Stack Review – Notes, To-Dos, and Lists

April 19, 2018


Stack Review – Notes, To-Dos, and Lists

Stack is a minimalistic key-value based notes app that makes jotting things down fast and easy to look through later. It’s available as a Chrome extension and a MacOS app.

Another Note-taking App

As a student and startup contributor, I’m constantly jotting things down. Whether it be when an exam is or someone I have to email later. I’ve been using Apple’s Notes app that comes built into Macs and iPhones, but at times it seems clunky.

In a world where speed and ease are taking over, Stack takes the lead.

In their eyes:

It’s built to save a lot of little fragments like notes, images, todos, complex markdown drafts and other files categorized by a key to easily find it later.

So What?

With a lot of note-taking apps out there, it’s hard to decide if any single one can do the trick. I’ve used Stack for about a week now, and it’s made its way to my heart.

Another thing is that in a lot of note-taking apps, the notes and tidbits are sorted chronologically. Sometimes, I scroll through my notes and find something I needed to take care of that simply slipped through the cracks.

With Stack, you can set priorities and add keys to notes like, “urgent,” and simply search for the key and have all your urgent items on your screen. Stack even helps you out and lists all high priority items in red text.

Some more features include:

  1. A smart and intuitive search
  2. Markdown support with highlighting
  3. Dark and Light themes
  4. Compose notes (make notes out of multiple ones)
  5. All kinds of formatting (see below)

I’m a personal fan of the darker theme, but I do think they could’ve done a better job with a darker sidebar.

All in All

Stack is an excellent product for the user looking for speed, convenience, and beauty. With a plethora of useful features and a slick looking MacOS app, it’s a recipe for success. Not only that, but the Chrome extension boasts the same features and even works offline.

So, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your current daily driver (note-taker) give it a try and let us know your thoughts. Everyone has a different style and comfort level, especially myself!

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