12+ Most Popular Real Estate Software Solutions

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Real estate software solutions enable industry businesses and professionals to manage complex operations efficiently. Today, the real estate industry is moving towards a digital transformation, where these software solutions will create a more profitable environment. 

Additionally, these solutions will become the cornerstone of any successful property business.

Aloa has worked with real estate businesses, providing custom software development solutions that keep up with PropTech trends. Our team of experienced professionals can help you identify the best software solution to meet specific business requirements in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Based on our expertise in working with real estate business, we've compiled this blog to give you the top 12+ most popular real estate software solutions on the market today to help you get ahead of your competition. 

From robust CRM systems to comprehensive tenant and lease management tools, there's something for everybody on this list. Afterward, you can make the best decision for your business.

Let's get started!

12+ Real Estate Software Solutions To Explore In 2023

Real estate software solutions have become crucial for modern real estate businesses. These solutions address common challenges in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. Applying the right solution improves management, enhances customer service and increases overall efficiency. 

Here are 12+ real estate software solutions to use in 2023:

Best Overall Real Estate Software Solutions

The best overall real estate software solutions offer customized solutions for every business's needs. These options make it easier to identify where and how to allocate resources while providing a comprehensive insight into managing properties and clients through a seamless platform.

Let's look into the best overall real estate software solutions to consider:

1. Aloa - Managed Custom Software Development Solutions

aloa homepage

Aloa is a managed service provider handling outsourced custom software development for several industries, including real estate and PropTech. Businesses and professionals can use their pool of pre-vetted software developers to create a tailor-made real estate software solution that directly addresses business needs. 

When working with Aloa, you'll work closely with Account Managers who will guide you through the whole process of development. That includes managing your chosen developers, keeping you updated on project progress, and collaborating to ensure everything is on the right track. 

In developing custom real estate software solutions, Aloa can help you address challenges such as managing property operations, tenant and lease management, financial/insurance services, customer service, and comprehensive analytics. The ability to collaborate closely with a team of experts in creating a tailored solution is a great way to get the most out of your real estate business.

2. InsightSoftware - Multifaceted Analytics Software Solutions

insightsoftware homepage

InsightSoftware offers analytics solutions for various industries, including real estate and property management. Their comprehensive suite of solutions also touches on the key aspects of running a business. These include:

  • Tax & Compliance
  • Financial Reporting
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Close & Consolidation
  • Accounting & Treasury
  • Automation & Data Management
  • Operational Reporting & Analysis

These solutions offer valuable solutions for everyday processes and workflow within the real estate industry. Applying them makes it easier for real estate businesses to save time, increase efficiency and reduce errors. The robust financial solutions also enable companies and professionals to improve accuracy and make better decisions. The user-friendly design and interface also make it easier for real estate professionals to navigate the financial aspect of their business while creating a more profitable environment. 

Insight Software integrates seamlessly with existing accounting systems, providing enhanced budgeting, forecasting, cash flow analysis, and financial reporting capabilities. With their expertise, real estate professionals can gain deep insights into their financial performance and optimize their strategies accordingly.

3. Eagle Software - Cloud-Based Real Estate Solutions

eagle software homepage

Eagle Software is a cloud-based real estate solution offering a wide range of options for the industry. Their products include everything from real estate CRM platforms to websites and marketing tools that help businesses grow digitally. 

The platform also provides automated reports for all your marketing activities. It allows you to monitor your data from one dashboard. You can view all this information directly on the go using their mobile or web app. Eagle Software's website and marketing tools are designed to help you get the most out of your online presence.

Real estate professionals can efficiently manage their properties, streamline operations, and foster stronger client relationships, all within a user-friendly interface. Eagle Software also stands out for its robust automation features. Real estate professionals can automate repetitive tasks such as lead nurturing, follow-ups, and lease renewals, saving time and improving efficiency. 

Those looking to enhance their overall competitiveness in the industry can leverage Eagle Software to streamline their operations and improve customer relationships. Melding together industry expertise and a business perspective, each product and solution caters to the unique needs of these businesses, enabling efficient property management, lead tracking, and customer communication.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Search and Listing Software

Real estate industry professionals and businesses use multiple listing service search and listing software to quickly get their properties on the market for clients to view. MLS and listing service real estate tools are the backbones of the industry, providing a centralized platform for real estate agents and brokers to showcase their listings.

Here are a few MLS search and listing options to explore:

4. Crexi - Fast-Growing Real Estate Marketplace

crexi homepage

Crexi focuses on providing users with a fast-growing commercial real estate marketplace, allowing brokers and investors to access the latest listings, research property information, and collaborate with one another. Through its powerful analytics tools, Crexi enables users to analyze market conditions in real time and quickly track changes in pricing or occupancy rates. 

The platform also provides a comprehensive view of asset performance, including cash flow modeling, investment analysis tools, and lease comparisons. The extensive search functionality allows users to access a wide range of commercial real estate listings across multiple asset classes and locations. 

These listings include detailed property information such as photos, floor plans, financials, and leasing terms. With that, prospective buyers and tenants have all the information they need to make an informed decision. At the same time, agents can evaluate opportunities to buy, sell, or lease properties. 

Part of what makes Crexi one of the more popular real estate software solutions is that the platform facilitates seamless collaboration among all parties involved in a real estate transaction, including brokers, buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants. 

Users can securely share documents, track deal progress, negotiate offers, and manage escrow processes, all within the Crexi platform. All these offerings make the platform a huge benefit for commercial real estate brokers, investors, landlords, and tenants seeking an efficient and comprehensive MLS search and listing platform.

5. ProspectNow - Comprehensive Property and Owner Database

prospectnow homepage

ProspectNow covers over 155 million properties and 18 million businesses, making them one of the largest databases for the real estate industry.  They provide comprehensive property and owner data, allowing users to quickly identify and engage with potential targets.

The platform also offers over 200 data points for each property record, including pricing history, details about the current owners, and contact information for more than 3 million property owners. With all this information at their fingertips, real estate professionals can accurately assess trends in their market and identify the best opportunities.

ProspectNow's contact database also makes it easier to quickly connect with property owners and build relationships. Users can easily find contact information for homeowners, landlords, and real estate investors, making them ideal for brokers who need to add more properties to their portfolio.

Lead Generation & Nurturing Software

Lead generation and nurturing software are crucial tools in an industry as fast-paced and competitive as real estate. The most popular real estate software solutions for this should include robust solutions and features that will help agents and brokers capture, nurture and manage leads.

Lead generation software helps identify potential buyers and tenants by collecting data from various sources such as websites, social media, third-party listings, local ads, etc. It then uses this data to create comprehensive profiles for each lead which can be used for segmentation and targeted campaigns.

Let's take a look at the best options for real estate businesses and professionals when it comes to lead generation and nurturing software:

6. LionDesk - CRM Lead Platform for Agents, Brokers, and Teams

liondesk homepage

LionDesk is a comprehensive lead generation and nurturing CRM platform that consolidates crucial solutions such as email, texting, and video texting to better target and engage prospects. Aside from these critical solutions, their CRM platform also offers up transaction management, integrations, and power dialers to streamline the whole process from start to finish.

Users can choose between two solutions: Agents or Brokers and Teams. The Agents' plans focus on providing lead tracking and nurturing solutions that make communicating, staying connected, and closing deals in one place easier. On the other hand, the Boker and Teams options open up a range of features such as:

  • Lead Distribution
  • AI Lead Follow Up
  • Agent activity reports
  • Monitor agent activity
  • Scheduled Emails and Text

These are just a handful of features that make LionDesk one of the preferred solutions for lead generation and nurturing software. The ability of LionDesk to consolidate and streamline all the needed solutions into one platform makes it an ideal pick for real estate businesses and professionals.

7. RealGeeks - Modern Approaches To Lead Capturing and Management

realgeeks homepage

RealGeeks is a powerful platform for real estate professionals looking to grow, nurture, and retain leads using one system. Aside from their comprehensive CRM solutions, they also provide website solutions to ensure businesses and agents have the best online presence possible.

RealGeeks' CRM platform offers a range of features such as lead capture, contact management, lead nurturing, automation, real-time analytics and reporting, and much more. Moreover, they also offer marketing solutions to help businesses and agents build relationships with their clients through engaging content. 

Part of what makes them such a popular real estate software solution is their ability to leverage modern AI technology to streamline lead generation and engagement. Adding together their top-notch CRM approach and ability to guide clients in creating an effective lead-capturing website, RealGeeks is the perfect choice for real estate agents and businesses looking for a powerful platform to grow their business.

8. CoreLogic - Sophisticated Market Reports and Property Valuation Solution

corelogic homepage

CoreLogic specializes in providing the real estate industry with comprehensive market reports and property valuation tools that help professionals make informed decisions. They offer a range of products and services, such as:

  • Property data
  • Auction results
  • Analytics, property insights tools, and more

To accomplish that, CoreLogic applies sophisticated algorithms and predictive models to analyze these datasets to provide accurate and up-to-date property valuations. Their solutions consider property characteristics, location, comparable sales, and market dynamics. 

Using these analytics and machine learning techniques, CoreLogic delivers precise property valuations and provides value to real estate professionals. The detailed marketing reports encompass property sales trends, market forecasts, neighborhood analysis, and economic indicators. These reports assist real estate professionals in understanding local market conditions, identifying investment opportunities, and making informed decisions.

Real Estate Marketing Software

Real estate marketing software is designed to help real estate professionals reach their target audiences, generate leads, and close deals faster. This type of software offers a range of features such as lead capture, automated emails, analytics tools, and more to help users achieve their business objectives.

Incorporating powerful marketing software enables you to engage and connect with potential buyers and tenants more efficiently. Through that, you'll see faster turnaround times on deal closing and a potential for increased ROI overall.

Let's look into today's most popular real estate marketing software:

9. Iconosquare - Connect Social Profiles Into One Dashboard

iconquare homepage

Iconosquare makes it easier to manage and optimize how you use social media platforms by providing a dashboard that consolidates all of your social profiles into one. A consolidated dashboard helps to ensure that you stay consistent in branding and messaging and realize better insights into how your campaigns perform across different platforms.

Iconosquare offers a range of solutions for real estate professionals, such as content planning, analytics, influencer management, team collaboration tools, and more. They also provide an in-depth look into the performance of your campaigns, with visuals that can help you better understand how to optimize them for maximum results.

To top it off, Iconosquare offers detailed social media analytics and reporting tools that can help you understand the impact of each post or campaign on your target audience. This way, you'll be able to identify patterns and insights to help you make better decisions regarding your real estate marketing strategy. All these features, combined with their user-friendly interface, make Iconosquare the perfect choice for a comprehensive social media management solution.

10. Movavi - Simple Content Editor For Busy Professionals

movavi homepage

Movavi offers up content editing solutions specifically tailored to real estate professionals. The platform assists you in creating and managing engaging, high-quality content that will help you attract more buyers and tenants.

Movavi's video editing software is simple enough for busy professionals who need more time or skill set to create professional-looking videos. Their user-friendly tools make creating engaging content such as property videos, walkthroughs, and aerial shots more accessible.

Their platform also offers a range of tools to help you make the most out of your content. Whether retouching photos, adding music, or creating GIFs for social media, Movavi's got you covered.

11. Matterport - Create Stunning Digital Twins

Mattterport homepage

Matterport dives into the PropTech augmented and virtual reality trend with its unique product. It's the only platform that allows you to create digital twins, realistic 3D models of properties that can be explored in virtual reality or through interactive websites.

Creating a digital twin is as simple as taking pictures with Matterport's camera and uploading them onto their cloud platform for easy editing. From there, you can create fully-immersive 3D models of your properties with accurate measurements and stunning visuals. These models can be experienced through VR headsets, or you can simply share them on your website for potential buyers to explore.

Matterport's platform allows real estate professionals to provide life-like experiences to their clients without them having to physically visit the property. It's an innovative technology that can help you stand out from the competition and attract more buyers.

12. Vera Reality - Combine Marketing With a Stunning MLS and Listing

vera reality homepage

Vera Reality is a platform that uses 3D visualization to help real estate professionals market their properties more effectively. They offer up a modern MLS powered by stunning 3D visuals of homes, powerful listing tools, and analytics features.

Vera Reality's proprietary 3D imaging technology produces high-quality visuals that capture your listings' exact look and feel. With that, agents can attract more leads and interest in their properties. The platform also provides tools for creating high-quality virtual tours that can be experienced through multiple devices.

Their platform allows you to join as an agent or independent lister and begin listing properties for sale or rent and generate leads using automated marketing campaigns. They also offer powerful analytics tools that provide insights into user behaviors and trends in the local real estate market. Vera Reality is an excellent platform for agents looking to stand out in their local market.

How To Incorporate Real Estate Software Solutions Into Your Process?

It’s one thing to know what real estate software solutions are available in the market today. Still, it is another to actually incorporate tech in real estate into your business process. The only way you can leverage the benefits these tools have to offer is to understand where in your process they fit in, and how they can help streamline or improve it.

To get started, follow these 5 steps toward incorporating real estate software solutions into your process:

incorporate real estate software into your process

Step 1: Identify Your Goals

Identifying your goals means knowing what you want to achieve and mapping out the processes needed to reach those goals. This evaluation will help you outline where software can help streamline or improve existing processes or introduce new ones.

During this step, uncover where specific real estate software solutions can help improve or speed up processes in your process. Doing so will lay the groundwork for picking the right solutions that fit your business needs. Since there are multiple real estate software solutions, understanding which part of your business requires support enables you to make the most out of your chosen solution.

You don't want to end up integrating marketing software where your needs lie in a comprehensive CRM. Ideally, you'll choose a solution that touches every aspect of your process. However, if you wish to focus on one key factor, ensure the chosen software fits the bill.

Step 2: Research Your Options

Now that you've identified the goals and processes for which real estate software solutions can help, it's time to start researching. There are hundreds of options, so take your time looking into each solution's features. 

This step is essential because it will give you an idea of what exact capabilities you need to look for when selecting a solution. Compare the features of different software solutions and their pricing and customer support. Each software solution in the same category has unique features to explore. 

Some may have a solution more suited to your needs than others. With that, use this step to specify how and why you need such software in the first place. From there, you can set that against a solution's offerings and see what fits.

Step 3: Develop or Start Integrating Your Software Solution

Based on your research in step 2, this step is about developing or integrating the chosen real estate software solution into your process. Depending on how you've identified and prioritized your goals, start by introducing the main solutions before moving on to more detailed tools.

Note that each tool may have its own set of instructions and tutorials, which will help you set it up. Once you understand how it works, you can start to incorporate it into your existing process and align it with the overall goals of your business.

If you're using a comprehensive software platform, like a CRM or transaction management system, take the time to familiarize yourself with each module's capabilities. This is important in helping you understand which processes the software handles and which you will still need to manage manually.

In developing custom real estate software, hiring a professional consultant can prove advantageous during the development and integration phases. Ideally, you'll work with experienced software development teams that can manage the process from start to finish while providing guidance and advice along the way.

Step 4: Monitor The Software Solution's Performance

Successful real estate businesses require efficient technology integration. One such solution is real estate software which helps streamline transactions, templates, and workflow automation. To ensure the system's effectiveness, tracking performance is  a must. 

Tracking metrics can help you adjust the software solution's parameters to better suit your business's needs. Metrics include lead generation, analytics, follow-up, and contact in software. Real estate professionals can benefit from social media and marketing campaigns through the software's CRM capabilities.

Step 5: Refine and Adjust Based On Need

Refining and adjusting a real estate software solution involves gathering feedback from team members and clients, which can help identify areas for improvement. It's essential to refine your use of the software to ensure it's fully integrated into your workflow. 

Evaluating the ROI of the software regularly compared to other available options in the market will also help you optimize its potential. Keeping up with new features and updates to the software can give you an advantage over competitors.

The Future of Real Estate Software Solutions

the future of real estate software solutions

Real estate professionals face several challenges in managing their business processes efficiently. However, with the right technology partner and tools like real estate software solutions, they can streamline their workflows to save time and increase productivity.

These software solutions offer a range of features, such as listing management, lead generation tools, email marketing campaigns, automation capabilities, chatbots for better customer service, and much more. Adopting these tools at the right time in their operations and leveraging them effectively to generate quality leads while nurturing potential clients into full-service customers is key.

Knowing that, there are a few trends to watch out for:

Increased Shift Towards Digitization

The real estate business is going digital fast, with cloud-based solutions getting more popular by the day. Collaboration among team members has become much easier due to this shift. To make better decisions and reduce workload, there's been a surge in artificial intelligence-powered software solutions. These solutions can help streamline operations while helping to identify more business opportunities.

Rise of PropTech Utilization

PropTech solutions are becoming a game-changer as the real estate industry embraces digitization businesses. They include property management software, virtual staging software, and 3D rendering tools that help reduce costs and increase productivity. 

With their ability to leverage AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology, PropTech solutions offer quality leads for real estate professionals. Whether managing contact information or automating workflow processes, these tools streamline operations and improve customer experience.

Fast Paced and Efficient Industry Solutions

Real estate professionals must keep up with the fast-paced industry using efficient software solutions such as InsightSoftware, Movavi, and Real Geeks. With these solutions offering features like lead generation and transaction management, finding one that fits your business needs and budget is essential. Embracing these tech tools will help streamline workflows and generate quality leads for potential clients.

Key Takeaway

Real estate software solutions provide industries with improved workflow automation, customer relationship management, and lead generation capabilities. From AI-powered solutions to PropTech tools, the industry is moving towards digitization quickly, which will help streamline operations while reducing costs.

Part of making the most of these new developments is incorporating them into existing workflows and aligning them with the overall business goals. As such, choosing the right software solution and investing in understanding its features is essential to benefit from its capabilities. This will ultimately lead to efficient operations and increased ROI for real estate professionals.

Diving into real estate software solutions requires an analytical approach with thoughtful consideration. Reach out to [email protected] for more insight into your options and how you can best leverage them for your business. Our team can guide you in making the most of your real estate software solutions and ensure their successful integration into your workflow.

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