Avail Housing

2017 - 2018

Project Status
Finished and delivered

Website Redesign, iOS/Android Development

Project Summary


Avail Housing is the Airbnb for graduate students to find summer housing across the country.

The founder and CEO of Avail Housing, Cameron Huddleston, came to us with the idea to develop the platform in December 2017. We had one of our project leads collaborate with Cameron for an entire week to map up a very detailed specification sheet for the platform and started development at the beginning of 2018.


Use Case

Cameron had an extremely tight budget and timeline for the project, which was a very difficult challenge. Our project lead used the DevIndex platform to match him to a partner firm that was capable of delivering a high quality product at an affordable price.

The project lead had two firms on DevIndex place bids on the project, BrainMobi and iApp Technologies. Both are highly skilled software development teams from India. Cameron chose to move forward with iApp because their quote was a better fit for his budget and timeline.

The project lead communicated with iApp, managed the project on Cameron’s behalf, and guided him through the entire development process. Cameron was also invited to our project management tool, DevManage, and was easily able to follow along with the progress of the project status from start to finish.



  • Finished and delivered a polished, working minimum viable product to Cameron in 7 weeks
  • Project completed on time and under budget
  • Finished product was fully ready to be pushed out to the market and start generating revenue for Avail Housing