7+ Most Influential AI Developer Tools in 2024 [In Depth]

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Artificial intelligence developer tools have become the key to increasing software developers' productivity, capacity, and capabilities in the 21st century. AI developer tools are at the forefront of innovation, helping developers become more productive and efficient in their day-to-day tasks. Because of the potential these tools enable, there is no better time to start exploring the various AI developer tools on the market to transform your programming experience.

Our founders at Aloa have been working in the software development space for nearly a decade, and throughout that time, we've discovered several influential AI developer tools. We want to share these with you and give an in-depth look at how each tool has contributed to the development process, from small startups to large enterprises.

We've taken the time to review the top AI developer tools on the market and review each one based on its features, capabilities, and overall user experience. After reading our guide, you'll have all the details necessary to decide which tools are best for your development needs.

Let's get started!

7+ Innovative AI Developer Tools For 2024

AI developer tools have revolutionized how developers work and how software is built. Exploring what they are and how they can benefit your development practice is essential to understand the full potential of AI technology.

Let's go through the 7+ most influential AI developer Tools for 2024:

Top AI Developer Tools For Software Design

AI developer tools for software design support developers in creating stunning visuals with less effort and in much shorter time frames. These tools enable developers to create user interfaces, logos, charts, graphics, and more – all built on AI algorithms. Additionally, the top AI-enabled tools for software design incorporate great user-centric design and intuitive user experiences.

Popular AI developer tools for the software design category include:

1. Cody by Sourcegraph

Cody by Source Graph

Cody by Sourcegraph is an open-source AI coding assistant that is free to use. Its primary use for software development focuses on helping developers write code more quickly and with fewer mistakes. It uses a combination of natural language processing and AI algorithms to scan for errors in code and suggest changes or advice on improving the code.

The ability of Cody to accurately identify and repair errors in code makes it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced software developers. With these AI developer tools as part of your software development workflow, you can expect faster turnaround times and fewer bugs.

Notable Features of Cody by Sourcegraph
  • Coding Chatbot: Use the coding chatbot to ask questions about coding in natural language and get feedback from the AI.
  • Inline Code Fixer: Cody allows software developers to make inline code fixes using interactive edits and code refactoring by following natural-language processing.
  • Codebase Awareness: Create codebase awareness with Cody's recipes which can create unit testing, documentation, and more. Also, the pre-built recipes simplify the development process.
  • Autocomplete: The autocomplete features enable developers access to context-aware predictions that can reduce the time it takes to write code.
  • Multiple Resources: Those interested in using Cody will find it easy to get started with the resources and guides available on their website.
Cody by Sourcegraph Price Plans

Cody is an open-source, free-to-use option for AI developer tools. Explore their guides and resources on their website for those interested in using Cody.

2. TensorFlow - For Creating Machine Learning Models


TensorFlow, developed by Google, is a flexible open-source software library providing developers with an end-to-end machine learning building platform. Today, integrating or creating software solutions with machine learning capabilities has taken a front seat in accelerating the development cycle.

TensorFlow is an excellent choice for developers seeking a head start in machine learning or AI-based projects. It's flexible, highly scalable, and provides an efficient library of APIs that can be used to create sophisticated deep learning models.

Notable Features of TensorFlow
  • End-to-end ML Platform: TensorFlow provides developers with an end-to-end ecosystem to research, design, test, and deploy machine learning models.
  • Data Processing: With data processing capabilities, developers can load and process their data with TensorFlow's programs.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Use TensorFlow on any platform, making it one of the most versatile AI developer tools available today.
  • ML-model Building: Specifically focusing on ML-model building, TensorFlow provides a library of APIs that can be used to create machine learning models.
  • Deployment Models: With AI developer tools like TensorFlow, developers can deploy their ideas on multiple models to test the model on different platforms.
TensorFlow Price Plans

TensorFlow is an open-source, free-to-use AI developer tool. Get started with exploring their documentation and resources on their website. 

3. Tabnine - AI Assistant to Speed Up Code Delivery


Tabnine is an AI-powered coding assistant allowing developers to write code faster and more accurately. This AI developer tool helps developers eliminate tedious refactoring tasks through its predictive coding features.

Tabnine uses a combination of natural language processing and advanced algorithms to scan for errors in code while providing helpful suggestions or advice on improving the code. Besides speeding up code delivery, Tabnine also features solutions that enhance code security. Code security with Tabnine is a great way to ensure that code is secure and safe, especially for applications with sensitive data.

Notable Features of Tabnine
  • Automated Error Detection: Tabnine can detect and automatically fix errors in coding with its predictive coding capabilities.
  • Autocomplete: The autocomplete feature helps developers write code faster by providing context-aware predictions.
  • Code Security Solutions: With Tabnine, developers can access solutions that enhance code security for sensitive applications.
  • Code Refactoring: With the help of natural language processing, Tabnine can easily refactor code while reducing the time it takes to make changes in your coding.
  • Intelligent Search: With Tabnine, developers will be able to get quick access to relevant information with the help of its search feature.
Tabnine Price Plans

Tabnine offers three price plans for users to choose from:

  • Free: Ideal for those looking to explore Tabnine's capabilities to generate code.
  • Pro ($12/month/user): Best for small teams requiring code-completion support by applying AI-enabled learning and style application.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): Ideal for larger teams who need consistent support in generating quality code.

Tabnine is an excellent option for developers looking for AI developer tools that can help them increase their coding accuracy and speed. It's easy to scale your plan, too, as Tabnine's pricing plans offer different features depending on your needs. Visit their website for more details and pricing information.

AI Developer Tools For Implementation

AI developer tools for implementation refer to tools that can help you integrate AI technology into various software solutions. These AI developer tools provide developers with the necessary capabilities to create and implement AI-based projects.

Popular AI development tools in this category include:

4. Mintlify - Developer-Centric Documentation


Mintlify focuses its AI developer tools on streamlining and organizing the documentation process using easy-to-maintain and automated documentation. With Mintlify, developers can create searchable, interactive, and easy-to-maintain documents with AI to help them accelerate development cycles.

Having the advantage of AI-enabled documentation makes the implementation process more efficient for developers. Mintlify also allows applications to be tested in various environments, from development to production, without manual intervention.

Notable Features of Mintlify
  • Automated Documentation: The automated documentation feature enables developers to create searchable and interactive documents quickly and efficiently.
  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled Documents: With AI-powered documents, developers can optimize their documentation by making it more reliable and accessible.
  • Documentation Analytics: Using the analytics tool, developers can track usage patterns of their documentation and improve it for better accessibility.
  • GitHub Integration: Mintlify provides developers with a GitHub integration that allows them to sync their documents and code repositories.
Mintlify Price Plans

Mintlify offers three different pricing plans depending on the features needed:

  • Free: Ideal for those exploring the tool's capabilities in enhancing documentation efforts.
  • Startup ($120/month/user): Best for startups looking to build out their documentation processes and methods using AI-assisted options.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): Ideal for larger organizations looking for a tailored plan that meets their needs.

Startups and businesses looking to leverage the capabilities of AI-enabled documentation should consider Mintlify for intuitive solutions that lead to better customer engagement. Visit their website for detailed product information, pricing, and more.

5. IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains - Productive Development Experience

IntelliJ Idea

IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains is a popular IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with a built-in AI assistant called IntelliJ Bot. This AI developer tool focuses on increasing coding efficiency and developer productivity.

IntelliJ Bot helps developers solve their coding problems quickly while providing contextual information about their applications. It can search for code snippets, locate related API methods and classes, suggest refactoring tips, and more.

Notable Features of IntelliJ IDEA
  • Contextual Search: With the help of AI-powered search, developers can quickly find code snippets, related API methods, and classes with ease.
  • Refactoring Tools: With IntelliJ Bot, developers can get helpful suggestions and tips on refactoring their code.
  • Code Assistance: IntelliJ Bot can provide developers with helpful hints and suggestions while coding, making it easier to write code quickly.
  • Productivity Metrics: Developers can track the progress of their work using the productivity metrics available in IntelliJ IDEA.
IntelliJ IDEA Price Plans

IntelliJ IDEA offers two price schemes: Individual and Organizational. For both plans, there are two options:

  • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate: Ideal choice for individuals and organizations needing basic features and functionality.
  • All Products Packages: Best for individuals and organizations wanting to apply the full range of solutions. 

Those looking to leverage IntelliJ IDEA's AI-powered capabilities should consider its pricing plans and features. It's an ideal option for developers who want to make their coding experience more productive and efficient. Visit JetBrain's website for more information about their products and services.

6. GitHub Copilot - Trusted AI Pair Programmer

Github Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI tool for developers that helps in code completion. The tool was made in collaboration with OpenAI and uses machine learning models trained on a large base of public code repositories. GitHub Copilot then uses these repositories to understand the predictions of the developers of the code writer.

By applying context-aware code suggestions, developers can write code faster while reducing errors. For a more detailed insight, read our blog on how to use GitHub Copilot where we break down what the tool is and the notable features you can leverage for software development.

Notable Features of GitHub Copilot
  • Context-Aware Code Suggestions: With the help of AI-powered models, GitHub Copilot can suggest code completion for developers.
  • Searchable Repositories: Developers can search a huge repository of public codes and use this information for their projects.
  • Error Checking: By leveraging its AI-powered models, GitHub Copilot can help developers reduce errors in their code with real-time suggestions.
  • Pair Programming: GitHub Copilot includes a pair programming feature that enables two developers to collaborate on the same project from different locations.
GitHub Copilot Price Plans

GitHub Copilot has three pricing plans depending on your team size and needs:

  • Free: Ideal for teams and individuals looking for light code completion and error-checking support.
  • Team ($3.68/month/user): Best for teams looking to leverage the capabilities of using AI-enabled code generation and checking by integrating it into their workflow.
  • Enterprise ($19.25/month/user): Best for larger organizations and teams looking to utilize the tool while maintaining user control among team members. 

Organizations looking to leverage the power of AI-powered code completion should consider GitHub Copilot. Visit their website for more details regarding pricing and features.

AI Developer Tools For Quality Assurance

Quality assurance AI developer tools can help developers detect and identify bugs in their code quickly and efficiently. This is done by using AI models to scan codes for errors or potential points of failure, thus making the development process more streamlined.

Popular AI development tools in this category include:

7. What The Diff - AI Powered Code Review

What the Diff

What The Diff helps developers speed up the code review process using the AI-powered tool. The tool leverages an AI model to scan the code and provide developers with useful insights about their code. It can detect potential issues such as syntax errors, dead or unused variables, typos, and more.

Leveraging AI developer tools like What The Diff for code review saves time between the reviewer and code creator, allowing for a more efficient development process.

Notable Features of What The Diff
  • Fine Tuned Control: Developers can select how deep the code analysis should go and what potential errors they want to be alerted about.
  • Intelligent Code Analysis: What The Diff uses AI-powered models to intelligently scan codes for potential issues.
  • Reporting and Notifications: Developers can get live notifications when there is a potential issue with their code and get detailed reports about the analysis.
  • Pull Request Summary: Developers can generate a summary of the code review to quickly and easily review the changes in their code.
  • Instant Code Refactoring: When potential issues are detected in the code, What The Diff can suggest changes to solve these issues.
What The Diff Price Plans

What The Diff offers a usage-based pricing plan based on the amount of code analyzed. Users can test out What The Diff with the Free Plan or subscribe to their Pro plan starting at $19 per month for 200k tokens. Additional Pro Plan options are:

  • 500k Tokens for $49/month
  • 1.5M Tokens for $99/month
  • Unlimited Tokens for $199/month

Developers looking to enhance their quality assurance processes and results should consider The Diff. The ability to quickly detect and identify potential issues using AI-powered code review can save time, money, and resources in the long run. Visit What The Diff website for more details about their pricing plans and features. 

8. Snyk - Deep Code Scanning Accuracy


Snyk, powered by DeepCode AI, uses a combination of static code analysis and deep neural networks to detect security vulnerabilities in the code. It is used by developers to find potential issues and fix them before they become a problem.

Snyk's AI-powered models can scan codes for issues such as runtime errors, memory leaks, incorrect usage of APIs, dependency conflicts, and more. The tool then provides detailed reports for developers to analyze and fix the issues.

Notable Features of Snyk
  • Security Vulnerability Detection: Snyk's AI-powered models detect security vulnerabilities in codes. It can also alert you to potential issues that may arise in the future.
  • Developer-friendly: Snyk's UI is easy to understand, and the tool provides useful insights about potential security issues.
  • Scanning Accuracy: The deep neural networks used by Snyk provide high accuracy when scanning codes for bugs.
  • Simplified Rule Creation: Developers can use Snyk to create custom rules for their projects, which makes the code review process more efficient.
Snyk Pricing Plans

Snyk has three pricing plans depending on your team size and needs:

  • Free: Ideal for individuals and teams looking to test how the tool best fits their needs.
  • Team: Ideal for teams looking to integrate the solutions offered into their existing systems.
  • Enterprise: Best for larger teams and organizations that want to leverage license compliance in code quality assurance. 

Organizations looking to leverage the power of AI-powered code scanning should consider Snyk. AI developer tools like Snyk focus on ensuring code and app security, which offers valuable peace of mind. Visit their website for more details regarding pricing and features. 

9. CodeClimate - Software Engineering Intelligence Platform


CodeClimate is a software engineering intelligence platform that gathers data on your current development processes and team to deliver insights on improving them. It uses AI models to analyze code and provide developers with useful information about the quality of their work.

Using CodeClimate to enhance developer operations within a business or startup enables improved quality of code, faster delivery times, and more efficient use of resources. With the realized efficiency, businesses can strategically plan their operations to accommodate more projects.

Notable Features of CodeClimate
  • 60+ Metrics to Measure: CodeClimate provides over 60+ metrics to measure code quality and performance.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Developers can monitor the progress of their projects in real-time, allowing them to quickly identify any potential issues and address them quickly.
  • Actionable Data: Users can leverage Velocity's software engineering intelligence platform to get actionable insights on their development projects.
  • Data to Coach: CodeClimate offers smart data that enables teams to quantify their performance and identify areas of improvement.
CodeClimate Pricing Plans

CodeClimate does not directly disclose its prices on its website. However, customers can request a customized quote and consultation to learn how their products can amplify the productivity and capability of your software development team to function at peak performance.

Organizations seeking more insights into their software development process should consider CodeClimate. Using AI-powered models and data analytics, CodeClimate is an excellent tool to help developers improve their code quality and operational efficiency. Visit their website for more details about their features and pricing options.

AI Developer Tools For Deployment 

Deployment tools allow developers to deploy their applications to the web or mobile quickly and easily. These tools provide the necessary infrastructure for code deployment and can integrate with popular cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Here are a few of the most influential AI developer tools in 2024 for deployment:

10. H20.AI - Fast and Accurate Cloud Platform


H2O.AI is an AI-driven cloud platform that allows developers to quickly and accurately deploy applications to the web or mobile. It offers a suite of machine learning algorithms, APIs, and a comprehensive visualization toolset that simplifies development and deployment tasks for developers.

H2O.AI's algorithm library has over 500 open-source algorithms that can accurately process large amounts of data. It also offers a range of APIs that can be used to integrate third-party services such as payment gateways, analytics, and databases.

Notable Features on H2O.AI
  • Open Source Algorithms: H2O.AI has over 500 open source algorithms, allowing developers to quickly process large amounts of data accurately.
  • Robust APIs: H2O.AI offers a range of APIs that allow developers to easily integrate third-party services such as payment gateways, analytics, and databases.
  • Comprehensive Visualization Tool Set: The platform provides an array of tools for visualizing data to give developers an easier way to understand trends and patterns in the data.
  • Cloud Platform: H2O.AI offers a cloud platform that simplifies deployment for developers, making it easier to deploy applications quickly and accurately.
H2O.AI Pricing Plans

H2O.AI pricing plans are tailored according to the customer's needs. Those interested in testing H2O.AI's features can opt for the free trial plan, while those looking for more advanced features can choose from one of their paid plans.

Businesses and startups looking to leverage AI-driven cloud services should consider H2O.AI. The platform enables developers to quickly deploy applications with accuracy and confidence, providing a valuable boost in productivity.

Key Takeaway

AI development tools are an invaluable resource for developers looking to improve the quality of their code, streamline operations, and deploy applications quickly and accurately. As technology continues to advance, these tools will become even more influential in the field of software engineering. With the right tools, developers can create highly efficient and secure applications that bring value to businesses or startups.

For more insight into the latest AI trends and technologies out there, explore Aloa's website. We'll consistently post the latest and greatest tech options to help you stay updated on the ever-evolving world of AI, ML, and software engineering.

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