VideoBomb - #Boom

2017 - Present

Project Status

Our Role
iOS Development

Project Summary


VideoBomb is a social media and entertainment app that empowers fans by placing them in their favorite artists’ music videos.

VideoBomb’s former CTO left in August 2017, and they brought us on to lead their tech operations in October 2017. One of our project leads collaborated with their CEO, Chad Marcum, to hear his vision for the company and what he wanted to accomplish up to Summer 2019. Based on his vision, our project lead constructed a development sprint with 4 phases to effectively implement Chad’s vision for the app.


Use Case

Chad gave us an extremely short timeline to complete a sharing feature for VideoBomb. The sharing feature had to have the ability to preview the stitched music video and share their creations to multiple platforms.

Since the timeline was extremely short, our project lead did not have time to allow our partner firms to bid on this project. Our project lead went on DevIndex and directly chose a specific firm that was the best fit for Chad’s budget and timeline.

For this project, we used BrainMobi for both design and development. Using our DevManage tool, the project lead managed the project for Chad, performed internal QA, and guided him through the entire development process from start to finish.



  • Aloa has partnered up with VideoBomb long-term to help them lead their current and future tech operations
  • Completed Phases 1 and 2 of development, and currently working on Phase 3
  • Sharing feature created in Phase 1 of development has been able to increase the user retention rate of the app