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The views expressed in this post are the writer's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Aloa or AloaLabs, LLC. is an email finder tool that allows you to find email addresses and connect with people that matter for your startup. Interested in signing up? Click here.

The problem being solved

Let’s face it. Email finding is a major pain in the ass. My guess is you are shying away from it at this very moment either checking your Facebook feed or watching that Instagram story.  

But for real though, doing outreach and sending cold emails is absolutely crucial for growing any business, especially if you are running an early stage startup. Sending out cold emails helped Aloa get most of our initial clients and got us connected with some amazing mentors who have helped us get to where we are today.

With that being said, it all starts with finding and verifying the email. Without the correct email address, your email ain’t going nowhere!

Before we get started, let’s address the elephant in the room. You may ask: “There are so many similar tools out there on the market. Why did you specifically pick this one?”

I’ve tried many different email finding tools such as Elucify, Slik, Norbert, etc. At the end, I found Hunter to be my favorite one because it is the only email finder tool that is simple to use, targeted, AND free.

Other tools in the market have too many functionalities that I do not need. They are not targeted, meaning it’s hard for you to find the email of a specific person from a specific domain. Lastly, they give very little credits out for free. With Hunter, you get 100 free credits per month, which is plenty if you use it wisely.    

What we love

Domain-Based Search

Hunter domain search

With Hunter, you could just enter in a domain name on the search bar and would instantly get a list of emails associated with that specific domain.

For every email search you conduct, there is a green, yellow, or brown mark next to the email to show you how confident the email address is. You would also get the sources where the email was pulled from in case you want to check.

Email Verification

Hunter email verification tool

Emails can be costly when sent to the wrong people. You definitely don’t want people marking you off as junk or spam.

With Hunter, you can verify more than 95% of email that you’ll find. This includes verifying individual emails or verifying an entire list of emails.

Hunter Chrome Extension

Hunter chrome extension view

Finally, Hunter offers a Chrome extension. The Chrome extension is very convenient because it doesn’t require you to keep a tab open on your browser.

Simply go to any site. If there are verified emails on that site, the Hunter logo will light up orange at the top right corner for you to click on. After you click on it, a list of verified emails from that domain will appear.

All in all, we couldn't recommend using Hunter more. We use it for all of our email verification needs!

Use this tool in combination with Polymail and Mailshake, you will have a killer cold email process!

Happy Hunting!

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