FanCThis is an iOS app that places a focus on social engagement with media content.

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New York City, New York


Building a mobile application from scratch

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React Native


Successfully launched mobile application


FanCThis's CEO, Justin Chi, is a passionate movie and TV show lover and has always dreamed of a better way to interact with other media content lovers out there. Whether it be streaming services, films, TV shows or anything else media, the team was determined to help friends and communities connect through reviews and opinions.

Justin felt that the currently available apps on the market didn't offer enough social engagement, so he and his cofounder & CTO, Adisa Majors, set out to redefine the media content space. Justin was new to the software space and Adisa didn't have the capacity to take on all of the development by himself. To address their growing development needs, they reached out to Aloa to be their development partner.

User profile on FanCThis
User profile on FanCThis

Business Outcome

FanCThis and the Aloa Development Partner couldn't have had a better time working together. The calls were fun and engaging, and all members were excited about the mission and dream that was being created. As development progressed, Justin and Adisa expanded their scope of work with Aloa, adding on DevOps in addition to developing several new features that were later determined to be necessary for the MVP.

Thanks to a seamless and efficient outsourced experience, FanCThis was able to save a significant portion of their development budget. Furthermore, with a well managed team freeing up Justin's time, he was able to focus on business development and the future of his company.

Aloa maintains a fantastic relationship with FanCThis and we are excited to see what the future holds for this innovative media content company!


Starting an app from scratch is an exciting undertaking for a team looking to disrupt any space. With Justin to brainstorm the business side of things and Adisa to help outline the tech needs, the team was set to make a splash.

The first priority was finding an Aloa Development Partner that aligned with the interests and passions of the team. With each of Aloa's Partners having a deep talent in software development, it was the role of the Aloa Strategist to find the right firm that not only aligned with FanCThis's technical debt appetite, but also shared the same passions for media content.

The Aloa Strategist working with FanCThis looked into Aloa's Partner Network and began assessing firms based on industry experience. It was also important to ensure that FanCThis had a sound technical roadmap. The Strategist worked with the client to properly document the requirements for the project as well as the technical hurdles that we'd potentially have to face in the future.

Adisa and other client team members were working on the backend, so it was up to the Aloa Strategist to find development resources that wouldn't overlap with the client's core competencies in order to remain cost-effective.

FanCThis Feed
FanCThis Feed


After speaking with multiple Aloa Development Partners, FanCThis's Strategist was able to find the best firm to partner with on this project. Based in Cali, Colombia, Cafeto was the right team for the job. Cafeto not only had the proper technical skill set to compliment Adisa's talent, but the team was also comprised of movie fanatics themselves, so it made for a fantastic working culture.

The team composition was a critical component of the solution, as we had to make sure the right resources were also working the proper bandwidth to ensure Justin and his team weren't overpaying for any efforts. With 2 full-time frontend developers, 1 part-time backend developer and a quarter-time UX designer, the team was set to help FanCThis go to the moon!

By using Aloa Manage, Adisa and the client team were able to keep track of the development progress, ensuring that both parties were working together seamlessly. With the support of Slack, Zoom, and our tailored development process, we were able to maintain efficient communication and avoid any roadblocks when it came to development.

Throughout the process, the Aloa Strategist was able to help facilitate the relationship on a personal basis, ensuring that there were no gaps of miscommunication, as that can frequently be a concern when it comes to working with people of different cultures and background. Plus, with the support of Aloa's technical audits, we were able to keep a risk prevention mentality from start to finish, ensuring any possible roadblocks were identified before they became an issue.

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