10+ Augmented Reality Technology Solution Companies: 2023

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Augmented reality (AR) has emerged as a powerhouse, reshaping how we interact with the world. Industries spanning from healthcare to entertainment have embraced AR to deliver immersive experiences and drive innovation. Augmented reality technology solution companies are revolutionizing industries and experiences. Their impact is seen in the interactivity of mobile applications, the simulations of surgery training, and the blend of virtual and real elements in gaming. 

At Aloa, an expert in software outsourcing, our dedicated team partners with clients to harness the potential of augmented reality technology. We guide businesses in incorporating AR into their strategies through mobile applications, web AR, or virtual reality (VR) solutions. By collaborating with our clients, we create tailored AR experiences that resonate with their audience, elevating engagement and user experience. Our services extend beyond mere technology. We craft experiences that captivate and inspire.

This blog unveils a curated list of augmented reality technology solution companies to watch in 2023. As we explore the industry's leaders and trends, it's evident that augmented reality's journey is just beginning. You'll also gain insights into how startups can enter this dynamic market. Let's witness how these companies continue to shape the future through AR innovation.

Let’s dive in!

11 Best Augmented Reality Technology Solution Companies

Augmented reality technology solution companies are at the forefront of transforming user experiences across various industries. The integration of augmented reality remote assistance in these solutions is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with and support their customers. These companies leverage cutting-edge technology to create immersive and interactive environments that bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms. Among these are offering innovative solutions catering to diverse needs.

1. Videobomb - Best Augmented Reality Technology Solution Company

videobomb home page -- best augmented reality technology solution company

Videobomb, a revolutionary augmented reality technology solution company, is transforming how brands interact with their audiences. Backed by influential investors like Google Music, Sony Music, and country music star Luke Bryan, Videobomb's WebAR platform allows businesses to create digitally immersive experiences without coding. As a client of Aloa, Videobomb has successfully developed and launched an innovative AR application, making brand engagement more interactive and compelling.

Videobomb enhances consumer and product connections. By leveraging augmented reality technology, Videobomb offers a unique opportunity for brands to embed online media into offline experiences, enabling customers to make better-informed decisions.

Notable Features

  • WebAR Platform: Enables flat brand images to transform into rich AR video experiences, augmenting customer interaction.
  • Non-Coding Alternative: Videobomb's SaaS model allows marketers to go live quickly, providing an accessible augmented reality technology solution.
  • Dynamic Real-World Environment: Surfaces video over objects in real-time, enhancing control over messaging and customer experience.
  • Unique AR Activations: Uses computer vision and AR technologies to create interactive experiences upon scanning physical objects.
  • Strategic Partnership with Aloa: Collaborated with Aloa to develop an effective tech stack, including Swift, Node.js, and MongoDB, and to overcome challenges in development and implementation.

Videobomb's Pricing Plan

For companies seeking augmented reality technology solutions companies, Videobomb provides an attractive platform with cost-effective plans. Detailed pricing can be found on their website, offering diverse options to suit various marketing needs.

2. EON Reality - Augmented Reality App Developer Specializing in Education and Industry Solutions

eon reality home page

With over 20 years of global presence, EON Reality has been a dominant player in the AR and VR education and industry solutions arena. The company crafts high-quality augmented reality apps that merge digital content into the real world, delivering superior learning environments and business solutions.

EON Reality's AR solutions offer transformative experiences to users across the globe. They craft their reality apps with advanced image recognition, accelerometer, and gyroscope sensors, ensuring seamless integration of virtual objects into the real-world setting, enhancing both the educational and industrial sectors.

Notable Features

  • Extensive Industry Experience: Over two decades of expertise in AR app development guarantees high-quality reality experiences.
  • AR for Education: Their AR solutions revolutionize learning environments, making education interactive and immersive.
  • AR for Industry: Industry-specific AR solutions help businesses improve operational efficiency and training.

EON Reality's Pricing Plans

EON Reality's pricing plans are meticulously designed to cater to various needs and scales in the AR app development process.

3. Augment - Revolutionizing Product Visualization with AR

augment home page

Augment, an AR enterprise platform, pioneers product visualization, enabling companies to view their products in real-world environments at scale. Their augmented reality app development process utilizes advanced AR SDKs like ARKit and Google ARCore to provide seamless reality experiences on Android and iOS devices. With them, you get an augmented reality app developer who can guide you through the entire process and get the final results you’re after.

Augment's AR apps seamlessly integrate virtual objects into the real world using the smartphone's camera, accelerometer, and other sensors. This allows for immersive product visualization, improving customer engagement and driving sales.

Notable Features

  • AR Product Visualization: Augment allows businesses to visualize their products in real-world settings, enhancing sales.
  • SDK Support: Their AR apps support advanced SDKs like ARKit and Google ARCore, providing high-quality augmented reality experiences.
  • Real-time Visualization: Augment's apps provide real-time product visualization, aiding in effective decision-making.

Augment's Pricing Plans

Augment provides pricing plans tailored to suit the varying scales of product visualization needs in augmented reality app development. To find out more about their augmented reality app developer hiring models, contact their sales team.

4. AR Pandora - Dedicated to Custom AR Applications

ar pandora home page

AR Pandora is an AR-specific development company specializing in creating innovative augmented reality apps. They strive to engage and retain users by blending digital content seamlessly with real-world environments. With their augmented reality app developer teams, you can realize intuitive solutions that work best to fit business objectives.

AR Pandora's reality apps offer immersive experiences by presenting virtual objects and overlays within the user's environment. Whether it's an AR game or an educational application, these apps create exciting, interactive experiences for users on iOS and Android devices.

Notable Features

  • Custom AR Apps: AR Pandora develops custom AR apps tailored to meet specific user requirements and industry needs.
  • User Retention Focus: Their AR apps are designed to engage and retain users, creating long-lasting interactive experiences.
  • Cross-Platform Development: AR Pandora develops augmented reality apps for various platforms, ensuring wide accessibility and compatibility.

AR Pandora's Pricing Plans

AR Pandora's pricing plans are customized to align with the scope of your augmented reality app development project.

5. Hyperlink InfoSystem - Delivering Engaging Apps and Innovative Solutions

hyperlink infosystems home page

Hyperlink InfoSystem, a renowned web and mobile app development company, is known for delivering innovative solutions and engaging AR apps. They harness the power of AR software to bridge the gap between the virtual and real world, fostering unique experiences for users.

Hyperlink InfoSystem's AR apps combine real-world and digital elements, engaging users in immersive augmented reality experiences. Whether it's a game, educational tool, or real estate tour, their apps utilize the smartphone's GPS data, accelerometer, and gyroscope to create an enriched learning environment. Working with their team of augmented reality developer experts makes it easy to create stunning solutions that engage users.

Notable Features

  • Engaging AR Apps: Hyperlink InfoSystem focuses on creating AR apps that are not only innovative but also engaging, ensuring a high user retention rate.
  • Versatile Solutions: They offer AR apps for different needs, from entertainment to education and real estate.
  • Cross-Platform Apps: Hyperlink InfoSystem develops AR apps for Android and iOS devices, ensuring the broad accessibility of their applications.

Hyperlink InfoSystem's Pricing Plans

Hyperlink InfoSystem offers competitive pricing plans tailored to your augmented reality app development needs.

6. Zappar - Interactive Augmented Reality Solutions

zappar home page

Zappar provides a platform for creating AR experiences without extensive coding knowledge. They offer a user-friendly interface and a range of AR tools and services for marketing, training, and educational purposes.

With Zappar's expertise, businesses can create highly interactive AR experiences for iOS and Android platforms. Their developers possess a deep understanding of programming languages like JavaScript, enabling seamless integration of AR functionalities into mobile apps. Zappar's focus on high-quality animation and 3D modeling ensures visually appealing and engaging AR content. Moreover, Zappar's development team has extensive experience creating AR solutions for various industries, including gaming, marketing, and education.

Notable Features

  • Marker-Based and Markerless AR: Zappar excels in marker-based and markerless AR technologies, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable approach for their projects.
  • Interactive AR Experiences: Zappar's developers specialize in creating interactive AR experiences that enable users to engage with virtual content in real time.
  • Extensive Library of AR Tools: Zappar provides a robust library of AR tools and features, including image recognition, face tracking, and gamification elements, enabling businesses to create unique and immersive AR applications.

Zappar's Pricing Plans 

For detailed information regarding Zappar's pricing plans and to discuss specific project requirements, businesses can contact Zappar directly through their website.

7. Marxent - Augmented Reality Solutions for Retail

3d cloud marxent home page

Marxent specializes in creating AR and VR solutions for retail and e-commerce. They develop virtual showrooms, try-on applications, and other AR experiences to enhance the customer shopping experience.

It is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to hire augmented reality technology solution companies to enhance their e-commerce experiences and drive customer engagement. With Marxent's development team possesses extensive knowledge of programming languages like Java and JavaScript, ensuring seamless integration of AR features into retail mobile apps. Furthermore, Marxent's solutions enable virtual try-on experiences, allowing customers to test products digitally before purchasing, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

Notable Features

  • Virtual Try-On Experiences: Marxent specializes in creating AR solutions that enable customers to virtually try on products such as apparel, accessories, and cosmetics, boosting confidence in purchasing decisions.
  • Realistic Product Visualization: Marxent's developers excel in creating realistic 3D models and accurate product renderings, ensuring an immersive and true-to-life AR experience for customers.
  • Integration with E-Commerce Platforms: Marxent's AR solutions seamlessly integrate with existing e-commerce platforms, providing a smooth shopping journey for customers without disruption.

Marxent's Pricing Plans 

For detailed pricing information and to discuss specific project requirements, businesses can contact Marxent directly through their website.

8. Scope AR - Augmented Reality Solutions for Industrial Applications

scope home page

Scope AR focuses on creating AR solutions for industrial and enterprise applications. They offer remote assistance tools, AR training platforms, and maintenance support applications for various industries, including manufacturing and field services.

By hiring augmented reality technology solution companies from Scope AR, businesses can leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline workflows, improve training processes, and enhance productivity. Scope AR's development team possesses a deep knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript and C#, enabling seamless integration of AR functionalities into industrial applications. 

Furthermore, Scope AR's solutions empower businesses to provide remote assistance, perform maintenance tasks, and access real-time information through AR, leading to increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

Notable Features

  • Remote Assistance and Collaboration: Scope AR excels in creating solutions that enable remote assistance, allowing experts to guide field technicians and operators in real-time, reducing travel costs and improving efficiency.
  • Real-time Data Visualization: Scope AR's developers specialize in integrating real-time data and IoT connectivity into AR applications, enabling businesses to access critical information and analytics while performing tasks.
  • Hands-Free AR Experiences: Scope AR offers hands-free AR experiences through wearable devices, such as smart glasses, enabling workers to access information and instructions without interrupting their workflow.

Scope AR's Pricing Plans 

Contact Scope AR through their website for detailed pricing information and to discuss specific project requirements.

9. Blippar - Innovative Augmented Reality Marketing Solutions

blippar home page

Blippar is an AR company specializing in augmented reality advertising and brand engagement. They create AR campaigns and immersive experiences to enhance marketing strategies.

By partnering with Blippar, businesses can leverage their expertise to create immersive AR experiences that captivate audiences and drive brand engagement. With Blippar's high-quality development team, businesses can access programmers skilled in creating AR campaigns for iOS and Android platforms, ensuring widespread reach. 

It is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to hire augmented reality technology solution companies to enable businesses to enhance their marketing collateral by overlaying interactive AR content, such as packaging, print materials, and advertisements. This not only increases brand visibility but also creates memorable experiences for customers.

Notable Features

  • Interactive Brand Engagement: Blippar specializes in developing AR solutions that allow customers to interact with brands through games, quizzes, and personalized experiences, fostering more profound engagement.
  • Image and Object Recognition: Blippar's developers excel in the image and object recognition technology, enabling seamless integration of AR content with real-world objects or images.
  • Social Media Integration: Blippar's solutions facilitate the easy sharing of AR experiences on social media platforms, enhancing brand reach and virality.

Blippar's Pricing Plans

For detailed pricing information and to discuss specific project requirements, businesses can contact Blippar directly through their website.

10. 8th Wall - Cutting-Edge Augmented Reality Development Platform

8th wall home page

8th Wall provides a web-based AR development platform that enables developers to create AR experiences that work on various devices and browsers. They focus on web-based AR solutions for marketing, e-commerce, and entertainment.

By utilizing 8th Wall's platform, businesses can create interactive and immersive AR experiences for iOS and Android platforms. With 8th Wall's high-quality development team, businesses gain access to skilled programmers proficient in developing AR applications with advanced features, such as image recognition, 3D object tracking, and spatial mapping. 

8th Wall's solutions enable businesses to deliver high-performance AR experiences with real-time interaction and seamless integration into mobile apps. Furthermore, 8th Wall's platform supports web-based AR development, allowing businesses to reach a broader audience without needing a dedicated app.

Notable Features

  • Image and Object Recognition: 8th Wall excels in image and object recognition technology, enabling businesses to overlay digital content onto real-world images or objects.
  • 3D Object Tracking: 8th Wall's developers specialize in 3D object tracking, allowing for accurate and stable AR interactions with physical objects.
  • Web-Based AR: 8th Wall's platform supports web-based AR development, enabling businesses to deliver AR experiences directly through web browsers, expanding reach and accessibility.

8th Wall's Pricing Plans 

For detailed pricing information and to discuss specific project requirements, businesses can contact 8th Wall directly through their website.

11. Team Viewer - Augmented Reality Solutions for Workforce Training

teamviewer home page

Team Viewer specializes in creating AR applications for industrial workforce optimization. They develop AR solutions that provide workers with real-time information, instructions, and guidance to improve productivity and safety.

Team Viewer specializes in providing augmented reality solutions tailored for workforce training. It is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to hire augmented reality technology solution companies in the training and development space. Businesses can leverage their expertise to enhance training programs and improve operational efficiency by partnering with Team Viewer. 

With Team Viewer's high-quality development team, businesses gain access to skilled programmers experienced in creating AR applications for iOS and Android platforms. Team Viewer's solutions enable businesses to overlay step-by-step instructions, safety information, and real-time data onto physical workspaces, empowering employees with valuable guidance and information. Additionally, Team Viewer's expertise in wearable technology integration allows for hands-free AR experiences, enabling workers to access information seamlessly while performing tasks.

Notable Features

  • Hands-Free AR Experiences: Team Viewer excels in developing AR solutions that leverage wearable devices like smart glasses. This enables hands-free access to instructions and information for enhanced worker productivity and safety.
  • Real-Time Data Visualization: Team Viewer's developers specialize in integrating real-time data feeds and analytics into AR applications, providing workers with critical real-time information.
  • Customizable Training Programs: Team Viewer's solutions allow for creating customized AR training programs tailored to businesses' specific needs and processes, ensuring effective and targeted workforce development.

Team Viewer's Pricing Plans

For detailed pricing information and to discuss specific project requirements, businesses can contact Team Viewer directly through their website.

How to Incorporate an AR Solution into Your Process

Incorporating an AR solution into your process can transform your business, enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency. Here's how you can leverage augmented reality technology solution companies to integrate AR into your process:

Step 1: Identify Your Needs and Objectives

Understand what you wish to achieve with AR technology. Identifying your goals is crucial to improve customer interaction, enhance product visualization, or augment training modules. Augmented reality technology solution companies can provide customized strategies based on these objectives.

Step 2: Choose the Right AR Technology Solution Company

Selecting augmented reality technology solution companies is vital. A company like Aloa, which offers diverse AR solutions, can tailor the technology to fit your industry needs, whether real estate, retail, or education. Researching and comparing options will ensure a successful partnership.

Step 3: Develop a Comprehensive AR Strategy

Work closely with your chosen augmented reality technology solution company to formulate a robust AR strategy. This includes defining the target audience, mapping the user experience, and selecting the right platforms and devices.

Step 4: Create or Source AR Content

Engaging content is the heart of an AR experience. Collaborate with augmented reality technology solution companies to develop unique and interactive content, such as 3D models, animations, or videos. The content must align with your brand and objectives.

Step 5: Integrate with Existing Systems

Augmented reality technology solution companies can assist in integrating AR into your existing software and processes. This seamless integration will enhance both user experience and workflow efficiency.

Step 6: Testing and Iteration

Thoroughly test the AR solution to meet quality standards and user expectations. Augmented reality technology solutions offer expertise in continuous testing and refinement to ensure the solution is market-ready.

Step 7: Launch and Monitor

Once deployed, monitor the AR solution's performance and gather user feedback. Continuous collaboration with augmented reality technology solution companies will help adapt and evolve the solution per market trends and customer preferences.

Step 8: Compliance and Security

Ensure the AR solution meets legal and regulatory standards. Augmented reality technology solution companies should offer guidance on compliance with privacy laws and intellectual property rights.

Key Takeaway

Augmented reality technology solution companies are driving a revolutionary shift across industries, reshaping how we perceive and interact with the world. These visionary companies are playing a pivotal role in enhancing user experiences and presenting lucrative opportunities for startups to enter the market.

Augmented reality (AR) technology solutions have emerged as a transformative force, offering immersive experiences that seamlessly blend the real and digital worlds. Startups are encouraged to explore the augmented reality market, which presents a ground for innovation and disruption. 

The potential to create groundbreaking AR experiences is limitless. By embracing this wave of technology, startups can tap into a market hungry for novel solutions. The future is immersive, interactive, and waiting to be explored. Contact [email protected] to unlock a world of AR possibilities and guidance.

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