7+ Excellent Offshore Dedicated Team Options For 2024

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An excellent offshore dedicated team requires firsthand to handle a business with careful planning and precision. Choosing to elect a dedicated development team to pass the development responsibilities in a company holds a ton of weight. Still, it could offload some of the burdens in developing businesses.

Our team at Aloa has expanded our reach to various offshore dedicated team options, each undergoing careful thought and vetting to ensure our clients receive the best service possible. We empower our partners to share as much information on their desired outsourced development goals and needs to formulate the perfect pair for your company.

This blog post will discuss different excellent offshore dedicated team options businesses can comfortably rely on to outsource their project development. We will also tackle some key skills and interview questions to prepare for while searching for the right offshore dedicated team to hire.

Let's begin!

Best Offshore Dedicated Team Options for 2024

The best offshore dedicated teams can streamline a business's ability to develop software at a consistent and steady output. Choosing to outsource the development process enables businesses on a tight budget to reduce costs on overhead while still gaining access to reliable technicians to guide them on each project step.

Here is our list of the best offshore dedicated team options for 2024:

1. Aloa - Top Pick to Hire an Offshore Dedicated Team

Aloa - Top Pick to Hire an Offshore Dedicated Team

Aloa Offshore Development: On Time, On Budget, High Quality

Aloa is a global leader in helping businesses scale their offshore development teams. Whether you are looking to staff multiple developers or build out a specific product, Aloa ensures that you are working with the best development talent from around the world.

Notable Features

  • Extensive Partner Network: Aloa has vetted 10,000+ software agencies around the globe to identify and hire the best dedicated developer. 
  • Rigorous Vetting Process: Every offshore dedicted developer undergoes a thorough evaluation, ensuring they meet Aloa's stringent quality and proficiency standards.
  • Transparent Performance Reports: Aloa ensures consistent updates on the project's progress and lets clients stay informed and confident with every step.
  • Dedicated Support System: Aloa offers continuous support throughout the software journey, from initial consultations to project completion. We’re here for you.


When hiring dedicated developers, hourly rates tend to range from $40-$80. Hiring on retainer? Let’s chat about monthly discounts. Have a fixed scope of work? Let’s get you a detailed estimation. Schedule a call or reach out to [email protected] for a consultation.

2. KandaSoft - Industry Specialists

KandaSoft - Industry Specialists

KandaSoft pursues long-term partnerships with its clients through end-to-end software development. Software development from various technological industries such as healthcare, tech, real estate, education, and more are all covered by different specialized developers catered to support any project required.

KandaSoft hosts experienced U.S.-based technical managers monitoring the entire development process alongside a capable and vetted offshore dedicated team to ensure steady and streamlined project completion. From software development and quality assurance to support and maintenance, every step of the project plan is monitored and reported at regular intervals.

Notable Features of Working with KandaSoft

  • U.S. Managers: Ensure high-quality workmanship while meeting every regulation and standard with KandaSoft's technical project managers based in the United States. 
  • Economical Approach: Every project step is carefully analyzed, from the number of required software developers to the amount of resources needed to ensure a smooth and consistent production.
  • Multi-Industry Expertise: Have developers ready and able to combat any challenges regardless of the industry and scope of the project with their multi-industry domain expertise.

KandaSoft Pricing Plans

KandaSoft does not offer direct pricing options for their clients. However, companies can directly contact their teams on both the West Coast of the USA and Central Asia for available services. After applying, a personal quotation based on your required project specifications will be received. 

Businesses looking for an offshore dedicated team that can handle projects regardless of scope and size will look forward to working with KandaSoft. Companies can take full advantage of KandaSoft's domain expertise to peer into the industry and formulate custom software that can stand out among the competition.  

3. Your Team in India - Best for Short-Term Development Projects

Your Team in India - Best for Short-Term Development Projects

Your Team in India, also known as YTII, is an offshore development company focused on providing an easy solution to finding a dedicated team of developers and product engineers. Each business has the opportunity to scout and hire from its extensive lists while also having the flexibility to choose its contract periods based on the company's needs.

Flexibility and dedication to following and actively practicing your company's methodologies allow Your Team in India to ensure excellent quality output without sacrificing detail and production. Their developers are all equipped with diversified technical skills, including but not limited to programming languages and tools such as JavaScript, Python, Android, iOS, React Native, Full Stack, and more.

Notable Features of Working with Your Team in India

  • Extension for In-House Teams: YTII allows companies with an already built in-house team of developers to interact and serve as an extension to offload various project tasks.
  • Customized Engagement Models: Take control of costs to the minute detail to ensure low overhead for onboarding and software development. 
  • Simple Replacement Guarantee: Your Team in India allows their clients a quick and hassle-free replacement guarantee if any software developer fails to meet their expectations or standards for no additional costs.

Your Team in India Pricing Plans

Customers interested in Your Team in India's services can directly contact their services through their website. Outsourcing offshore dedicated team options are split into three engagement models to ensure low overhead. The models include an hourly rate, monthly rate, or a fixed-cost project rate depending on the needs of each project, with all models including a development team based in South Asia.

Businesses looking for quick and easy short-term development projects or want an affordable offshore outsourcing method will find that Your Team in India offers the best value for money. The allowance for total control of engagement models alongside following your business' personal methodologies set this company as a prime candidate for ease of use.  

4. BelitSoft - Cloud-Migration and Data Security Specialists 

BelitSoft - Cloud-Migration and Data Security Specialists

BelitSoft is an excellent offshore dedicated team option for companies that want to secure their sensitive data at the highest quality. Whether your business is developing custom software from the ground up or updating pre-built firmware, BelitSoft offers specialists to help outsource the development process with data security in mind. 

The property protection policy of BelitSoft is a critical component to how this offshore development company ensures its clients that contingencies such as Master Service Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Employee Confidentiality Contract are all properly managed and utilized to your full discretion.  

Notable Features of Working with BelitSoft

  • Database Migration: Ensure all crucial data will remain intact while shifting to newer and more advanced software technology for better security and usability for future use.
  • Cloud Modernization: Avoid incompatible integrations and unsupported tech stacks by utilizing cloud modernization methods to bring your software to the new age.
  • Customize or Modernize Software: Companies with pre-existing software can take advantage of BelitSoft's modernization methodologies, or they can opt for a custom-built project from the ground up.

Pricing Plans for BelitSoft

BelitSoft comes with a contact form ready for potential businesses interested in utilizing their services. Their phone numbers are also open for clients in the US, UK, or Israel for a quick, personalized call for additional information.

Larger corporations or enterprises will find BelitSoft's approach to data security, modernization, and cloud-based migration benefits their services the most to ensure long-standing viability with their software. With the inclusion of advanced AI technologies and solutions, businesses can also integrate tools such as AI chatbots and talent management into their systems.  

5. Moravio - Fast Return on Product Development

Moravio - Fast Return on Product Development

Moravio believes that a good business is one that can generate revenue quickly and consistently. This offshore dedicated team option prides itself on understanding each client's niche business models. It paves the way to develop software aimed at utilizing the clear advantages in coordinating a working plan. 

Their quick developer scouting and matching method allows businesses to receive candidate options as early as the next day, which opens up more opportunities to quickly develop each project to completion. Each client also gains a dedicated team leader to leverage all possible industry capabilities and potential using Agile iterative development processes.  

Notable Features of Working with Moravio

  • Ease of Recruitment: Companies can take advantage of Moravio's quick response and hiring process to ensure that your project will always have developers ready for any task required.
  • Big Picture Scalability: Expand your business capabilities to their limits with Moravio's big-picture approach to maximize the growth and scalability of each product development service. 
  • Hands-Free Management: Each client receives a personalized project manager/s to track and manage all aspects of outsourcing, including head-hunting, payroll, real estate, and logistics.

Moravio Pricing Plans

Potential clients interested in Moravio can directly schedule a meeting through their website with their head of business development in the Czech Republic. Otherwise, businesses can directly message their team for any additional clarification or queries needed before discussing services.

Startups or businesses with a heavy emphasis on product development will find Moravio's services to be a great option. Moravio focuses on ensuring quick and stable return on investment by generating positive revenue through its web and product development services. Big-picture planning allows their team and your business to scale better for your industry.  

6. Patternica - Detailed Hiring Processes

Patternica - Detailed Hiring Processes

Patternica understands the need for a reliable offshore dedicated team option. This understanding allows the company to develop a systematic approach to ensure each client hires suitable options for their projects and industry based on their requirements and standards. Each project is also complete with an NDA clause and the right to third-party resources.

Companies looking to hire their offshore dedicated teams can benefit from their full-force approach consisting of highly vetted software developers, quality assurance specialists, DevOps engineers, business analysts, and project managers to ensure a steady development cycle. Also, Patternica offers interested clients an option to include a content writer and a designer in their development team. 

Notable Features of Working with Patternica

  • Detailed Systematic Approach: Each software development project is handled with extreme care, with highly detailed steps to ensure every phase entirely passes before moving forward.
  • Full Team Specialty: Companies can easily rely on Patternica's full offshore dedicated team roster to include every required specialist and service to tackle each project to completion. 
  • Collaboration-Centered Focus: All offshore dedicated team options come with a project manager to ensure complete collaboration between their team and your company to properly achieve all project requirements and specifications.  

Patternica Pricing Plans

Businesses that are interested in their services can contact Patternica directly through their website for queries or information. Their headquarters are based in Western Europe, specifically in Estonia.

Patternica is a fantastic option for small to medium businesses looking to hire a complete and reliable offshore dedicated team option. The increased efficiency of choosing a team that collaborates well in all avenues of the development cycle minimizes the costs and risks of each project. It also allows companies to focus more on scaling the potential of their growth to allow for more complex projects in the future.  

7. Zartis - Software Consultation Experts

Zartis - Software Consultation Experts

Zartis offers reliable software consultation that focuses on innovating product development through a reliable channel of trustworthy experts and developers. Communication and transparency are the main bread and butter of how Zartis can ensure its clients that they will receive the best-dedicated support team required for each project. 

Companies looking to pick and choose the size and scope of their desired offshore development team can utilize Zartis' flexible offshore dedicated team options. Each developer, product engineer, tester, and other members are all designed to follow through only your approval. Every developer under their team is carefully managed and vetted to meet your requirements and standards.

Notable Features of Zartis

  • Custom Team Options: Pick and choose which members you want to operate for your projects. Companies can also select the size and scope to perfectly match the needs to accomplish each task.
  • Software Consultation: Improve your tech strategy and development tactics with dedicated process involvement to ensure each project works beyond projection. 
  • Full Integration: Each offshore dedicated team option has undergone full integration onboarding to handle the methodologies and practices that your company's standards are based on. 

Zartis Pricing Plans

Businesses can get in touch with Zartis' cream of the crop services and teams from Ireland through their website. Users can also choose whether to inquire or hire their developers, software consultation experts, or both. They offer a talented tool of developers from countries like Bulgaria and Romania to other parts of Eastern Europe.

Zartis is a tremendous offshore dedicated team option for companies that are particular with their requirements and needs. Their service takes around 4 to 6 weeks to fully assemble a remote team. Still, a supervisor fully handles each step under your exact approval for maximum control and monitoring.

8. Sunbytes - Bilingual Dedicated Teams

Sunbytes - Bilingual Dedicated Teams

Sunbytes is an outsourcing company that focuses on ensuring customers from around the globe have the opportunity to experience hiring top-of-the-line developers. The focus on a global approach allows Sunbytes to choose IT experts who are all trained to handle international culture while also being able to communicate in languages such as English, French, Dutch, and Vietnamese.

Companies on the lookout for an offshore dedicated team that can provide long-term reliability are guaranteed to have software developers who are routinely trained for any new technological advancements. Sunbytes offers more opportunities for businesses to focus on administration and scaling. At the same time, all daily management systems are cared for with no additional expense.

Notable Features of Sunbytes

  • Bilingual IT Experts: Have the benefit of prime multilingual IT experts to ensure the best capacity for your company with internal focus goals.
  • Full-Time Equivalent Developers: Spread each hired developer to tackle multiple fronts on every project development with their full-time equivalent skills and flexibility.
  • Tailored Team Solution: All team members are fully equipped to work precisely on the strategies and goals set by your company.

Sunbytes Pricing Plans

Sunbytes offers a direct method for interested clients to contact their services through their website. Their services extend not only to larger corporations in North America, like the United States and Mexico but also to further regions, such as Australia and Argentina.

Companies looking for an outsourcing company that prioritizes an international approach to business and software development will find Sunbytes' goals align with theirs. A well-versed and highly-trained suite of software developers from countries like China, the Philippines, and Vietnam can offer fresh concepts and ideas that stand out from others in the industry.

Key Skills to Look For in an Offshore Dedicated Team

An offshore dedicated team can drastically lower overhead costs while relying on dependable members to complete projects based on your business needs. However, an essential component of selecting an offshore team is ensuring they can justify the qualifications and skills your company needs. 

Here are some key skills to look for in an offshore dedicated team:

Key Skills to Look For in an  Offshore Dedicated Team

Technical Skills

Software developers are well-versed in ensuring that any technical projects can be accomplished in a quick and efficient manner. Dedicated teams offer businesses the opportunity to swiftly make a choice to fill any gaps needed in the development front of their software while also improving any vulnerabilities and functionalities found in the system.

These are the technical skills that should always be in an offshore dedicated team:

End-to-End Development Skills

An offshore dedicated team would typically process and handle the entire software production of a company. It's crucial that every avenue of development remains consistent throughout. Take the time to carefully consider each team member to ensure that each developer carries their weight to ensure the end-to-end development can avoid potential issues.

Sufficient QA and Testing

Quality assurance and testing is often the final step when developing custom software. However, this step of production requires careful precision and fine-tuning to ensure that all bugs, glitches, and vulnerabilities are covered and tracked to minimize potential risks. Make sure to request performance data metrics and reports to guarantee smoothness and responsiveness in your program.

Proficiency in Tech Stacks

Offshore dedicated teams will require the usage of multiple tech stacks. Hiring developers with deep proficiency in utilizing different tech stacks and programming languages will allow for more creative solutions to improve software. Integration with other helpful business tools can also aid companies in scaling their system to other platforms.

Soft Skills

Technical proficiency is only one avenue when hiring an offshore dedicated team. Critical soft skills also make the team operate smoothly with the business end of development. Better teamwork and collaboration can mitigate potential errors and help paint a clearer picture of the overall business strategy of a company.

Watch for these essential soft skills that all offshore dedicated teams should have:

Clear Communication

Hiring offshores will always pose the risk of running through language issues, which can drastically hamper production quality and waste time. Ensure that the outsourcing company your business decides to partner with has a team with the necessary skills to effectively communicate in your language and clearly understand cultural differences during development.

Time Management

Onboarding an entire dedicated outsourced team opens up more chances for businesses to develop software at a much quicker rate. But before you start hiring a large number of developers to speed the process, take the opportunity to ensure that each member pulls their respective weight and that all tasks and goals are met on time. 

Team Collaboration

A whole offshore dedicated team would require constant collaboration with each developer and the company that hired them. A team-based work ethic must be a factor in their work quality to ensure that every component of the project development is streamlined with minimal issues.

Key Takeaway

An offshore dedicated team is a fantastic option for businesses to reduce costs while minimizing the daily onboarding management, setting wages, and scouting. Companies looking to draft custom software ideas can easily discuss with a reliable outsourcing business to create a team capable of a complete end-to-end development process.

If your business is ready to start hiring its own personal team in 2024 of competent offshore software developers, contact us at [email protected] to learn more. 

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