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Instaaa (and no I didn't misspell that) is an AI-powered platform that allows startups to automate their promotion and media outreach. If you're a startup that is trying to launch a new product, Instaaa may be the perfect tool  for you to get the word out there and create the initial buzz. The product and the service model are very simple, so we will keep this one short and sweet.


Promotion and media outreach in general is a huge pain point for businesses, especially early stage startups. Hiring an agency or freelancer to do the job is often too expensive. At the same time, doing promotion and outreach yourself takes a lot of precious time away from you being able to perform high-leverage tasks for your business.

Yet promotion and outreach is absolutely necessary if you want to survive or even get started as a business. Obscurity is absolutely the biggest enemy of any startup or business that is trying to get off the ground. In the famous words of sales expert Grant Cardone, the main reason why most businesses fail is because they don't take enough action to get out of obscurity.


Instaaa is able solve the problem of obscurity through its platform that combines software and a service-based model. Instaaa's service will help your startup get attention by promoting it across a curated list of websites, directories, and communities. For an affordable price, Instaaa is able to create high quality pitches and submissions (based on company information entered). Once posted, Instaaa guarantees the pitches and submissions will be able to reach hundreds of potential customers.

What we love

To get started is very easy. There is no sign up process required. You would simply enter your website URL on the homepage then click "Get Started". You will be brought to the next page where you will be asked some basic information about your startup:

Instaaa Get Started page

After you submit the information and pay your dues, Instaaa allows you to easily track the progress of the submission in the status page. It looks something like this:

Instaaa status page example with Aloa

If you were wondering about the specific process, Instaaa crafts professional pitches and form submissions from the company information you submitted. The pitches and form submissions will then be adapted to fit Instaaa's database of directories and media outlets. This is where their AI will come in to create categories and tags. Instaaa will swap out directories to best suit your business.

Once complete, Instaaa will email you with a breakdown of their submissions in spreadsheet format. The spreadsheet will include proof and attached screenshots of each post/email they prepared.

Instaaa database view

Concluding thoughts

For the price, Instaaa's service is able to provide good value. You would pay just $39 for 25 submissions. Though admittedly, I would say that Instaaa is more suited for product oriented businesses rather than service oriented businesses. Now you must be thinking I'm talking gibberish because most of this review is been positive (and no we were not paid to write this review). Instaaa almost sounds too good to be true right?

There is one con to this product that I found towards the end. When I got the report back, I realized that most of the submissions Instaaa did for me were mostly to very very big publications. I got several emails from the journals and publications saying that they have received the submission and will get back to me as soon as possible.

One publication got my submission and responded that single post in their publication about cost an additional $3000! You have got to be kidding me!! Not going to lie, this kind of made me want my money back.

Overall, the product and the service are decent. However, what I'm extremely hesitant about is the potency and effectiveness of the model. Nevertheless, if you're a startup looking to get off the ground, you should still give the product a shot and see if luck rewards you.

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