stunning and user-centric real estate websites, ensuring a seamless user experience. 

Furthermore, with a deep understanding of advanced technologies, ColorWhistle offers tailored solutions, including IDX and MLS integration, real estate CRM, and digital marketing services. They empower clients to enhance online visibility, automate processes, and improve credibility, facilitating transparent and reliable information dissemination to prospective buyers.

Notable Features of Working with ColorWhistle

  • Custom Real Estate Website Development: Tailored solutions to specific business requirements, ensuring a unique online presence.
  • IDX and MLS Integration: Seamless integration of IDX and MLS services, facilitating the dissemination of real estate property information to potential buyers.
  • Real Estate CRM: Implementation of customer relationship management tools, enabling monitoring of customer search behavior and timely communication with prospects.
  • Digital Marketing Expertise: Utilization of various digital marketing tactics such as content marketing, social media marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, and email marketing to maximize online visibility and target the ideal audience effectively.

ColorWhistle’s Pricing Plans

ColorWhistle does not provide specific pricing information on its website. However, they have a form allowing you to indicate your budget range, starting from $500 and going up to $20,000 based on the service you are looking for. You can request a quote from their website for more precise pricing details, including the cost of a custom landing page.

Their expertise includes API integration, custom WordPress plugin development, and complete real estate website development solutions. Clients benefit from high-quality services delivered within stipulated timeframes, enhancing their online presence and market competitiveness.

4. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency - Creating Visually Appealing Real Estate Websites

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency - Creating Visually Appealing Real Estate Websites

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, a leading real estate website development company, excels in creating tailored, visually appealing websites that perfectly mirror clients' brands. With over 15 years of experience, their dedicated team of web design experts ensures each site is unique and responsive, catering to diverse client needs and preferences.

Thrive offers comprehensive real estate web design services aimed at driving business growth. Their expertise includes search engine optimization (SEO), local SEO, responsive web design, content writing, and WordPress customization.

Notable Features of Working with Thrive

  • Custom Tailoring: Thrive creates custom real estate websites, ensuring unique designs tailored to individual client brands.
  • Responsive Design: Websites are optimized for all devices, guaranteeing seamless user experience across laptops, mobile phones, and desktops.
  • SEO Integration: Thrive incorporates advanced SEO techniques, enhancing website visibility and attracting organic traffic.
  • WordPress Expertise: Leveraging WordPress, Thrive provides clients with a user-friendly CMS, enabling easy content management and updates.

Thrive’s Pricing Plans

Thrive offers competitive and transparent pricing plans for their real estate web design services. Fill out the form on their website to get a free proposal. They will provide a customized cost estimate based on your requirements.

With a focus on quality and results, Thrive's services encompass website design, SEO optimization, responsive design, content creation, and WordPress customization. Clients can expect cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of services provided.

5. IceCube Digital - Creating Professional Websites for Real Estate Agencies

IceCube Digital - Creating Professional Websites for Real Estate Agencies

Icecube Digital earned its spot in our list as an expert real estate website design company with a skilled team of developers, designers, content creators, SEO specialists, and digital marketers. With years of experience in the real estate industry, they offer tailored solutions to match specific business requirements, including IDX integration for lead capture, saved searches, and property update emails. Focusing on customer service, they provide dedicated project managers for personalized assistance, making them a trusted choice for real estate businesses.

IceCube Digital goes beyond website design, offering end-to-end services encompassing web hosting, digital marketing, lead generation, branding, social media marketing, and more. With advanced lead generation tools, they help clients capture qualified real estate leads, ultimately boosting sales turnovers and enhancing online visibility.

Notable Features of Working with IceCube Digital

  • Professional Website Designs: IceCube Digital delivers elegant, clutter-free, and functional designs to impress clients and provide the best user experience.
  • SEO-Friendly Websites: All websites are optimized for search engines, ensuring visibility and standing out among competitors.
  • Responsive Design: Their websites offer a consistent experience across devices, including desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets.
  • Real Estate Leads Generation: IceCube Digital provides advanced tools to capture and convert qualified leads, enhancing sales turnovers.

IceCube Digital’s Pricing Plans 

IceCube Digital offers affordable pricing plans tailored to individual needs. Fill out their form on their website to get a free and personalized quote. 

Their services cover everything from web design and development to SEO, digital marketing, and lead generation. Their commitment to delivering top-notch services at reasonable prices makes them a preferred choice for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

6. Agent Image - Improve Brand Visibility in the Real Estate Market

Agent Image - Improve Brand Visibility in the Real Estate Market

Agent Image boasts extensive expertise in developing custom real estate websites, making them a leading choice for real estate professionals. Their expertise lies in creating visually stunning websites tailored to meet the unique needs of real estate agents and brokerages, ensuring a solid online presence for their clients.

Agent Image offers services designed to elevate their clients' businesses. They provide custom real estate websites, including packages like Imagine Studio, Semi-Custom, Agent Pro, and Agent Image X, catering to various levels of customization and branding. 

Notable Features of Working with Agent Image

  • Customized Designs: Agent Image delivers tailor-made designs, ensuring each website reflects the unique branding and vision of the real estate professional.
  • IDX Search Integration: Their platforms seamlessly integrate IDX solutions, enhancing property search functionality for potential clients.
  • Mobile Optimization: Websites are optimized for mobile devices, guaranteeing a user-friendly experience on smartphones and tablets.
  • Award-Winning Designs: Their designs have received industry recognition, emphasizing their commitment to excellence and innovation.
  • Client Testimonials: Agent Image showcases client success stories, demonstrating their ability to deliver powerful lead-generating results.

Agent Image’s Pricing Plans

Agent Image offers competitive pricing plans tailored to the specific needs of their clients. The packages are designed to cater to different budget constraints while providing high-quality services. Create an account on their site for a free consultation.

Their services include custom real estate websites with features like custom-designed maps, IDX search integration, and pre-designed layouts. These websites are crafted to enhance online visibility, generate leads, and boost brand credibility.

7. UPQODE - Developing High-Quality Real Estate Websites

UPQODE - Developing High-Quality Real Estate Websites

UPQODE specializes in creating innovative WordPress solutions for real estate businesses. With a dedicated team of experienced web developers, they offer custom real estate web designs tailored to individual brands. Their expertise translates a brand's identity into visually appealing and functional websites. 

They create striking websites for luxury real estate agencies, highlighting the beauty of high-end properties. UPQODE also specializes in developing websites for commercial properties, bridging the gap between investors and available listings. Their web maintenance services ensure long-term website performance, providing dedicated support, troubleshooting, and regular updates.

Notable Features of Working with UPQODE

  • Custom Real Estate Web Design: Tailored designs reflecting brand identity.
  • Commercial Property Focus: Professional websites connecting investors with listings.
  • SEO & SMO Optimization: Strategies to enhance website visibility and engage online communities.
  • Dedicated Web Maintenance: Ongoing support, troubleshooting, and regular updates for long-term performance.

UPQODE’s Pricing Plans

Their team of experts is ready to look at your requirements and the current status of your website to give you a cost estimate for the entire project. For specific pricing details, contact their representatives to schedule a meeting. 

Additionally, UPQODE provides SEO & SMO services for optimized online visibility and community engagement. Their web maintenance services ensure ongoing support, troubleshooting, and regular updates, guaranteeing long-term website performance.

8. Glorium Technologies - Providing User-Friendly Interface for Real Estate Professionals

Glorium Technologies - Providing User-Friendly Interface for Real Estate Professionals

Glorium Technologies specializes in customizable real estate website designs, offering responsive and user-friendly options. They provide website development, design, and SEO optimization services, with various templates and features available, including IDX integration and lead capture forms.  

They offer end-to-end solutions, including complex product design, software engineering, compliance & certification, and growth marketing services. They excel in developing bug-free software and provide strategic investment guidance, enabling clients to bring innovative products to market swiftly, ensuring seamless operations, and maximizing profitability.

Notable Features of Working with Glorium Technologies

  • Comprehensive Valuation: The platform offers in-depth functionalities, ensuring accurate property assessments.
  • Seamless User Experience: Glorium's expertise in UI/UX design results in an intuitive interface for easy navigation and user engagement.
  • Secure Transactions: Robust security protocols safeguard financial transactions, ensuring trust and confidence among users.
  • Real-time Market Insights: Users gain access to real-time market data and trends, facilitating informed decision-making for property investments.

Glorium Technologies’ Pricing Plans

Glorium Technologies offers flexible and competitive pricing plans tailored to the specific needs of businesses. For precise pricing information and a personalized quote, contact Glorium Technologies directly and discuss the project's specific needs. 

They offer end-to-end solutions, including complex product design, software engineering, compliance & certification, and growth marketing services. They excel in developing bug-free software and provide:

  • Strategic investment guidance.
  • Enabling clients to bring innovative products to market swiftly.
  • Ensuring seamless operations.
  • Maximizing profitability.

Essential Skills to Look for Custom Real Estate Website Developers

Choosing to hire custom real estate website developers brings many benefits to those seeking cost-effective, top-quality performance. However, there are a few essential skills to remember. These crucial skills will ensure your project is successful and you gain the most from your custom real estate website developers. 

Essential Skills to Look for When Choosing the Best Site to Hire Nearshore Software Developers

Technical Skills

When selecting developers for custom real estate websites, it's essential to consider their technical expertise, hands-on experience, and skill sets tailored to your specific project requirements. Typically, the developers you hire should have the following technical skills:

Proficiency in Programming Languages 

Developers of custom real estate websites need proficiency in programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for designing and customizing websites. Programming skills enable troubleshooting, implementing unique features, and integrating third-party tools.

Database Management 

For efficient real estate websites, it is crucial to have a skilled developer who can manage and organize large amounts of data. Knowledge of database management systems like SQL or MySQL is essential for accessible property searching and filtering, improving website speed and user experience.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is essential for seamless functionality on all devices, ensuring the website adapts to different screen sizes. It allows for a better user experience and is a priority for custom real estate website developers.

SEO Optimization

To increase your custom real estate website's visibility:

  • Prioritize SEO optimization.
  • Find developers experienced in real estate SEO strategies.
  • Focus on on-page optimization, keyword research, and quality link building.

Additionally, it improves user experience, mobile responsiveness, and loading speeds for better SEO rankings.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are essential for developers, alongside technical abilities. These skills help teams work well together, ensuring successful project outcomes. Qualities like professionalism, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving are crucial.

Here are some essential soft skills you should look for:

Communication Skills

Effective communication between a website developer and a client is vital for project success. It allows for understanding client needs, regular updates, and meeting expectations. Communication skills include active listening, explaining technical concepts, and asking relevant questions.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Custom real estate website developers must possess strong problem-solving abilities to identify and resolve issues within budget and timeline. Their creativity, analytical thinking, and communication skills are essential in navigating complex projects and unexpected challenges. Experience in resolving real estate website-related issues is crucial.

Teamwork and Collaboration 

Real estate website development relies heavily on solid teamwork and collaboration skills. Effective communication, collaboration, and generating new ideas are essential for project success. Look for developers with a proven track record working effectively within a team environment.

Attention to Detail

When developing custom real estate websites, attention to detail is crucial. A keen eye for detail ensures a flawless design and functionality that meets your needs. It also helps catch potential errors before launch. Look for developers with a track record of high-quality, error-free websites.

It won’t be easy to find developers with the perfect mix of technical and soft skills. However, it's crucial to know what skills your project needs. By understanding the qualities necessary for your team, you can find the right custom real estate website developers more easily.

Interview Questions To Ask Custom Real Estate Website Developers

Choosing the right questions during interviews is essential to hire the best custom real estate website developers for your project. Here are some critical questions to ask potential candidates:

  • Can you provide examples of real estate websites you have developed in the past, showcasing their features and functionality?
  • What technologies and programming languages do you specialize in for custom website development, and how do you ensure your websites are secure and scalable?
  • How do you approach responsive design and mobile optimization to ensure the real estate websites work seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes?
  • What is your strategy for search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance the visibility of real estate listings on search engines like Google?
  • How do you handle the integration of third-party tools, such as property search engines, payment gateways, and APIs, into real estate websites?
  • Can you explain your process for user experience (UX) design, ensuring intuitive navigation and engaging interfaces for potential property buyers and sellers?
  • What security measures and protocols do you implement to safeguard real estate websites against cyber threats and data breaches?
  • How do you optimize website loading speed, especially when dealing with a large volume of property data, images, and multimedia content?
  • What kind of post-launch support and maintenance services do you offer, and how do clients typically contact you for assistance?
  • Can you share references from past clients in the real estate industry and elaborate on successful outcomes or challenges you have overcome in your previous projects?

Asking the right questions is essential because it helps you understand if a candidate has the technical and people skills needed to work well in your team. By asking these questions, you can ensure the developers you hire have what it takes to make your custom real estate website successful.

Key Takeaway

When you're looking to hire developers for custom real estate websites, many options are available to help you find the right fit. The right platforms and tools can simplify your search and connect you with ideal developers. 

These platforms understand the unique needs of real estate websites. They provide a selection of screened candidates who are experts in improving website speed and user experience, database management, and the latest technology used in real estate. This specialized assistance simplifies the hiring process significantly, saving you time and effort. 

At Aloa, we have an extensive pool of skilled candidates who possess in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry. For more information and assistance in hiring developers for your real estate projects, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We are dedicated to helping you assemble the perfect team for your real estate ventures this 2023. 

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