DevManage - PM made Simple

DevManage was made to help even the most non-technical people on our team have the capability to manage an entire software team 💪

Built to make everyone technical

DevManage was built to help our sales team manage software developers.

We spent months building the platform out of painpoints, making an elegant solution that makes the most non-techincal people become technical

No more asking for updates

No more refreshing the page hoping for updates, we send you real time updates via Slack whenever any movement happens on the project

‍You can sleep easy knowing development is actually happening

Made for Startups

We've tried every tool available but they were either too simple (Trello) or too complicated (Jira) so we made something specifically for our clients, startups

Powerful enough to manage big projects, but simple enough for anybody to pick up quickly

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Our Motto

Running a business is hard. Software development shouldn't be.