About the Client

Guzo is a venture-backed social travel platform out of Houston, TX. The app allows people to share experiences traveling to desired destinations.

Client Name



Houston, TX


Finding and onboarding a UI/UX designer / Admin Work


Onboarded UI/UX designer from Mexico


Complete app rebrand and redesign


Guzo puts UI/UX design at the forefront of their product. After their previous designer left, their need for a UI/UX specialist became crucial and Aloa collaborated with Guzo to fill this need.

Redesigned Guzo iOS App


When Aloa's project lead reached out to founder and CEO, Gordon Taylor, Guzo was right in the middle of a transition with their previous UI/UX designer.

Guzo was looking for a new designer that would be
1. Cost Efficient
2. Flexible (can be allocated/deallocated as needed)
3. High Quality
4. A good supplement to their existing development team

They were open to outsourcing, but wanted an intermediary to do the vetting and management of the designer.

Guzo Sketch Board


Although Guzo was not looking for software developers, Aloa has a network of supplementary freelancers for specific things such as design and copy. Aloa's project lead was able to find a designer from Mexico in our network who was a perfect fit for Guzo's needs.

The designer with onboarded to the teams slack channel and several design sprints were ran to make sure there was a good fit between both parties with the project lead on-call to manage the relationship.

The project lead utilized DevPay to facilitate payments between both parties that allowed for clear expectations and smooth international payments.


The new designer was able to fit right in with Guzo's development team. The initial project with the designer went extremely well, and the team couldn't be more happy with the design files that were delivered.

After the first design sprint, Guzo's team along with Aloa's project lead unanimously agreed to put the designer on a monthly retainer. As of today, the relationship is ongoing with Guzo. Aloa's project lead and the designer are still in collaboration with Guzo's team to constantly implement projects that improve Guzo's company brand and its UI/UX design.

Our Motto

Running a business is hard. Software development shouldn't be.