About the Client

SupChina is a digital media startup out of NYC that informs a global audience of influencers and leaders with smart and accessible content. The platform helps people make sense of a complex country that is reshaping the world. Since their founding in 2015, SupChina has gained a following of over 3 million people worldwide.

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New York City, NY


Launching new product feature


Wordpress, MySQL, PHP


E-commerce platform


As SupChina grew, so did their need for web and mobile development. SupChina reached out to Aloa to begin their digital transformation.

SupChina.com Website


After redesigning the entire site with Aloa in the fall of 2017, Supchina was able to gain more traction at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Founder Anla Cheng wanted to explore different avenues of monetization and an e-commerce platform was one of them.

The idea was to vet good products from trusted vendors and feature those products on the e-commerce platform. The detailed specifications of what Anla and her team wanted was the first big challenge.

Anla also requested the platform to be designed, developed, and delivered all within 3 weeks. This was the second big challenge.

SupChina iOS App


Aloa's project lead collaborated with Anla to draw up the scope for the e-commerce platform. The project lead then used Aloa's search tool DevIndex to find the right overseas firm for the project.

Due to the crunched nature of the development timeline, more than one development resource was needed for the project to speed things up. The project manager from the overseas firm was quickly able to bring on a frontend web developer and a backend developer for the project.

The solution that the project lead and overseas firm came up together with was a WordPress platform with a customized admin panel. The platform had a e-commerce theme for the frontend. On the admin side, it had abilities to manage all vendors and products. Stripe was integrated into the platform to automatically pay out each vendor and give SupChina commission per transaction.


Using Aloa's software management tool DevManage, the project lead was able to make sure that all tasks in each milestone were on track for completion. The project was delivered slightly ahead of schedule and completely within the agreed upon initial budget.

The finished product was fully tested and was capable to start generating revenue immediately for SupChina. SupChina's team was very satified with the outcome of the project and started working on branding of the new e-commerce platform to prep for its launch.

Our Motto

Running a business is hard. Software development shouldn't be.