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VideoBomb is a music tech and social media startup out of Nashville, TN that is backed by Sony and Google Music. The mobile platform empowers fans to put themselves in their favorite music artists' music videos.

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Nashville, TN


Finding a tech lead and a new development team to replace former CTO


Swift, AWS, Node.js


Optimized iOS app with new sharing feature


Around Fall of 2017, VideoBomb's former CTO transitioned away, leaving the company with no tech lead and no development resources. It was at this inflection point that Aloa reached out to VideoBomb to seek a potential collaboration.

Videobomb App Store Screenshots


Founder and CEO, Chad Marcum, was in need of more than just a vendor. What VideoBomb was looking for was a tech partner who could handle not only software development long-term but also contribute advice to the company's technology strategy.

VideoBomb was open to the idea of outsourcing to not only stay cost-efficient, but also to have more developers on the project. When their CTO left the company, certain key features of the app were left undeveloped, and VideoBomb's immediate priority was to finish the core functionality of the app. The first major challenge was to find and vet an overseas firm that was a good fit in the very short timeline.

The project lead then collaborated with Chad to scope out what was needed for a trial run project and prepared the existing codebase to be handed over to Aloa. When we received the source code, we discovered the second major challenge: the code was extremely unorganized and thus difficult to navigate. The overseas team had to spend many additional hours learning and refactoring the codebase in order to build on top of it.


Aloa's project lead used the company's search tool DevIndex to find an overseas firm that was a good fit for VideoBomb in terms of skill, timeline, and budget. VideoBomb approved the firm and the overseas team was onboarded to develop the initial project.

The project lead streamlined all group communcation via Slack and all project tasks through Aloa's software management tool DevManage. After the firm was onboarded, the scope of the project was handed over to the overseas team for them to implement. The firm then broke the high-level scope down to specific milestones and each milestone was tackled through weekly development sprints.


After a brief onboarding period, Aloa's project lead and overseas firm was able to pick up where the previous CTO had left off. After the initial project was complete, the app was optimized to open and load videos faster and a brand new sharing feature was designed and implemented.

The project was completed with only minor delays that were due to the learning curve required to work with the codebase. The initial collaboration proved that Aloa was a capable long-term tech partner for VideoBomb. The relationship between Aloa and VideoBomb is still ongoing today as Chad and Aloa's project lead continue in collaboration to brainstorm, improve, and iterate on the product.

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Running a business is hard. Software development shouldn't be.