7+ Digital Health Companies Revolutionizing The Industry

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With the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, digital health companies are constantly producing new ways to revolutionize the quality of care in the medical industry. Recent technological advancements allow businesses to create new functionalities and features to better interact and address users' concerns while enabling more opportunities to seek better health and wellness through various software solutions.

We at Aloa take significant consideration in partnering with developers who revolutionize their industries. Our team researched healthcare companies that utilize digital solutions to take the medical industry to new heights.

In this blog post, we will discuss the digital health companies making waves in the current market. We shall also detail the different components that make their business a must-watch for people interested in investing or adapting their unique innovations into their own companies. 

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Top Digital Health Companies To Watch 2023

Digital health companies constantly develop new systems to help address their target audience's needs, allowing them the potential to create revolutionary solutions. 

These are the top digital health companies you should keep a close watch on in 2023:

1. Infermedica - Medical Guidance Experts

Infermedica - Medical Guidance Experts

Infermedica is one of the top digital health companies that aid in establishing new opportunities for providers, insurers, and telemedicine industries. Their expertise in providing top-notch medical guidance allows them to cultivate a strong following in delivering high-quality healthcare development. 

With platform modules such as symptom to triage, intake to consultation, and treatment outcome, Infermedica provides more opportunities for healthcare industries to expand their potential to provide the proper care for their customers. 

Additional features, such as an advanced medical inference engine alongside a custom API that is easy to integrate into existing healthcare software, businesses can quickly scale their system using artificial intelligence.

Notable Features of Infermedica

  • AI-Led Medical Inference: Utilize advanced artificial intelligence to ascertain patient data to formulate a detailed analysis of their state of health and recommendations to improve their well-being.
  • Self-Service Triage Tools: Provide the fastest care for your patients with self-service triage to help them get the information needed for their medical queries while shortening the overall patient journey experience. 
  • Intelligent Core Component Library: Gain access to all the various touch points under one system, such as AI-driven chatbots, web conferences, contact center tools, and more.

2. Cohere Health - Digitalize Core Healthcare Components

Cohere Health - Digitalize Core Healthcare Components

Cohere Health focuses on modernizing all health and wellness components in the digital age. Every element of managing a healthcare industry, from finances and transactions to the overall care quality, is done through a series of digitized systems and virtual solutions to help automate and streamline the entire process for better efficiency and output.

By utilizing touchless, predictive, and advanced technical specifications, Cohere Health has managed to develop a custom platform for users to integrate their healthcare needs under one banner. Another priority with Cohere Health is to simplify various health techs with their dedication to promoting automation solutions such as EMR integrations and a single sign-on portal.

Notable Features of Cohere Health

  • Cohere Unity Platform: Digitize all healthcare software and integrate it with detailed machine learning and artificial intelligence programming to help streamline workflow optimization. 
  • AI-Assisted Data and Review: Make patient health management easier with AI-assisted reviews to establish conclusions about various medical treatments and data management. 
  • Advanced Automation Delivery: Deliver medical obligations faster and more consistently with Cohere Health's dedication to automating software solutions to improve health care delivery. 

3. EHealth Technologies - Data-Centric Patient Care

EHealth Technologies - Data-Centric Patient Care

EHealth Technologies prioritizes improving patient management with various health care through their extensive focus on providing a better data-centric software solution. Compared to other digital health companies, eHealth Technologies establishes a main target goal of decreasing the time to treatment for patients by utilizing comprehensive medical histories for clinicians in a single platform. 

With specialized experts handling record retrieval and image exchange, complicated medical backgrounds and tests are easily readable and managed to keep patients informed quickly. The attention to detail and step-by-step approach to a better patient experience and data management can release a full prognosis in a record speed of 30 days to complete.

Notable Features of eHealth Technologies

  • 30-Day Outcome Prognosis: Guarantee a complete medical background for all patients in as quick as 30 days for each research step, from planning, discovery, and configuration all the way to execution and delivery. 
  • Instant Imaging Results Directly to Portal: Receive all imaging results in a single click through authorized HIE portals. Each portal can be directly integrated into existing healthcare software systems. 
  • Data-Focused Patient Management: Easily manage and track all necessary information for every patient under your company's care through a systematic structure. 

Top MedTech Startups to Watch 2023

With the advancements in technology and artificial intelligence, digital health startups are starting to create advanced medtech solutions focused on improving research speed and capability. Healthcare professionals are rapidly utilizing the advancements of these medtech startups to strengthen health systems in healthcare organizations.

Here are some medtech startups that are worth watching in 2023:

4. Day Zero Diagnostics - Infectious Disease Expertise

Day Zero Diagnostics - Infectious Disease Expertise

Day Zero Diagnostics is a digital health company fully dedicated to promoting the research and development of antibiotic research through its expansive expertise in all manners of infectious disease research. Their rapid response medical research allows pathogen results in as little as 2 days of careful analysis. 

MicrohmDB is a large-scale proprietary microbial database that allows Day Zero Diagnostics to have the ability to produce an entire genome sequencing dataset. Sample preparation through their Blood2Bac system also benefits from their extensive genome library by converting clinical blood samples and comparing them with over 50 species of bacterial pathogens for quick results. 

Notable Features of Day Zero Diagnostics

  • Dedication to Antibiotic Research: Day Zero Diagnostics utilizes science-driven efforts to improve its research capabilities to develop advanced antibiotic resistance for all people. 
  • Proprietary Microbial Database: A large-scale dataset consisting of different genome sequencing data allows Day Zero Diagnostics to produce one of the largest libraries of bacteria data.
  • Keynome ID: Advanced software algorithm that easily distinguishes different bacteria species and classifies them into easily quantifiable data for future research and treatment development.

5. Healthy.IO - Kidney and Wound Specialists

Healthy.IO - Kidney and Wound Specialists

Healthy.IO makes an excellent effort to encourage its users to keep a close eye on their kidney health while providing healthcare advice for wound care management. Their services allow users to easily monitor and balance out all 1,440 minutes in a single day and ensure that each moment is carefully managed according to your health record. 

Healthy.IO uses colorimetric analysis, computer vision, and AI-driven research and development to create routine management services that help track urinalysis and wounds more comprehensively. The added focus on kidney disease management allows their system to ping users for early signs of kidney complications and reduce inequities by providing more affordable at-home testing.  

Notable Features of Healthy.IO

  • Minuteful for Wound: Detailed management tips and monitoring for various physical health injuries through smartphone-based in-color imaging to relay accurate wound care solutions. 
  • Minuteful Kidney Care: Patients utilizing this service will receive an easy-to-use at-home kidney management kit, which includes simple instructions on operating, with results immediately available as soon as the test finalizes.
  • Instant Results: Healthy.IO focuses on providing quick and seamless results for all its users through modern platforms, which opens up more opportunities to provide better care for everyone. 

6. FibriCheck - Heart Monitoring Management

FibriCheck - Heart Monitoring Management

FibriCheck provides a quick and seamless platform for patients to receive immediate action for various heart-related medical emergencies. Users can also easily access the FibriCheck app to monitor their heart rhythm quickly. Users can receive a prognosis based on the results by simply placing their finger over your smartphone's camera and flash for a minute.

With over 75% of cases of strokes being prevented, the people behind FibriCheck used this opportunity to provide a better heart health monitoring and management system. This service is also easy to integrate with existing GPs or hospitals to ensure that all users can access immediate care as soon as any heart-related problems manifest. 

Notable Features of FibriCheck

  • Remote Heart Monitoring: The FibriCheck mobile app enables users to remotely check their blood pressure and heart rhythm to track and monitor their current blood oxygen levels and well-being. Each process is simple and designed to provide precise data for any irregularities. 
  • Hospital and Clinic Integration: FibriCheck actively searches for hospitals and clinics to integrate their system so that patients with clear signs of heart issues can easily contact their doctors or provide emergency medical care teams to their location.
  • No Additional Devices Needed: Keep blood pressure and heart health consistently checked with FibriCheck's mobile platform, designed to work by simply utilizing your phone's flash and camera to track your data. No additional hardware or medical devices are needed to provide a check. 

Top Pharmaceutical Tech Companies to Watch 2023

Pharmaceutical tech companies provide cutting-edge drug administration and production combined with extensive research and digital technology to provide better medical care to patients. 

7. 3Z Pharmaceuticals - Repurposing Drug Manufacturing

3Z Pharmaceuticals

3Z Pharmaceuticals is a digital health company targeting a new age in drug manufacturing by reprofiling drugs and developing them into more discoveries. Using disease modeling and behavioral genetics to discover novel drug candidates for CNS disorders, 3Z Pharmaceuticals offers solutions to medications by breaking down and repurposing each drug into different components. 

Using Zebrafish screening allows 3Z Pharmaceuticals to target neurological indications and see the impact of existing medications, hoping to use each molecule component to further improve their research. This process could speed up drug and medical research by a wide margin while minimizing the waste of developing new medications from scratch.

Notable Features of 3Z Pharmaceuticals

  • Neurological Research: 3Z Pharmaceuticals focuses on researching and developing extensive methods to utilize existing drugs to help focus their attention on mitigating the impact of various neurological diseases on patients. 
  • Zebrafish Genetic Modulation: Zebrafish have a high genetic similarity to humans, allowing their research to utilize genetic modulation experiments from their DNA to determine the effects without human testing. 
  • Lower-Cost Medication Development: 3Z Pharmaceuticals aims to lower the overall costs of developing effective medications for patients looking to treat their neurological conditions by repurposing formulated drugs into their research process. 

8. TruePill - B2B Digital Pharmacy

TruePill - B2B Digital Pharmacy

TruePill operates as a comprehensive digital pharmacy platform that allows patients to have their medications delivered and opens opportunities to contact available pharmacists 24/7. TruePill integrates utilization for patients to use their insurance plans to help manage their medication and prescription orders. 

Hospitals and GPs can implement TruePill's API to allow for seamless transactions and automated prescription ordering for patients based on their medical practitioners' requests. Nationwide reach also opens more opportunities for traveling patients to receive the same medications from around the United States without needing to schedule another appointment with their doctors. 

Notable Features of TruePill

  • Custom Workflow: Pharmacies, telehealth, and clinical services can utilize TruePill's services in several ways through a customizable workflow to allow seamless integration based on their company and system requirements.
  • Secure Data Compliance: Secure every partner and patient confidentiality with every order and delivery to ensure each piece of information is carefully protected from being publicly available. 
  • Nationwide Reach: Customers from around the United States can experience digital pharmacy delivery regardless of their doctor's location to ensure that every patient receives the medications that they were prescribed, even in underserved populations.

9. Fullscript - Supplement Plans for Patients

Fullscript - Supplement Plans for Patients

Fullscript creates detailed supplement health plans for patients who want to improve their well-being through a personalized care system. Each supplement is delivered directly to the user's home address based on the allowable recommendations and prescription your medical practitioner prescribes to ensure that each product is approved before delivery.

Medical personnel such as medical or naturopathic doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, or nurses can also utilize this platform by signing up as licensed practitioners for no additional payments They can prescribe to patients through their personal invite link. Each treatment plan is based on the practitioner's recommendations, with a dedicated system to track patient usage and orders.

Notable Features of Fullscript

  • Free Account Sign-Ups: Both practitioners and patients can access Fullscript's services without any fears of additional fees within their supplement delivery services. 
  • Practitioner-Patient Security: Practitioners must send their patients an official invite link from Fullscript to ensure their supplement orders and intakes are always monitored precisely on their prescription. 
  • Comprehensive List of Organic Supplements: Every supplement under Fullscript's database has been thoroughly tested and contains all relevant information to allow patients to gain transparency on the impact and possible side effects.

Trends that Digital Health Companies Apply

Most top digital health companies have their respective fields of expertise that allow their services to flourish beyond their basic capabilities. With the healthcare industry worth more than a trillion U.S. dollars, it's critical to understand the importance of utilizing various health tech trends to enable businesses to scale and grow for future development. 

Here are some trends that digital health companies apply to their businesses:

Trends that Digital Health Companies Apply

Personalizing Patient Care

Patients will always appreciate when their information is secured, and their results arrive as soon as possible. Customizing medical treatment that pursues the needs of different patients allows digital health companies to gain strong traction with services such as home testing kits for diseases and genetics data.

Emphasis on Mental Health

Recent medical data shows a large spike in the number of patients seeking various degrees of mental health management treatments. Digital health companies utilize this opportunity to develop applications and programs to provide a streamlined approach to access medical health professionals to receive immediate care for any issues they may be experiencing. 

Telemedicine and Virtual Healthcare Growth

Telehealth is one of the fastest growing health care services since the start of the pandemic. Remote monitoring and advanced disease diagnosis in the comfort of one's home are currently growing as a priority for most individuals. Digital health companies and large corporations used this as a prime opportunity to provide more ways for their users to access their services by improving accessibility and the overall user experience. 

Key Takeaway

With the impact of rapidly advancing technologies and the change in how healthcare transitions to a more digital platform, new companies are exploring different implementations to help improve patients' overall well-being across the globe. This change is why digital health companies are paving the way for new developments and innovations that can drastically change the medical industry. 

With a stronger emphasis on providing better accessibility for patients to seek medical care through virtual communication and telemedicine, companies are revolutionizing the production of better health in remote settings. 

If you want to learn more about the developments in digital health companies, contact us at [email protected] to learn more. 

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