About the Client

Sonotize is an angel-backed music tech startup out of Denver, CO. Since their founding in 2015, Sonotize has gone through multiple iterations in their product, but has kept its mission the same: to make the experience of buying concert tickets fun and rewarding for users.

Client Name



Denver, CO


Finding the right development team and launching an iOS MVP


Swift, PHP, AWS


Built iOS MVP from scratch, designed and implemented full scalable stack


As Sonotize was preparing for another big iteration of the app in mid-2018, the founder reached out to Aloa to collaborate on an iOS MVP.

Sonotize iOS App Redesign


As many startups find out, the product always evolves. For Sonotize, these necessary product changes caused a stretch in their original budget and they needed to find a better solution to get their product developed in a timely and cost effective matter.

Ross was faced with a dilemma. His two developers were doing a fantastic job, but they needed a more cost effective way to deliver an MVP. He decided to divert his full time resources away from the MVP and collaborate with Aloa to find a solution.

Biggest challenges of this project were: finding the right development team for the job, creating a smooth transition handoff from the previous team, and delivering the project in a very short timeline.

Sonotize iOS App Flow


Sonotize got to collaborate with a project lead from Aloa to solidify the scope of the project for the initial MVP. Once the scope of the project was solidified, the project lead then used Aloa's search tool DevIndex to pick two overseas firms that were a good fit for the project in terms of technology, timeline, budget.

Aloa created a collaborative environment between Sonotize and the overseas firm. This was done through all three parties sharing the same Slack channel for all group communications and sharing the milestone/task table on Aloa's software management tool DevManage.

The rest of the project was orchestrated and managed by Aloa's project lead. The project worked closely with both Sonotize and the overseas team to navigate the full stack development, from the Swift frontend to the AWS server and PHP backend.


Due to the crunched nature of the development timeline, building on top of the existing app would have taken much longer than starting from scratch. After this was discussed thoroughly at the beginning of the project, the three parties unanimously agreed to scrap the previous project and start from the ground up.

The overseas team performed so well that they were able to finish development of the entire app within 8 weeks. The project was finished ahead of schedule and under budget, and a strong relationship was built between Sonotize and the overseas team. Sonotize loved working with the development team and the overseas team felt a sense of ownership in the project. Sonotize will likely continue the relationship with the overseas team and use Aloa for further development of their future tech road map.

Our Motto

Running a business is hard. Software development shouldn't be.