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Story is a bootstrapped social media startup out of San Francisco. Their platform allows users to follow their friends, mentors, and influencers to discover what they are reading on a daily basis.

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San Francisco, CA


Finding a right design/development team; tight budget


Wireframing, UI/UX prototype, Swift, PHP


Beta-ready iOS MVP


Story was founded by Vanderbilt graduate Bryce Baker in 2018. At the moment of its inception, Bryce knew that he had to find a tech lead for the project and he reached out to Aloa to seek a potential collaboration.

Story iOS App


After doing extensive market research and conducting extensive user validation, Founder and CEO Bryce Baker really wanted to turn his idea into a reality. However, he did not have a techincal co-founder, and he only had a very limited budget to get the inital MVP off the ground.

Bryce was fairly new to the software development industry. When he came to us, not only were the quotes he had gotten extremely high, but he also did not know where to start in terms of vetting a good team for the project.

These challenges required Aloa's project lead to essentially be the CTO for Story. This included finding the right design and development team, scoping/managing the project, and doing internal QA for the product.

Story Login Flow (Sketch)


Aloa's project lead collaborated with Story to go through a discovery phase, where they hashed out the entire scope of the project for the initial MVP. The project lead then took the spec sheet and used Aloa's search tool DevIndex to find two partner firms overseas to bid on the project.

Story chose to go with the firm with the case studies that were most suited for their needs and moved forward with the next step in the process with was design. The project lead used a UI/UX specialist in Aloa's network to mock up the wireframe and prototype for the app.

The design phase lasted two weeks with several iterations. When Bryce felt like the design was ready to go, Aloa's project lead handed the design files to the chosen overseas firm to be implemented.


The entire process of designing and developing the app only costed Story a little over $10,000 USD total, which was well within Story's original budget. Using Aloa's software management and payment tools (DevManage and DevPay), the project lead was able to keep the project on the original set timeline and correctly incentivize the development team to complete the milestones on time.

The development team did such a great job on the project that Story decided to continue using them for future development needs. Currently, Story is in the process of launching and seeking a round of angel funding. Aloa's project lead has collaborated with Bryce to draw up a tech roadmap for future features to be built.

Our Motto

Running a business is hard. Software development shouldn't be.