Top 7+ Insurance Software Solutions to Explore: 2024 Guide

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The insurance industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and digital transformation. Keeping up with this changing landscape, insurance agencies and brokerages must leverage insurance software solutions to streamline their operations, improve customer service, and stay competitive.

At Aloa, our commitment to delivering valuable recommendations is grounded in our deep involvement in the CRM industry. With our team's expertise, we aim to provide industry insights about building the best insurance CRM software. Assured by our proven and tested experience in the insurance industry, insurance agencies can ensure to learn the curves of custom software development solutions necessary for their success in 2024.

This guide will explore the top insurance software solutions for agencies and brokerages to consider in 2024. These solutions offer a range of features, including policy administration, customer service, and lead management, to meet the specific needs of insurance companies. Afterward, you will be well-equipped to know the best insurance software solutions for your agency and what are the essential features of it to look for.

Let's dive in!

Top 8 Insurance Software Solutions for Agencies and Brokerages 2024

Insurance software solutions are dedicated tools insurance companies utilize to oversee interactions with clients and potential customers. It consolidates customer data, policy details, communication history, and sales pipelines. This enables agents to monitor leads, manage policies, and automate communications, enhancing marketing endeavors.

Using functionalities such as lead management and analytics reporting, insurance software solutions elevate customer satisfaction, amplify sales efficiency, and foster business expansion. Fine-tuning engagement and retention also empowers insurers to provide personalized service, recognize cross-selling prospects, and cultivate enduring relationships with policyholders.

Let’s explore the top 8 insurance software solutions for agencies and brokerages in 2024.

1. Comarch- Dedicated R&D-Focused Insurance Software

Comarch R&D focused insurance software.

Comarch, with 30 years of industry expertise, is a Polish-based company headquartered in Krakow. With a global footprint, it is supported by 6500 skilled professionals, including programmers and economists from top universities. The company has a dedicated R&D department, high analyst ratings, and operates custom data centers in Poland and Germany, providing services like SaaS and Managed Services.

Notable Features of Working with Comarch

Working with Comarch offers several notable features that can benefit insurance software agencies and brokerages. Here are some key highlights:

  • High IT Analyst Ratings: Recognized by IT analysts such as DiS, Gartner, IDC, and Truffle 100.
  • Custom Data Centers: Operating custom data centers in Poland and Germany, offering services in various models, including SaaS and Managed Services.
  • Diverse Industry Verticals: Serving various industry verticals, including telecommunications, airlines & travel, banking & finance, retail, oil & gas, healthcare, public administration, and small & medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Specializations: Expertise in ERP business management systems, information security, CRM and sales support systems, electronic communications, network infrastructure management, IoT solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence.

Comarch Pricing Plans

Choose the pricing model that best suits your needs with Comarch Cloud Engine, offering options like Save with Reservation for up to 30% annual cost reduction or Pay-As-You-Go for flexible, pay-as-you-use billing. Additionally, explore volume-based discounts with Save with Large Capacity or opt for cost-efficient Managed Services billing based on actual resource consumption.

2. Ringy- Premier Insurance Solutions

Ringy- Premier Insurance Solutions

Ringy, a communication-focused CRM, effortlessly empowers sales teams to turn calls into customers with its automated sales platform. Offering 24/7 customer service, unlimited contacts, and a user-friendly design, Ringy positions itself as a comprehensive and accessible solution. With upcoming features like the Power Dialer and seamless integrations, it ensures businesses have the tools they need to succeed in a competitive insurance software market.

Notable Features of Working with Ringy

Working with Ringy provides insurance software agencies and brokerages with several notable features to improve their operations. Here are some key highlights:

  • Integrated VoIP: Built-in VoIP softphone with progressive dialing, click-to-call, instant alerts, automatic call logs, and recordings for efficient communication.
  • Complete Contact Visibility: Gain insight into prospect relationships with a comprehensive view of their history for more personalized interactions.
  • Power Dialer (Coming February 1, 2024): Enhance calling capabilities with customizable lead statuses, routing rules, a complete dashboard, campaign creation, and one-click meeting scheduling.
  • Remote Sales Support: Features designed to support remote sales teams, ensuring efficient collaboration and communication.
  • Sales Automation: Effortlessly manage sales processes, allowing more time for your team to focus on business generation.

Ringy Pricing Plans

Ringy offers a cost-effective pricing plan for its feature-rich service:

Ringy Pricing Plans
  • Basic Plan: Priced at $109/month, this plan includes CRM, Cloud VoIP Softphone, Click-to-Call Dialing, Lead Management, Reports + Analytics, Call Recording, SMS + Email Automation, Campaigns, Sales Pipeline, Agent Coaching, Free Inbound SMS and Calls, and Free Unlimited Video Meetings.
  • Power Dialer Add-On (+$70/month): Offering unlimited voice minutes, call recording, voicemail drops, and video conferencing & screen sharing, this plan is priced at $70/month.
  • Additional Add-Ons: For additional add-ons, Ringy offers Call Scripting and AI Tools priced at $10 each monthly.

3. RadiusBob- All-in-One Insurance Agency Solution

RadiusBob- All-in-One Insurance Agency Solution

RadiusBob is a comprehensive Agency Management System designed to meet the needs of insurance agencies. It combines lead, client, and agent management in a single platform, eliminating the necessity for multiple systems and reducing overall software expenses. With features such as sales automation, marketing automation, and an integrated VoIP solution, RadiusBob offers a streamlined and efficient solution for insurance agencies seeking organizational simplicity and effectiveness.

Notable Features of Working with RadiusBob

Working with RadiusBob offers several notable features that can benefit health insurance agencies. Here are some key highlights:

  • Seamless Integrated VoIP: Enhance communication experiences with an integrated VoIP solution, improving client interactions and internal collaboration.
  • Unified Lead, Client & Agent Management: Consolidate lead, client, and agent management processes into one unified system, eliminating the need for multiple tools.
  • Integrated VoIP & Call Center Solution: Benefit from an integrated VoIP and call center solution that provides a comprehensive communication platform for your agency.
  • Comprehensive Agency Management Plan (AMS): Explore advanced features like a Full Dialer with Compliance Guidelines, Goal Setting, Executive Reports, Advanced Commissions, Document signs, and more with the AMS plan.
  • Upgrade Flexibility: Check out Basic Plans for introductory rates, with the flexibility to upgrade anytime to meet evolving agency needs.

RadiusBob Pricing Plans

RadiusBob offers competitive pricing plans for health insurance agencies tailored to their needs and budgets. Here are all the basic plans to choose from:

RadiusBob Pricing Plans
  • Agent: Catering to a single user, this plan costs $43 per month and includes features such as managing leads and clients, automated workflows, commissions and overrides, sending text messages (2,000/month), unlimited file storage, screen sharing, custom reporting, and email marketing.
  • CSR: Priced at $86 per month, it accommodates 2 users and encompasses all the features included in the Agent plan.
  • Broker: Giving access to up to 5 users, this plan is priced at $190 per month and encompasses all the features available in the Agent (Basic) plan.
  • Agency: This plan is priced at $380 per month, accommodating 10 users and encompassing all features available in the Agent (Basic) plan.

4. AgencyBloc- Your Ally in Seamless Insurance Operations

AgencyBloc- Your Ally in Seamless Insurance Operations

AgencyBloc empowers health, benefits, and senior insurance software agencies with robust, industry-specific solutions. It offers powerful tools, including AMS+, for streamlined customer service, comprehensive policy management, and retention-focused workflow automation, from sales to quoting to servicing. 

Trusted by organizations experiencing significant growth, AgencyBloc delivers accurate results, including a 40% increase in the book of business and substantial time savings in commission processing and report generation. 

Notable Features of Working with AgencyBloc

Working with AgencyBloc offers several notable features that can benefit life insurance agencies. Here are some key highlights:

  • Insurance-Specific Solutions: Tailored solutions for health, benefits, and senior insurance agencies, GAs, IMO/FMOs, call centers, and carriers.
  • Actual Results: Demonstrated success with industry-specific solutions, including a 40% increase in the book of business and significant time savings in commission processing and report generation.
  • The Plus Suite: Comprehensive solutions covering sales enablement, client and policy management, compliance management, quoting and proposals, and commission management.
  • AMS+ (Agency Management System Plus): An all-encompassing sales and servicing management solution designed for efficiency, increased sales, and improved client retention.

AgencyBloc Pricing Plans

Empower your organization with the comprehensive and scalable suite of solutions AgencyBloc offers. Plans start at $105/month, providing tailored options to meet your unique needs. You can choose from the following:

  • AMS+ (Agency Management System Plus): A scalable agency management system with industry-specific CRM, integrated VoIP, and marketing tools.
  • Commissions+: Robust commission management based on transaction volume, offering customizable features and accurate reporting.
  • Quote+: Streamlined quoting for group health insurance with features like digital health questionnaires and customizable proposals.

5. Vertafore- Navigating Insurance Management with Precision

Vertafore- Navigating Insurance Management with Precision

For over 50 years, Vertafore has stood as a leader in modern insurance software technology, delivering state-of-the-art InsurTech solutions that streamline the entire insurance distribution channel. Their mission is to simplify and automate the insurance lifecycle, enabling customers to concentrate on what truly matters. With a vision for a simpler, smarter, and more human insurance distribution, Vertafore is dedicated to empowering independent agents, carriers, and MGAs for sustained success.

Notable Features of Working with Vertafore

Working with Vertafore provides insurance agents and brokerages with several notable features to improve their operations. Here are some key highlights:

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Vertafore invests in independent agencies, carriers, and MGAs, serving over 21,000 agency customers, forming 50+ association partnerships, and collaborating with 1,300+ carrier partners.
  • MGA Transformation: For MGAs, Vertafore provides transformative technology, recognizing their unique role as specialization experts and market-makers for carriers.
  • Strategic Partnership: Vertafore's acquisition by Roper Technologies in 2020 signifies a long-term vision shared with a valued partner, shaping the industry's future.

Vertafore Pricing Plans

Vertafore offers a suite of best-in-class InsurTech solutions to streamline the insurance distribution channel. Tailored to various agency sizes and needs, their pricing starts at $150/month for the Agency Management System (AMS+), ensuring a scalable and health-specific CRM. With a focus on simplifying the insurance software lifecycle, Vertafore's solutions empower users to enhance efficiency and focus on core priorities.

6. HawkSoft- Smart Insurance Solutions

HawkSoft- Smart Insurance Solutions

HawkSoft's Insurance Agency Management System is your agency's invaluable asset, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting sales. With intuitive policy management, process standardization, and powerful automation, HawkSoft sets itself apart in the competitive insurance software industry. It provides a comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating tasks, reminders, document management, and accessibility across devices, empowering your agency for growth and success.

Notable Features of Working with HawkSoft

Working with HawkSoft's Insurance Agency Management System provides intuitive policy management, efficiency gains, and sales enhancement. This empowers independent insurance agencies with a streamlined and error-free workflow. 

Here are some of its notable features:

Notable Features of Working with HawkSoft
  • Intuitive PL and CL Policy Management: Provides a user-friendly platform for managing both personal and commercial lines of insurance software policies.
  • Automation and E&O Mitigation: Automates documentation processes, minimizing errors and mitigating risks associated with Errors & Omissions (E&O).
  • KPI Reporting and Analytics: Keeps Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) upfront with easy-to-use reporting and analytics features, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Efficient Policy Management Automation: Automates policy management tasks for both personal and commercial lines, incorporating carrier downloads, ACORD Form prefills, submission tracking, and HawkLink tool for policy data autofill.
  • Document Management and E&O Reduction: Stores policy-level documents, allowing easy drag-and-drop functionality. Its Virtual Printer is an all-in-one tool for creating and sharing attachments, contributing to E&O risk reduction.

HawkSoft Pricing Plans

HawkSoft provides a transparent pricing model featuring a flat base fee combined with a user fee of $94 per user per month. This comprehensive plan includes critical features such as P&C policy management, automated documentation, E&O mitigation, task management, reporting, sales pipeline tools, accounting, and commission tracking. 

HawkSoft's commitment to fair pricing excludes minimum-length contracts, early termination fees, and artificial introductory offers, ensuring a transparent and valuable solution for insurance agencies.

7. Ebix- Streamlined Insurance Operations

Ebix- Streamlined Insurance Operations

Ebix, a global leader in insurance software technology, delivers on-demand infrastructure exchanges and SaaS solutions to the insurance, financial, and healthcare industries. With over 50 years of experience, Ebix offers a comprehensive portfolio covering property and casualty, life and annuity, health, employee benefits, CRM, and risk management. Their commitment to quality, measurable results, and a "Phygital" strategy, combining physical and online channels, positions Ebix as a powerhouse in insurance and financial transactions worldwide.

Notable Features of Working with Ebix

Ebix offers a complete solution for insurance software, supporting policy administration, billing, and customer service. Here are some of its notable features:

  • Comprehensive SaaS Solutions: Specializing in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Ebix provides enterprise solutions, including CRM, front-end & back-end systems, and outsourced administrative and risk compliance.
  • Phygital Strategy: Integrates 320,000 physical distribution outlets in Southeast Asian Nations with an Omni-channel online digital platform.
  • EbixCash Financial Exchange: A leading portfolio encompassing domestic and international money remittance, forex, travel, pre-paid & gift cards, utility payments, lending, and wealth management.
  • Extensive International Presence: With 50+ offices across multiple countries, including the USA, Australia, Brazil, and Canada, Ebix powers exchanges in life, finance, health, and property & casualty insurance.
  • Market Expertise: Addresses strategic requirements across property & casualty, life and annuity, health, employee benefits, CRM, risk management, and more.

Ebix Pricing Plans

Tailoring pricing plans to meet the insurance industry's unique needs, Ebix strives to lower costs and enhance insurer workflows. Their solutions facilitate efficient management of new business and underwriting processes, catering to the specific requirements of insurance companies, agents, and brokerages. 

With a pricing model emphasizing competitive advantage and business process management, Ebix offers a comprehensive approach to financial management in real time while aligning with industry standards such as IFRS and Gartner's recommendations for BPM. To learn more about their specific rates, visit their website and fill out their form.

8. Bluemind- Flawless Operations, Superior Results

Bluemind- Flawless Operations, Superior Results

BlueMind redefines advisory with a robust CRM system featuring automated correspondence, policy analysis, contact management, enhanced security, and task reminders. This integrated solution simplifies compliance, saving 40 hours monthly through digital assistant capabilities, and offers centralized operations for streamlined document access. The user-friendly technology ensures instant productivity, making BlueMind an all-encompassing CRM tool for advisors aiming to gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Notable Features of Working with Bluemind

BlueMind presents a comprehensive suite of insurance software solutions encompassing policy administration, claims management, and billing. Some of its key features include:

  • Sales Process Acceleration: Expedites the sales process, offering features like automated correspondence, greeting cards, policy analysis, and comparison tools for enhanced efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Offers robust features for goal monitoring, client reporting, and continuing education credit storage, going beyond traditional CRMs.
  • License and Contracting Storage: Keep licenses and contracts organized and easily accessible within BlueMind's centralized platform.
  • Time Reclamation: Functioning as a real assistant, BlueMind streamlines administrative tasks, reclaiming up to 40 hours a month for advisors by automating data entry, correspondence, and document management.

Bluemind Pricing Plans

Bluemind offers a comprehensive and flexible pricing plan, considering the various needs of different businesses. Below are their service rates.

  • BlueMind Essential: Priced at $59 USD per user per month (billed monthly), this plan includes features such as Communication Automation, Compliance Management, Realtime Quoting, Chat Support, and Document Storing, offering a comprehensive solution for advisory needs.
  • Bluemind Agency: Offers a free consultation for a custom plan tailored to your needs, encompassing all Essential plan’s features. It also adds more capabilities like Upsell & Cross-sell Campaigns, Revenue Tracking, Real-time Messaging, Sales Tracking, and Activity Reports.

Essential Features of an Insurance Software in 2024

In 2024, insurance software's essential features are pivotal to staying ahead in the competitive landscape, offering real-time data analysis, advanced financial management capabilities, and seamless integrations with AMS (Agency Management Systems) and MGA (Managing General Agents) systems. Here are some of its essential features that you need to consider:

Essential Features of an Insurance Software in 2024

API (Application Programming Interface)

Enhancing insurance software functionality and APIs is pivotal in streamlining processes and elevating customer experience. By facilitating seamless integration with external systems and databases, APIs enable real-time data exchange, empowering insurers to manage financial operations efficiently. 

Leading industry APIs such as Gartner and BPM exemplify the potential of advanced API technology to transform insurance operations and compliance with IFRS regulations. However, when selecting an API for insurance software, considerations must include scalability, security, and compatibility with AMS and MGA.

Contact Management

Efficient customer data and communication management is crucial for insurance agencies. NLP-powered insurance software facilitates seamless customer interactions, preferences, and history tracking. Having automated workflows streamline lead generation and follow-up, while integrations with marketing automation tools enhance outreach efforts. 

Furthermore, centralized data storage ensures convenient access to vital information, and customizable fields and tags enable targeted marketing campaigns. Using real-time data and financial management tools further enhances contact management capabilities, aligning with Gartner's best practices in BPM.

Lead Management

Effectively managing and nurturing leads is crucial in the insurance industry. Utilizing advanced lead management tools facilitates real-time lead tracking and follow-up. These tools streamline financial management and integrate seamlessly with Agency Management Systems (AMS) and Managing General Agents (MGA). 

Incorporating business process management (BPM) functionalities optimizes lead distribution and ensures compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). As recognized by Gartner, modern lead management systems are essential for insurance agencies to enhance operational efficiency and drive growth.

Third-Party Integration

As the insurance industry becomes more complex with emerging technologies and regulations, seamless integration between core insurance systems and third-party applications is crucial for insurance carriers to remain efficient, innovative, and compliant.

Third-party integration involves combining external insurance software with your system, facilitating real-time data exchange. This streamlines financial management for MGAs and AMs, ensuring IFRS compliance and enhancing overall operational efficiency within the BPM framework, as acknowledged by Gartner.

Sales Automation

Insurance companies can efficiently streamline operations and manage customer interactions and data by automating sales processes. This automation minimizes manual tasks, enabling agents to focus on addressing customer needs. 

Additionally, it provides real-time insights into the sales pipeline, empowering better decision-making. Integrating sales automation solutions offers functionality for policy management and new business processing, contributing to enhanced financial management and operational efficiency.

Analytics and Reporting

Enabling insurance companies to gain actionable insights, analytics, and reporting tools paint a comprehensive view of customer data, enhancing their experience. These solutions leverage real-time visibility into policy information and customer service, thus facilitating data-driven decision-making and monitoring performance metrics for increased profitability. Embracing financial management and incorporating Gartner-recommended practices, these tools are essential for modern insurance businesses seeking to optimize performance and efficiency.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP solutions facilitate seamless communication within insurance organizations and offer cost-effective digital transformation of customer service operations. Here are some of the benefits of the VolP feature:

  • Integration with Insurance Workflows: VoIP solutions seamlessly integrate with the current processes and procedures in the insurance industry, ensuring a smooth and cohesive interaction between the new solutions and established workflows.
  • Enhancing Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Enhance customer management relationships by fostering improved communication, understanding customer needs, and delivering a more personalized experience.
  • Optimizing Customer Experience: Boosts customer satisfaction by refining processes and services for a more user-friendly and efficient experience with insurance services.
  • Supporting Task Management: Aids in organizing insurance tasks, automating processes, setting priorities, and ensuring an efficient task management system.
  • Enabling Online Payment Handling for Customer Queries: Allows handling online payment-related customer queries, ensuring secure and streamlined processes and enhancing the customer experience in resolving financial matters.

Key Takeaway

Finding a good insurance Software solution is necessary for agencies and brokerages in 2024. Not only do these software solutions prioritize automation, regulatory compliance, and streamlined workflows, but they also enhance operational efficiency while protecting personal information.

Indeed, harnessing the power of insurance software empowers agencies to outperform their competitors, addressing distinctive challenges and optimizing client interactions. These solutions facilitate personalized contact management, third-party integration, and reporting analytics—all while maintaining adherence to data privacy standards and nurturing trust among clients and stakeholders.

Explore more options with the Aloa Team through the development of custom insurance software solutions. Our hire page will help you outline the details of your project and link you up with the best developers. 

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