7+ Best Staff Augmentation Services - 2024 (Honest Review)

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Finding a reputable staff augmentation service provider can be challenging because of the overwhelming options available and the time and consultations required. But as a business leader, gaining an edge over your competitors by having access to affordable and skilled talent is highly necessary.

Therefore, working with the right staff augmentation service to help create teams of professionals is crucial to the growth and development of your digital products. By working with the right service provider, businesses can cut costs, skip the protocols of hiring, utilize the expertise of professionals as needed, and have a steady supply of tech talent. All the while retaining control of the project.

To help you find the best staff augmentation services, we've compiled a list of the top eight providers. By the time you've finished reading this, you'll be aware of the services that each of them offers and be able to find the right match based on your company and its needs.

But first, let’s start by looking at the importance of staff augmentation for businesses.

Why Is Staff Augmentation Important?

Staff Augmentation Process

The idea of staff augmentation is that your company can hire more people on a temporary basis to work on specific projects or tasks, and then release them from their duties when the project or assignment is completed.

Staff augmentation can be beneficial for your company because it helps in cost savings, increases productivity, and allows you to focus on your core competencies.

Below are a few key reasons why staff augmentation service is important for your business.

I. Cost Effective

Staff augmentation services provide a practical way to benefit from particular skill sets when the issue of long-term contract payments is eliminated. Therefore, hiring project-specific experts enables you as a business owner to pay for personnel only as needed.

II. Access To Special Skill Sets

Your firm will have access to a sizable workforce group of highly qualified employees thanks to staff augmentation options for IT organizations. Due to increased availability, you can now choose contractors who have the necessary skills for your available task.

III. Hiring Efficiency

You can hire consultants more quickly than full-time employees because thorough interviews and HR engagement are not always required. It bridges the talent gaps and creates an equilibrium between the supply and demand of professional skills effectively and economically.

IV. Assistance With Administrative Operations

Staff augmentation agencies manage payroll, training, and performance-related concerns which help businesses save time, money, and administrative resources. To make sure that project milestones and spending are on track, agencies can also manage project plans, budgets, and resources.

V. Control And Management Sustenance

While your business benefits from the expertise of the companies that supply you, you continue to be in charge of your work and administration. Unlike project outsourcing, which transfers all of your project's operations to a third party.

Parent firms are frequently excluded from project management and execution when projects are outsourced. The staff augmentation model ensures that your company continues to retain control over every decision needed for your projects.

VI. Access To Contemporary Workforce

A fixed personnel network frequently causes ideas and viewpoints for expanding your organization and boosting earnings to stagnate. Newly emerging businesses regularly demand the use of novel and unusual methods to produce results.

Therefore, the advantages of IT staff augmentation providers allow you to interact with the perspectives of a broad group of specialists rather than functioning repeatedly with a box of recycled ideas.

Now that we’ve established the significance of staff augmentation, let’s take a look at the top 8 service providers that can help you with your augmentation needs.

8 Best Staff Augmentation Services For 2024

We have compiled a list of the 8 best IT staff augmentation companies. To find the company that is the perfect fit for your business, look through company profiles, previous clients, and notable staff augmentation projects. As for our top three picks, they are:

  • Aloa - Best Staff Augmentation Service For All Business Sizes
  • BEON.tech - Top Staff Augmentation Service With Great Flexibility
  • Nickelfox - Best Staff Augmentation Service For Elevated Experience

1. Aloa - Top Pick

Aloa homepage

Industry Leader In Staff Augmentation Services

By using a team of outsourcing strategists to hire competent people for your long or short-term projects, we at Aloa help eliminate the risks associated with the process of finding competent staff members.

We encourage the dissemination of accurate information about developers, facilitate good project management, help you choose remote developers who will deliver high-quality products, and make sure your onboarding procedure is simple and efficient.

We offer the following services:

  • Interpersonal interviews
  • Weekly audits
  • Specialized strategies
  • Staff training and performance management

1.1 Interpersonal Interviews

Aloa carries out interviews in hiring project managers, DevOps engineers, developers, designers, and other staff needed to join your in-house team. With our vigorous vetting process, we look out for candidates':

  • Listening skills
  • Behavioral skills
  • Ability to interpret technical concepts
  • Solve technical real-life application problems

1.2 Weekly Audits

Aloa audits your project every two weeks by default to make sure that only the best and latest practices are applied to your projects at all times. We can provide more frequent audits upon request.

1.3 Specialized Strategies

At Aloa, we believe every project is different, therefore every development strategy should also be different. This is why we create development methodologies specially created for your projects, making use of the best development practices.

1.4 Staff Training And Performance Management

Aloa's in-house software developers will constantly work with you to ensure that the recruited staff delivers the best performance possible. We organize training and workshops for the recruited developers, to upgrade their skills and quality efficiency. We also carry out regular feedback sessions with you, to keep track of growing pains, and areas needing our assistance.

2. BEON.tech - Best For Flexibility And Scalability

BEON.tech homepage

Best Staff Augmentation Service For Growing Companies

BEON is a nearshore staff augmentation and software outsourcing company that provides expert team augmentation services. They hire skilled software developers and programmers with exceptional experience and a high level of English proficiency from 20 Latin American nations.

The members of their team are spread across five time zones and two languages: English and Spanish. As a result, an agile environment is created, which is perfect for businesses wishing to grow their workforce.

Engineers, quality assurance specialists, and managers are all available through BEON. Their tech stack includes Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python, .NET, PHP, and many more.

BEON offers three major services:

  • Sourcing
  • Cultural screening
  • Technical interviews

2.1 Sourcing

BEON looks for candidates who meet their standards for great talent in Latin America. With a database of more than 25,000 records, they have already discovered over 700,000 applicants.

2.2 Cultural Screening

To make sure the candidates have the soft skills necessary to head a software development project for a US-based company, their HR staff has organized more than 3,000 interviews that involve an experience check, language skills validation, and psychological test.

2.3 Technical Interviews

A live-coding challenge using the candidates' familiarity with popular frameworks is run by one of BEON's tech leaders. Their team of architects creates tests in

  • Go
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • Ruby
  • Node
  • React
  • Python
  • Angular

Only candidates who score at least 80% on the test pass. Regardless of whether there are projects available, they recruit everyone who makes it beyond this step.

3. Nickelfox - Best For Smooth Transitions

Nickelfox homepage

Staff Augmentation Service Providing Most Personalized Solutions

With a passion for technology and a grasp of business, Nickelfox is an IT staff augmentation company that assists in producing distinctive and personalized solutions.

They can collaborate with organizations and businesses including the United Nations, The New York Times, and MyGov, thanks to their capacity to operate across nine time zones. Over 25 different nations and more than 30 different sectors are served by the Nickelfox team.

Nickelfox offers the following services:

  • Provision of tech-oriented experts
  • Minimal errors
  • On-boarding support
  • Timezone flexibility

3.1 Provision Of Tech-Oriented Experts

Whether you require a mobile app or comprehensive business software, Nickelfox can offer you a team of committed professionals who are skilled at turning a concept into a functional end product in no time.

3.2 Minimal Errors

Nickelfox focuses more on providing clients with mind-blowing experiences and improving their methods per their objectives. Their teams establish various guidelines to increase their output and wow the management team with flawless solutions.

3.3 On-boarding Support

Beginning with the initial business meeting and introduction, they provide exceptional support when onboarding clients and enabling them to go through smooth transitions. Their commitment to quality and expertise in the field are well known. Instead of just finishing the projects, their actual potential lies in the use of the top IT staff augmentation services.

3.4 Timezone Flexibility

The Nickelfox network is not only limited to one or two regions but serves clients from various regions across the globe. They won't let you down with any limitations related to international regions because their personnel are always prepared to function per the needed time zone.

4. Devsu - Best For Speed And Reliability

Devsu homepage

Staff Augmentation Service Ideal For Fintech Businesses

Devsu takes pleasure in cultivating talent to become the greatest in the world and in hiring the top workers from LATAM and the US. Their culture of lifelong learning encourages multidisciplinary talent that is effective, competitive, and passionate and that takes ownership of every product with the same fervor and knowledge.

Their core values involve building long-lasting collaborations, delivering quality services right on time, persevering, and continuous improvement of their practices.

Devsu offers the following services;

  • Hiring high-caliber on-demand talent
  • Flexibility
  • Fast product launch

4.1 Hiring High-Caliber On-Demand Talent

Using a variety of approaches and strict screening procedures, Devsu assists you in finding and funding the most qualified personnel for your project for contract hire or full-time employees. Only those who are competent are hand-picked.

Their team members are highly skilled in a variety of technologies across different industries. They ensure the highest levels of quality staffing in the tech sector through management, constant learning, and the use of the agile methodology.

4.2 Flexibility

They have strong English skills, observe time zones, and build teams that are specific to your market's requirements. Depending on the demand at every point in your product's life cycle, you can scale up or down.

4.3 Fast Product Launch

By using innovative development approaches and spending less time on hiring and onboarding procedures, Devsu guarantees a faster time-to-market launch. Their IT teams and pre-screened professionals are available right away to work on your project or meet your product needs.

5. Devlane - Most Effective Solutions

Devlane homepage

Most Transparent Staff Augmentation Service

The top talent in Latin America is added to their clients' internal tech teams through a staff augmentation methodology. They are experts in data engineering, quality control, blockchain development, and mobile and online development.

Devlane's primary objective is to provide IT and software specialists, but it also covers all of the related areas, including project management, payroll, administration, and legal concerns.

Devlane offers the following services;

  • Candidate screening
  • Onboarding
  • Scaling and maintenance

5.1 Candidate Screening

They introduce you to their best in-house developers or decide whether they need to find a new ideal candidate for you. They also handle the preliminary screening and technical interview, after which you participate in the hiring decision just like an on-shore applicant.

5.2 Onboarding

They begin their work and guarantee a seamless beginning to the engagement. They welcome the team, acquaint them with your business procedures, and introduce the technical account manager who will be in charge of the team working on your project.

5.3 Scaling And Maintenance

Devlane follows up with your executive and in-house development teams frequently to make sure everything is operating as it should. Adjustments are made as necessary to prioritize communication and productivity.

Additionally, they delegate their engineering director to conduct weekly or monthly follow-ups with your team and executives/managers to talk about:

  • Team growth
  • Reverse feedback
  • Assignment Strategies
  • Adaptability to new challenges/technologies

6. Peerbits - Best For Unlimited Development Possibilities

Peerbits homepage

Staff Augmentation Service With Most Flexible Engagement Model

For small enterprises, startups, and large corporations, Peerbits is an offshore staff augmentation firm that provides top-notch IT staff augmentation and dedicated team services.

Over the past ten years, Peerbits, a firm with 180+ employees, has provided services to over 600 clients in over 35 countries. They have a team of committed, knowledgeable, and skillful software developers who have been carefully chosen by specialists. These dedicated software developers complete your project within the allotted time, giving you more control over the operational cost.

Peerbits offers the following services:

  • Resourcing services
  • DevOps services
  • Software development services

6.1 Resourcing Services

Peerbits acts as an extension of your team with their in-house dedicated developers who are knowledgeable in all the latest technologies.

They hire offshore, onshore, and hybrid developers needed for your projects. To reduce costs and provide quality services, they will assist in setting up an offshore development center with a remote development team of software engineers that have been carefully verified.

6.2 DevOps Services

Peerbits offers DevOps as a service to help businesses efficiently provide new features, develop applications more quickly, and maintain deployments more easily. By using the finest DevOps techniques and integrating flexibility, they bridge the gap and ensure fast delivery times.

6.3 Software Development Services

Peerbits works with you to automate business processes, reduce human error to boost accuracy and revenue, reduce expenses, and provide you with the tools to outperform rival businesses. They create custom software that is crafted to your company's requirements and produce quantifiable outcomes.

Their team of professionals guarantees your digital future, comprehends your company's needs, reduces costs, and launches a product with a focus on results. Additionally, they have a group of skilled engineers who can assist you with modernizing your outdated system so that it is more effective and result-driven.

7. Altoros - Most Effortless Knowledge Transfer

Altoros homepage

Staff Augmentation Service Ideal For Cloud-Native Projects

Altoros is a professional software services provider and outsourcing vendor that focuses on offering managed solutions. In addition, Altoros assists businesses in creating a long-lasting competitive edge based on technologies like blockchain, Cloud Foundry, and AI.

The strategic teams at Altoros are made up of highly qualified individuals who support the company's ongoing sustainable growth. Their experts also support the creation of an operating, turnkey solution by offering a variety of training sessions for cloud automation, micro-services, blockchain, and AI.

Altoros offers the following services;

  • Dedicated team management
  • Productivity boost
  • Progress report and management

7.1 Dedicated Team Development

Altoros' onboarding times can last up to 72 hours because they strive to scale up teams quickly to meet your project needs. To achieve your business objectives, they assemble highly effective self-managed dedicated teams of certified software development specialists, QA engineers, and project managers.

7.2 Productivity Boost

They source dedicated software development teams that devote all of their energy to the assignment and help increase productivity. They hire additional engineers in a matter of days or even hours while maintaining complete control over your company’s technology operations. The entire product life cycle will be managed by Altoros experts, who will also react rapidly to changing requirements.

7.3 Progress Report And Management

When you use Altoros, you have complete control over the development and release schedules of your product. To mitigate risks and adhere to deadlines, their committed software development teams use reporting, task monitoring, and tracking tools. Transparency and smooth communication are important to them.

8. Avenga - Most Experienced Team

Avenga homepage

Staff Augmentation Services With The Most Diverse Range Of Solutions

Avenga is a worldwide IT and digital transformation company with more than 20 years worth of expertise in industries like pharma and life science, insurance, and finance. More than 2500 experts work with Avenga, which has offices in Malaysia, Germany, Poland, the United States, and Ukraine.

Avenga’s clients count on them for services ranging from business justification to user journey definition, rapid prototyping, development, and through ongoing solution evolution. They create teams of technical designers to help with your development process and ensure that your conceived vision is delivered on time and within the stated budget while managing risks.

Avenga offers the following services;

  • Cloud services
  • Solution engineering
  • Technological consultations
  • Staffing

8.1 Cloud Services

They help you discover cloud opportunities for your digital transitions to be successful. Additionally, they assist you at every step of your cloud journey, from a strategic vision to a migration plan and industry-level solution architecture design to specialized cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solutions catered to your company's requirements.

8.2 Solution Engineering

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the staffing services provided by Avenga since they are quick, creative, and solution-focused. They use their technical expertise, industry knowledge, and ability to set new standards to design and implement your digital products and put your ideas to life.

8.3 Technology Consultations

The technology consulting services offered by Avenga help your company develop in the areas of contemporary digital transformation environments. They assist you in assessing your opportunities and using the appropriate technological solutions to maximize conversion rates. They can transform your business into a strategy-driven organization that excels at digital innovation.

8.4 Staffing

No matter what your ideas are or the type of digital product you want to create, they will always have suitable staff available when you need them. Whether you need staff augmentation, team leasing, or permanent employment contract requirements, they support you with top-notch IT professionals.


Without a doubt, staff augmentation will help your organization stay competitive in the fight for technical innovation while focusing on its core business. Additionally, you benefit from the operational efficiency of staff augmentation, including less recruitment time and expense, office space, increased flexibility, and productivity.

Businesses that have a short-term need for a particular skill set should consider staff augmentation as an option as well as a necessity. Finding the right business to partner with can be tough, this is why we at Aloa offer consultations and great recruitment services for your projects. Our flexible staff augmentation services ensure seamless integration and guarantee that you always have access to top technical resources.

You can reach out to us for more information by sending us an email at [email protected].

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