Best 7+ Sites To Hire Laravel Developers India in 2023

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Hiring the right Larave­l developers India can have­ a transformative impact on businesses looking to build robust we­b applications. Laravel, as a PHP framework, is renowne­d for its simplicity, versatility, and powerful features. India has emerged as a global hub for Larave­l development, offe­ring skilled develope­rs at competitive rates. Ne­vertheless, finding reliable Laravel deve­lopers remains a challenge­ for businesses. They often encounter obstacles whe­n navigating through numerous options, ensuring that deve­lopers possess the ne­cessary skills and establishing transparent working re­lationships.

Aloa, an expe­rt in software outsourcing, assists busine­sses facing challenges in hiring top-notch larave­l developers India. With a vast tale­nt network in the country, Aloa connects startups and businesses with experience­d Laravel develope­rs well-versed in the­ framework. By leveraging the­ir managed services and thorough pre­-vetting process, businesse­s gain access to a pool of qualified deve­lopers, ensuring a smooth and transparent hiring e­xperience.

This blog delve­s into the top platforms for hiring Laravel deve­lopers India in 2023. Whether you se­ek Laravel deve­lopment services for e­-commerce or application deve­lopment, this comprehe­nsive guide provides an extensive list. We'll also highlight the e­ssential skills to consider, intervie­w questions to ask, and notable feature­s of each platform. By equipping businesse­s with this valuable information, they can make informe­d decisions and hire the be­st Laravel develope­rs India.

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Hire Laravel Developers India In 2023: Top 8 Sites

Finding specialized developers from a specific desired region can be challenging. Fortunately, some platforms make finding and hiring skilled Laravel developers from India easier. We’ve compiled a list of the best sites to hire Laravel developers and teams from India for 2023.

1. Aloa - Top Pick For Hiring Laravel Developers From India

Aloa - Top Pick To Hire Laravel Developers From India

Aloa is a renowned platform that excels in providing offshore software development services. With a rich expertise in hiring top Laravel developers, Aloa makes it a breeze to find skilled Laravel developers India. Their proven track record, evident through their successful client engagements, is a testament to their proficiency in the field.

What makes Aloa unique is its comprehensive approach to software outsourcing. They handle all the complexities of outsourcing, from vetting developers to international payments. They have a rigorous vetting process for their development partners, with less than a 1% acceptance rate. This ensures that you get paired with the best Laravel developers India. Aloa's platform is built explicitly for outsourcing, so you get all the tools you need for a smooth project, from kick-off to wrap-up.

Notable Features

  • Aloa Partner Network: Aloa's rigorous vetting process ensures that only the best developers are included in their network, making it easier for businesses to hire high-quality Lavarel developers in India.
  • Data-Backed Insights: With Aloa, businesses receive performance reports every two weeks, offering unparalleled transparency and predictability.
  • Developer Replacement Guarantee: Aloa stands behind the quality of its developers and offers a developer replacement guarantee, allowing businesses to switch developers at no extra cost. Clients will go through the interview process again to make sure the new developer a good fit.
  • Agile Development Process: Aloa employs an agile development process, which means quick, incremental progress, regular feedback, and change adaptability.
  • Experienced Managers: Aloa provides Account Managers to facilitate relationships, giving businesses the infrastructure they need to maximize their investment in technology.

Pricing Plans 

Aloa offers a range of hiring models tailored to your needs. You can opt for project-based work, hire dedicated teams, or go for staff augmentation. The hiring model is flexible, accommodating early-stage startups to enterprise-level organizations. Pricing details are customized based on your specific project requirements.

Early-stage startups looking to build MVPs or proof-of-concept prototypes, funded startups and enterprises with live products needing additional development resources, and organizations needing staff augmentation will find Aloa, an invaluable partner. Aloa is a top choice for businesses hiring Laravel developers India. With its vetting process, tailored hiring models, and dedicated tools for outsourcing, Aloa provides a reliable and efficient solution for software outsourcing.

2. Aalpha Information Systems - Custom Laravel Solutions

Aalpha Information Systems - Custom Laravel Solutions

With over 15 years of experience, Aalpha Information Systems specializes in developing scalable, secure, and robust web applications tailored to business needs. Their skilled Laravel developers implement the latest trends and best practices to ensure the timely delivery of top-quality projects.

Information Systems offers a unique combination of cost-effective rates and a flexible engagement model. They allow businesses to hire dedicated Laravel developers monthly, hourly, or full-time, according to their specific requirements. Moreover, Aalpha's Laravel developers can work according to your time zone, eliminating time zone barriers and ensuring seamless communication.

Notable Features

  • Custom Laravel Solutions: Aalpha's dedicated Laravel developers provide customized, scalable, and functional solutions tailored to specific project requirements.
  • API Integration: Aalpha's experts build APIs that can be seamlessly integrated with various web applications.
  • Laravel-Based eCommerce: Aalpha creates top-notch online eCommerce sites with feature-rich interfaces.
  • Migration from Other Technologies: Aalpha's offshore Laravel developers offer flawless migration from other technologies to the PHP Laravel framework, utilizing best practices.

Pricing Plans 

Aalpha provides a range­ of flexible engage­ment models to suit differe­nt project requireme­nts. These models include­ a dedicated team option for proje­cts that demand focused attention, a controlle­d agile engageme­nt for those with limited budgets, and an hourly e­ngagement for projects that have­ undefined require­ments and ongoing work.

Aalpha Information Systems is a choice for businesses of all sizes and across various industries looking for Laravel development services in India. Their expertise spans diverse sectors such as healthcare, retail, eCommerce, travel, education, and banking. Aalpha's ability to deliver custom Laravel solutions tailored to unique business requirements seeking cost-effective, and scalable Laravel development services.

3. Webkul - Custom Laravel Solutions

Webkul - Custom Laravel Solutions

Webkul is a Laravel development service customizing high-quality Laravel solutions. Their team of Laravel developers India excels in various services, including custom development, CRM, eCommerce, marketplace, and API integrations. Leve­raging Laravel's component-based syste­m and composer-driven approach, they offe­r solutions that cater to various business applications, both monolithic and micro-service­s apps.

Webkul has its commitment to open-source projects. As a testament to their expertise, Webkul has developed open-source, free projects based on Laravel, such as Bagisto and Krayin CRM. Having more than te­n years of experie­nce in both eCommerce­ and software developme­nt, Webkul possesses a unique­ advantage in delivering transpare­nt development proce­sses alongside top-notch app quality. 

Notable Features

  • Complex Business Application Development: Webkul's team of Laravel experts can tackle both small and complex business applications, providing tailored solutions to brands worldwide.
  • eCommerce and Marketplace Development: Their open-source eCommerce platform, Bagisto, offers a robust and scalable solution for online stores and marketplaces.
  • Headless and Microservices: They le­verage support for microse­rvices to create modular applications that are­ easy to implement and maintain. This approach allows for fle­xibility and adaptability in developing software solutions
  • Laravel Mobile App Development Services: Webkul's Laravel developers leverage predefined libraries to facilitate efficient mobile app development.

Pricing Plans 

Webkul offers a range of pricing plans and hiring models to suit various business needs. For detailed information on their pricing and hiring models, contact Webkul directly.

Webkul's Laravel development services benefit businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises. Their expertise spans various sectors, including eCommerce, CRM, CMS, and SaaS-based apps. Businesses looking to develop significant custom web applications or seek reliable API integrations will find Webkul, an invaluable partner. Webkul's transparent development process and commitment to quality make them an ideal choice for businesses seeking expert Laravel developers India.

4. Capital Numbers -Custom Web App Solutions

Capital Numbers -Custom Web App Solutions

Capital Numbers spe­cializes in crafting custom web applications tailored to drive­ business growth. With extensive­ expertise in larave­l application development, browse­r testing and automation, and Laravel-based we­bsite developme­nt, their team is fully equippe­d to tackle even the­ most challenging problems you may have.

Capital Numbers can hire dedicated Laravel developers from their in-house team of over 100 experts. By utilizing this feature­, individuals can conduct intervie­ws and shortlist candidates efficiently. Additionally, it e­nables seamless inte­gration of these chosen candidate­s into their respective­ projects while facilitating direct communication throughout

Notable Features

  • Laravel API Integration: Extend the functionality of your web apps by integrating Laravel with various systems, platforms, or APIs, including external-facing APIs like Mailchimp and Paypal.
  • Lumen-based Web Services & API Development: Utilize the Lumen Microservices framework to power your mobile applications or provide secure, stable access to your platform data through well-documented web services & APIs.
  • SaaS Application Development: Develop custom applications using Laravel packages like Cashier, Spark, Passport, and Socialite.
  • Migrate to Laravel: Seamlessly migrate your application to Laravel from other frameworks without losing functionality or data.

Pricing Plans 

Capital Numbers offers flexible and transparent pricing options. You can opt for a Time and Material plan where you pay only for actual monthly hours spent on your project. Alternatively, hire a dedicated developer starting from $15/hr, providing 160 hours of undivided attention each month and a complimentary delivery manager.

Their team is especially suited for those who need custom Laravel solutions, browser testing & automation, API integration, or SaaS application development. The unique model of hiring dedicated developers makes value transparency and direct communication with their development team.

5. Future Profilez - Crafts Tailor-Made CMS

Future Profilez - Crafts Tailor-Made CMS

Future Profilez is a Laravel Web Development Company in India renowned for its expertise in delivering scalable, interactive, and custom Laravel solutions. With years of experience and a track record of successfully launching Laravel websites, Future Profilez has become a choice for businesses seeking high-quality web development services. They specialize in building reliable and maintainable custom web applications using the Laravel PHP framework, known for its simple and expressive code syntax.

Future Profilez crafts tailor-made Content Management Systems (CMS) that help businesses realize their unique ambitions. Their custom CMS solutions are designed to suit personalized business operations, making them stand out from the competition. Additionally, their commitment to quality with affordability and 24/7 client support further adds to their uniqueness.

Notable Features

  • Custom Laravel Development: Future Profilez offers bespoke web applications built on the Laravel framework, ensuring tailored solutions for every business need.
  • Web APIs Development: They provide web API development services, facilitating smooth integration with other applications.
  • Laravel CMS Development: They offer customized CMS solutions to help businesses manage their online content efficiently.
  • Support & Maintenance: Future Profilez's support and maintenance services, available 24/7, ensure client queries are addressed promptly and websites are always up-to-date.

Pricing Plans 

Future Profilez offers two hiring models to cater to different client needs. Their "Project Basis" plan captures client project requirements through brainstorming sessions and delivers a well-documented project scope. Alternatively, businesses looking for long-term brand growth can opt for the "Monthly Developer Hire" plan, where a dedicated developer will exclusively work on their project.

Future Profilez is well-suited for businesses seeking custom web development solutions, especially those in the education, healthcare, banking, travel, food, and sports industries. They cater to small and large organizations, helping them digitalize their operations and increase their online visibility. If you want to leverage the Laravel framework's benefits for robust, maintainable web applications, Future Profilez is a good choice.

6. Unified Infotech - Agile Development Process

Unified Infotech - Agile Development Process

Unified Infotech builds high-performing, SEO-optimized, and secure web applications. The expert Laravel developers at Unified Infotech are proficient in site optimization, modifications, and maintenance. The company's agile Laravel developers deliver scalable solutions for mission-critical projects.

Unified Infotech provides tailor-made Laravel development solutions to businesses, helping them achieve their goals by leveraging technical expertise and creativity. They have a strong portfolio of successful projects, including application modernization for an eLearning platform and enterprise software development for a global pharmaceutical leader. These projects showcase their ability to deliver world-class applications with cutting-edge technologies.

Notable Features

  • Technical Expertise: Unified Infotech's Laravel developers are well-versed in the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB, and more, ensuring the delivery of top-quality web applications.
  • Agile Methodology: The company follows an agile development process, emphasizing planning, optimized code structure, and regular system upgrades to ensure project success.
  • Collaboration Tools: Unified Infotech utilizes various collaboration tools such as Jira, Slack, and Zoom, enabling seamless communication and collaboration with clients.
  • Test-Driven Development: The company focuses on test-driven development, including application development, product engineering, and technology migration, to ensure high-quality, error-free applications.

Pricing Plans 

Unified Infotech offers flexible pricing plans to suit diverse client needs, starting at $25 per hour or $3,200 monthly for 160 hours. All contracts are secured by US legal agreements and professional NDAs, providing complete insurance protection.

Businesses looking for high-quality, scalable web applications, especially those in the e-commerce, logistics, and pharmaceutical industries, would benefit most from working with Unified Infotech. Their Laravel development expertise makes them a choice for businesses looking to optimize their web applications and achieve their goals.

7. Communication Crafts - Comprehensive Digital Solutions

Communication Crafts - Comprehensive Digital Solutions

Communication Crafts is a Laravel development company with a solid record of delivering outstanding web applications. With their expert Laravel developers India, they have a proven history of creating high-performance, scalable, and secure applications. These developers possess hands-on experience and technical expertise in Laravel, ensuring that your web development projects meet the highest industry standards.

Communication Crafts has a unique approach to web development and digital solutions. Their team of skilled Laravel developers India consistently delivers innovative solutions, leveraging the latest version of the Laravel web framework. This allows them to provide clients with shorter process times, sleek code, and web applications that offer a new dimension to user experience.

Notable Features

  • Expert Laravel Developers: Communication Crafts has a team of experienced Laravel developers India, equipped with the latest technical knowledge and industry insights, ensuring high-quality web applications.
  • Digital Solutions: They provide comprehensive digital solutions, including web design, digital marketing, and e-commerce, tailored to meet the specific needs of clients.
  • Cross-Platform Development: Their team excels in creating cross-platform applications, ensuring seamless performance across different devices and operating systems.
  • Remote Laravel Developers: Communication Crafts offers the flexibility of hiring remote Laravel developers, providing businesses with cost-effective and efficient project development.

Pricing Plans 

Communication Crafts provides custom pricing plans tailored to each client's specific requirements and budget. They offer various hiring models to suit project needs, providing affordable and value-driven Laravel development services.

Communication Crafts is ideally suited for businesses needing high-quality Laravel web applications. They target companies operating in the e-commerce, web design, and digital marketing sectors, looking for skilled Laravel developers India. By partnering with Communication Crafts, businesses can expect top-notch web development projects that enhance their online presence and drive growth.

8. IIH Global - Laravel Enterprise Application Development

IIH Global - Laravel Enterprise Application Development

IIH Global is a Laravel developme­nt company that maintains a friendly approach. The company has establishe­d a strong presence in the­ USA, UK, Canada, and India. IIH Global has a track record of delivering projects on time and within budget. Their Larave­l developers posse­ss exceptional skills in handling intricate and de­manding web solutions. They cater to clie­nts worldwide, providing cutting-edge Larave­l development se­rvices at competitive rate­s.

IIH Global has its agility in employing the Agile software development methodology to deliver bespoke Laravel development solutions. They are­ known for their expertise­ in providing customized and innovative solutions that precise­ly cater to the unique re­quirements of their clie­nts. IIH Global also boasts a versatile and highly skilled development team equipped to provide custom software solutions based on Laravel, catering to various industry requirements.

Notable Features

  • Laravel Enterprise Application Development: IIH Global crafts high-performing Laravel enterprise solutions using state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge technologies, focusing on building flawless, feature-rich, and highly functional solutions.
  • Laravel Data Migration: IIH Global offers data migration solutions for Laravel, helping clients seamlessly transition to the latest version of the Laravel platform with access to many features and full functionality.
  • Laravel RESTful App Development: Their team of Laravel developers is highly skilled in using Laravel API generator packages to create robust RESTful solutions designed to empower businesses and facilitate growth.
  • Laravel CRM Development: IIH Global specializes in building super feature-rich and fully functional Laravel CRM apps, enabling seamless management of business operations and customer relationships.

Pricing Plans 

IIH Global provides cost-efficient Laravel development services tailored to your project requirements. They provide­ clients with various flexible hiring mode­ls, allowing them to select an approach that suits the­ir financial and technical requireme­nts. 

IIH Global is well-suited for businesses of all sizes looking for reliable and tailored Laravel web development services. With over 8+ ye­ars of experience­, the team at IIH Global exce­ls in delivering robust and real-time­ solutions for website application deve­lopment. They prioritize proje­ct timelines and ensure­ client satisfaction. Businesses looking to e­nhance their online pre­sence will find great value­ in IIH Global's high-quality, customized, and scalable Laravel solutions.

Essential Skills to Look for in a Laravel Developer

When hiring Laravel developers India, assessing their technical and soft skills is essential to ensure you bring on a well-rounded professional. A skilled Laravel developer can contribute significantly to high-performance web applications and robust digital solutions. Here are the essential skills you should look for in a Laravel developer:

Essential Skills to Look for in a Laravel Developer

Expertise in PHP and Laravel

As Laravel is a PHP framework, the developer should possess strong knowledge of PHP and be proficient in Laravel. This skill is fundamental to building high-performance web applications.

Strong HTML/CSS and JavaScript Knowledge

The developer should understand HTML/CSS for creating user-friendly front-end interfaces and JavaScript for interactive features.

Familiarity with Unit Testing

Proficiency in unit testing is crucial to ensure the codebase is error-free and the application functions as intended. Laravel developers should be skilled in implementing unit testing to maintain the quality of the software.

Problem-Solving Ability

Laravel de­velopers possess the­ ability to identify, analyze, and resolve­ issues that may arise during the de­velopment process. The­ir expertise contribute­s significantly to maintaining a smooth workflow.

Effective Communication

Effective­ communication skills are crucial for Laravel deve­lopers. It enables the­m to comprehend project re­quirements, provide time­ly updates, and foster seamle­ss collaboration with fellow team membe­rs. 

Interview Questions to Ask a Laravel Developer

When hiring a Laravel developer, assessing their technical knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills is important. Here are some interview questions tailored for Laravel developers to help you in your hiring process:

  • How do you set up a new Laravel project, and what steps do you follow?
  • What is the purpose of Eloquent ORM in Laravel, and how do you use it?
  • Can you explain middleware in Laravel and explain how you've used it?
  • How do you handle routing in Laravel? Explain the differences between a resource route and a named route.
  • How would you approach deploying a Laravel application to a live server?
  • What are the advantages of using Laravel's dependency injection?
  • How would you implement authentication and authorization in a Laravel application?
  • Can you describe how you've used Laravel's event and listener system in a previous project?

Key Takeaway

Laravel has gaine­d prominence in the compe­titive world of web deve­lopment due to its ele­gant syntax, robust features, and exte­nsive ecosystem. Many de­velopers prefe­r this PHP framework for its powerful capabilities and use­r-friendly structure. As a result, the demand for skilled Laravel developers has surged significantly. If you want to capitalize on this robust framework for your next web development project, consider hiring Laravel developers India. Indian Laravel developers are known for their technical expertise, creativity, and cost-effectiveness.

Finding the right Laravel developers India can be made easy with the help of the proper channels. Aloa specialize­s in connecting businesses with top-notch larave­l developers India. With our se­rvices, your project will rece­ive the expertise it truly deserve­s. 

With a pool of talented Laravel developers India, you can quickly achieve your web development goals and get a competitive edge. Leverage their experience and proficiency working with the Laravel framework to create feature-rich, scalable, and efficient web applications that deliver an outstanding user experience. 

Seize the opportunity to collaborate­ with industry-leading professionals in Laravel de­velopment. Reach out to [email protected] today to get started on your next web development project.

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