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Project Status

Website Redesign, iOS/Android Development



SupChina is a publication and online platform that produces original news content specifically focused on China. It is one of the most respected publications amongst Chinese expats and Chinese-Americans. Growing rapidly in popularity, the platform currently has over 3 million monthly viewers.

Finding the right summer camps, scheduling/payment, and coordinating with other parents all became highly time consuming tasks. As Jessica, spoke with other parents, she realized that they were all struggling with the same problem.

She believes that there is a better way to find summer camps and manage schedules beyond dozens of open tabs and complex excel sheets.

Jessica decided to solve this issue by creating an online platform that allows parents to find, schedule, and pay for summer camps all in one place.


Use Case

Jessica collaborated with our project lead in brainstorming session to map out which features would be the most useful to convey to potential users and came up with a detailed spec sheet.

The project lead came up with a list of recommended designers (using our DevIndex platform) with Jessica ultimately choosing a designer in Mexico. The project lead managed the project until it was fully completed.



  • Aloa has partnered with SupChina long-term to help them lead their current and future tech operations
  • Completed website redesign and development in late 2017
  • Implemented push notifications and other new features to the iOS and Android applications
  • Completed an e-commerce feature for the SupChina site