Maze Software Review: Features, Details, And Pricing

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Creating a solid process for user experience (UX) research is the best way for startups and product development teams to objectively analyze user feedback. There are a handful of great tools that provide outstanding solutions and products for user research. One of the most popular and widely used tools is Maze user research software, a comprehensive platform for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data about user experience (UX).

Maze provides users with several features that make it easy to gather user research efficiently. It has an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly get started. Its software solutions also provide users with an all-in-one platform for quantitative and qualitative research on the web, mobile, and desktop applications.

So, if you're in the market for reliable and feature-rich user research collection software, Maze has plenty to offer. Let's look at the features, details and pricing of the Maze User Research Software. After reading through, you'll better understand whether Maze is the right choice for your user research needs.

What is Maze?

Maze is a user research software that helps teams collect, organize, and analyze user research data. It's an all-in-one platform for conducting quantitative and qualitative research on web, mobile, and desktop applications. 

With Maze, you can quickly create surveys, conduct interviews, test experiments, and measure usability with metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score). The software also allows users to integrate with existing tools such as Figma, InVision, Jira, Slack, and Zapier.

As one of the more highly rated user research tools, Maze enables startups, innovators, and product developers to turn prototypes into actionable measures with the help of accurate world testing. Product prototypes that use Maze to collect user research achieve two primary objectives:

  1. Maze aids product development teams and starts to gain more accurate data and create a better user experience.
  2. Maze aids users in developing comprehensive and detailed analytics and reports based on user feedback.

Testers are various real-world users that provide instant feedback on your prototypes. Reports are then generated based on that feedback to gather data. Both steps are essential in getting validation on the design in question. 

Most designers rely on intuition to drive their decisions. Still, with Maze, they can make informed decisions backed by accurate data. Creating these user tests is extremely simple and can be automatically customized for each user's experience.

Use Cases

Maze's solutions and products for user research collection and prototype testing span industries. Product developers can use a suite of options to conduct in-depth user research or customize their own. Some of the most common use cases for Maze are:

  • User Journey Mapping
  • A/B testing
  • Feature and usability testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Pre-release product testing
  • Usability benchmarking

These use cases let user research teams create and streamline their process and create better products faster. The comprehensive surveys and user feedback also enable teams to gather qualitative data through interviews with real-world users. With that, testing out experiment hypotheses regarding prototypes becomes a breeze. What's more, Maze integrates with other popular product development tools like Figma,

Maze User Research Features

Maze comes packed with a handful of solutions and products directly supporting product development, prototype testing and user research data collection. These features help researchers to test various ideas quickly and easily without worrying about the technicalities involved in each process. 

Maze is a great UX research tool because it is fairly easy to use and set up. Users can use the streamlined set-up process to quickly and easily create surveys, interviews, experiments, and tests. Custom metrics can be used to measure the results of these activities for a more comprehensive view of the data.

The platform also has an intuitive dashboard allowing users to track their research progress in real-time. This gives teams visibility into the user feedback loop from start to finish. Here are the main proponents that user research teams can use during product development:

Wireframe and Usability Testing

Wireframes and usability testing are important parts of the development process. Maze enables teams to quickly test prototypes with real-world users to validate ideas and recognize issues before they become a problem.

With Maze, user research teams back up their design decisions with evidence-based feedback from real-time user interactions with their prototype. The data gathered can then be easily condensed and reviewed for enhanced product development decisions. Maze's solution for wireframe and usability testing also works well with products such as:

  • Video recordings
  • Participant management
  • In-product prompts 

These products enable teams to understand user behavior and preferences. This helps product developers gain insights into how users interact with their prototype product and make improvements quickly.

Maze also offers detailed templates and custom surveys for conducting usability tests. The user research data gathered from these surveys can then be further analyzed to understand what works and what does not in the prototype.

Concept and Idea Validation

Ideas and concepts are the backbones of product development. With Maze, teams can validate their ideas quickly by validating them with actual users. Through surveys, interviews, and user-testing experiments, they can get real-time feedback on how their concept works and where it needs improvement.

In addition to this idea validation process, Maze also provides a detailed set of analytics and metrics to measure the success of their experiments. This data can then be used to make informed decisions about product development and fine-tune prototypes. UX research teams can also use a product such as:

  • Tree testing: to identify user flows and optimize navigation
  • A/B testing: to compare different versions of a prototype
  • Heat mapping: to understand user behavior
  • 5-second tests: quickly get feedback on product design and usability

Done right, Maze's solutions for concept and idea validation can help teams create a product that addresses user pain points and ensure a smooth user experience.

Content and Copy Testing

Aside from product prototype testing, Maze also includes solutions and products that target the marketability of a product. Content and copy testing helps teams to ensure that their messaging is clear and effective for users.

Maze's content and copy-testing feature provides qualitative data on how users interact with a product's written materials. This includes evaluating user responses to the content's look, feel, wording, clarity, tone, and value. It aids in mapping user journeys, identifying potential design issues, and finding areas of improvement about the user experience.

Product design teams and startups can use the following products to streamline their content and copy-testing process:

  • Card sorting: to optimize the information architecture of a website or product
  • Survey Creation: to quickly create surveys to understand user needs
  • Text Analysis: to analyze existing content and copy for improvements

Aggregating the data from content and copy testing, user research teams can ensure their product's success by providing users with a streamlined journey in discovering, learning, and using their products.

Maze Pros And Cons

From gathering quantitative data on product performance to providing detailed metrics and reports, Maze gives teams the tools to stay ahead of their competition. However, teams need to be aware of some potential drawbacks to this software.

Maze Pros Cons
Source: Aloa

Aggregating the pros and cons, Maze is a more than comprehensive solution for most user research teams looking to gain deep insight into their user's interactions with a product. However, it's best for teams to thoroughly outline their needs before using solutions like Maze to ensure they are getting the most value out of the product. 

Maze Price Plans 2023

Maze offers 3 pricing tiers, all of which offer annual or monthly subscription options. Ideally, individuals, freelancers, small research teams, and startups can benefit from starting with the free plan. 

Exploring Maze's capabilities and usability in terms of specific user research teams' needs can help them decide if they should upgrade to a tiered plan. Here is a quick breakdown of each plan:

  • Free: Ideal for individuals and research teams looking for light research to support product development. 
  • Professional ($99 month or $75/month billed annually): Ideal for startup product development teams who want to increase their user research capabilities.
  • Organization (Custom pricing): Best for enterprise-level teams who require a large amount of user research data on multiple projects.

Reviews and Recommendations

Breaking down the core solutions and product offerings Maze has, it's easy to see why so many user research teams have praised it. From its intuitive interface and comprehensive analytics suite to its flexible pricing model and detailed reports, Maze is a great option for any team looking to stay ahead of its competition in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Overall Rating

As a user testing platform, Maze offers tools that help prototype development teams test and improve their products. It helps prototype development teams test and improve their products by running user tests on prototype versions. The testing can help identify usability issues and make the product easier for real users. Here are a few aggregated rates of Maze across 3 software review sites:

Maze Product Score Card
Source: Multiple

The main proponent that makes Maze such a highly rated UX research tool is its comprehensive analytics suite and flexible pricing model. The ease of use and set-up makes it an ideal choice for smaller research teams and businesses that do not want to invest too much in an external team of user researchers. With its range of features and pricing options, Maze is a great choice for any product design team looking to stay at the forefront of the user experience industry.

Maze Alternatives

Maze is not the only user research software tool on the market. Some popular alternatives include Optimal Workshop and Userlytics. Both of these platforms offer similar features, but differences should be considered before making a decision. 

Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop carries a suite of products and solutions for startups and innovators looking to expand their user research capabilities and bring them into the modern-day market. Optimal Workshop was built with digital product designers and developers in mind, giving them the power to analyze data from user research across multiple stages of development.

As a user research collection tool, it stands out as being able to provide users with add-on products to their solutions. Users can easily choose which products to apply to their research without being bogged down by unnecessary features. While the base solution gives users enough tools, the additional products supplement specified research for collecting a certain data set. 

Optimal Workshop Score Card:

Optimal Workshop Scorecard
Source: Multiple

Optimal Workshop Pricing Plans:

Optimal Workshop offers up four pricing tiers based on the scale and potential scope of your user research requirements:

  • Free: Ideal for individuals and solo entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their user research process.
  • Pro ($249/month): Best for freelance and small development teams looking for a more comprehensive user research tool set.
  • Team ($249/month): Ideal for small research teams handling multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): Best for scaling teams looking to quickly grow their capabilities in releasing new products. 


Userlytics is a user research platform designed for startups and innovators who must collect qualitative and quantitative data on their products. As one of the most comprehensive solutions available, it provides users with everything they need to understand customer needs and behaviors. 

It's safe to say that Userlytics offers another comprehensive solution for startups and product developers looking to diversify or build their processes in collecting user research. With an all-around tool like Userlytics, developers can focus on applying their research results more quickly rather than spending valuable time on analysis and organization. 

Userlytics Score Card:

Userlytics Scorecard
Source: Multiple

Userlytics Price Plans: 

Compared to Maze and Optimal Workshop, Userlyrics does come at a hefty price point; their starting price is $499/month, billed annually for 2 account seats and unlimited participants. Though a high price point, it serves as an all-encompassing user research collection platform that medium to large startups or businesses can use. Here is a quick breakdown of the price options: 

  • Premium ($499/month billed annually): Ideal for small research teams with around 5-10 people.
  • Advanced ($999/month billed annually): Ideal for research teams of 10-15 people seeking in-depth user research for multiple product development projects.
  • Enterprise (starts at $3,450/year): Best for large product development teams who require user research often and consistently.
  • Custom: Ideal for user research teams with varying needs.


Maze user research software is a boon for product teams looking to do user research on the go. It's easy to use, doesn't require advanced computer skills, and enables you to conduct user research in minutes. It's also affordable and customizable, allowing you to design your user research process accordingly. 

If you want to know more about the best tools to collect user research, read more on our blog and access our free startup resource list for a full suite of options that can help you make the right decision.

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